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  1. Darkforged

    rowlett puzzle trouble

    Hi! Ive been trying to complete the puzzle for the rowlett egg (since ep17) but the game doesnt let me perform a jump needed to complete. To be more precise: the game wont let me do the jump at 8:35. It sounds like im hitting wall. thanks in advance
  2. Darkforged

    E18 cave

    Bonus tip for later:
  3. Darkforged

    [Spoilers] Dratini location + tip

    Below, there are presented some clues about dratini's location and a pretty handy tip. Plz ignore if you dont wish to be spoiled
  4. Darkforged

    E18 Cat' Stats

    Thank you for all the hard work! Not many sidequests means that we wont be getting some nice mega stones?