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  1. Leavanny help

    Fair enough, it is quite an interesting move though
  2. Leavanny help

    I was looking to get a leavanny for my second run through as I've never used it before and I was looking up movesets. I never knew fell stinger was a move. Is this viable, and should it be used instead of/with swords dance?
  3. Grubbin

    For future reference, you can find them in the old man's garden, as well as charjabug. You can also find Vikavolts, but they are very rare. I EV trained like 6 pokemon in this spot and only found 1. I think it was around mid 80s in level.
  4. Hey, starting a new game with pokes I've never use before, could I get a houndour and a swinub? Need to be around level 5, preferably shiny but don't have to be. ID is SaladTable, thanks!
  5. Rotom Form Change?

    Got it! Thanks
  6. Rotom Form Change?

    Forgot about that, any idea where to get one?
  7. Rotom Form Change?

    Just tried changing forms for the Amaria fight, however I don't get the option to change forms on the computer in Ametrine. Has anything changed?
  8. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    There is a thread like this still. If you hover over the Pokemon reborn tab at the top, one of the drop-down options is a development blog. This will give the detailed percentages.
  9. Best EV Training Location Guide FOR EVERY STAT (Episode 16)

    You can't do the teleport glitch anymore, does anyone know of a good place for Speed training?
  10. Final Addition...?

    Following the fairy train you could go with togekiss, double advantage over fighting
  11. Are Common/Reverse Candies a good game mechanic?

    The only reason I've had to use common candies is because of training new members though exp share, and my main team goes above the limit, or the same problem happened when I EV trained my team before the Titania gym battle. Don't really see how this mechanic is a problem.