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  1. [Resolved]Corrupt Save please help

    It might be an issue specific to my wine folder, but im no genius when it comes to troubleshooting that garbage. May just wait a week till I have my PC so I could play on there and if the save isn't corrupt then I shouldnt have any issues
  2. [Resolved]Corrupt Save please help

    ur a saint if this works EDIT: It seems any save crashes the game. As in, if there is no game.rxdata the game loads fine, but if I add game.rxdata to my Saved Games folder the game crashes after Reborn logo
  3. Got to about my 9th badge, wonder traded a bit, and then saved to end the day. Next day, woke up to title screen crashes, so I redownloaded the game to see if that would fix the crashing. It did fix the crashing, so I moved my save file to where it belongs and the crashing re-emerged. Wondering if some RPGM gurus out there can fix my corrupt save file and make a Mac user very giddy. Game.rxdata