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  1. Salad Table

    Choice Scarf?

    I missed the side quest with the hiker, really need this for my togekiss
  2. Salad Table

    Choice Scarf Ep. 18

    Where is this hiker? No idea if I've done the side quest or not
  3. Salad Table

    Refresh my "Memory"

    Can anyone be more specific on ground memory? Can you get it before Hardy?
  4. Salad Table

    Glass work Factory help

    I used a pretty cheesy strat of belly drum sitrus berry snorlax, then any time he got low the other pokemon I had on the field sacrificed it's move for an ultra potion on snorlax
  5. Salad Table

    Game loading wrong save file

    I recently changed laptops and wanted to transfer my game over to play ep18. I have copied over the save files and the RTX data in the saved games file. I have around 220h and 16 badges, however when I load the game Im at a point where I have 12 badges and round 60 hours. Any idea on how to get the right one?
  6. Salad Table

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    There is a thread like this still. If you hover over the Pokemon reborn tab at the top, one of the drop-down options is a development blog. This will give the detailed percentages.
  7. Salad Table

    Best EV Training Location Guide FOR EVERY STAT (Episode 16)

    You can't do the teleport glitch anymore, does anyone know of a good place for Speed training?