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  1. [Resolved]Department Store Stickers

    Thanks a lot! Now, that's one thing out of the way, maybe there is a solution for the bug.
  2. [Resolved]Department Store Stickers

    Game.rxdata Great thanks! no i got it but i stupidly flinged it by accident
  3. E18 Cat' Stats

    Thank you for all the hard work! Not many sidequests means that we wont be getting some nice mega stones?
  4. [Resolved]Department Store Stickers

    oh i havent actually picked that option..bummer. anyways. thanks. Im just wondering whether i will be able to get the sticker since the quest is ''semy-done'' ( i talked to the guy but never found him on the pokecenter)
  5. Hi guys, I have completed all the available side quests for the department store stickers since episode 16. Lately i noticed (yes i know it took me a while) that i cant access the 10th floor although i should. I backtracked all the qs that had to do with the subject and i found out that !SPOILER ALERT! the guy you save from the rail net with rock smash hasnt returned to his GF although he isnt on the rail net anymore. so he has pretty much vanished taking the sticker with him. Anything that can be done? thanks in advance. Also, i somehow managed to lose my exp.share, so if anything could be done about that it would be great. I dont insist since thats not a but, rather my own fault. thanks again