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  1. Salad Table

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    There is a thread like this still. If you hover over the Pokemon reborn tab at the top, one of the drop-down options is a development blog. This will give the detailed percentages.
  2. Salad Table

    Best EV Training Location Guide FOR EVERY STAT (Episode 16)

    You can't do the teleport glitch anymore, does anyone know of a good place for Speed training?
  3. Salad Table

    My Shiny Giveaway

    No I'm not, can't be on til tomorrow, keep missing eachother. From now around 14 hours?
  4. Salad Table

    My Shiny Giveaway

    Okay just signed up to the trading, my ID is SaladTable
  5. Salad Table

    My Shiny Giveaway

    That's great thanks, I'm at work atm but I'll message when I'm back on
  6. Salad Table

    My Shiny Giveaway

    Could I please get the Snorlax? been trying to get a Munchlax for a while. Also I'm new to trading, not really sure how it works. My in game ID is Grey