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  1. My Shiny Giveaway

    No I'm not, can't be on til tomorrow, keep missing eachother. From now around 14 hours?
  2. My Shiny Giveaway

    Okay just signed up to the trading, my ID is SaladTable
  3. Grinding in Pokemon Reborn

    I'm changing half my team atm, got my silvally to 85, now getting togekiss and snorlax. Gonna take a while as I'm also shiny hunting them
  4. My Shiny Giveaway

    That's great thanks, I'm at work atm but I'll message when I'm back on
  5. Grinding in Pokemon Reborn

    The easiest way I've found is using Indra up till around level 65 - 70, then using the money I get from this to buy rare candies to do the rest
  6. Egg Soft Reset?

    and does it still show the shiny star on the egg?
  7. Egg Soft Reset?

    okay great! just had a parent that was taking ages to breed, this'll speed it up!
  8. Egg Soft Reset?

    I know that when you collect an egg and soft reset before you hatch it you can't change the pokemon, but if you soft reset before you collect the egg, can you then soft reset to get it shiny?
  9. Choice Scarf?

    Okay thanks, lucky the only one I've done so far is the railnet
  10. Move Changes from SM to USUM

    okay thanks, no worries if it isn't
  11. Choice Scarf?

    with this glitch, which pokemon have the items? I know he has different teams. I'm looking for choice spec, scarf, and assault vest.
  12. Move Changes from SM to USUM

    Do you know if snorlax can learn high horsepower now or is that just in USUM?
  13. Sitrus Berry?

  14. Sitrus Berry?

    I'm looking for a Sitrus Berry for a belly drum Snorlax. I will farm them I just need one to get started
  15. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    I've already posted on the shiny giveaway, what are the IVs of the shiny and non shiny? Would be happy with either, I could breed my own shiny from the good IV one