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  1. EpicFireStorm

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon! ~CLOSED~

    Hmmm, Hydregoin and Sylveon are already chosen, so I gotta go with Mamoswine!
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Zarc


      Happy birthday !

    2. EpicFireStorm


      Awww, thank you!

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome =D

  3. EpicFireStorm

    Need a Focus Sash

    At what level in the department store can i find the focus band? (Also, thank you for the information!)
  4. EpicFireStorm

    Need a Focus Sash

    Howdy y'all, I am in need of a focus sash for my Lapras. My ID is EpicFireStorm.
  5. EpicFireStorm

    Moon stone please :)

    Howdy, if you want, i can give a moon stone When can you do it?
  6. EpicFireStorm

    Trades !

    @Shutter If you want, we can trade right now Also, can i have shiny Metagross?
  7. @LXREBORN Hey again! The Torchic is ready (and lucky for you, it was shiny), so tell me whenever you're ready
  8. @LXREBORN alright then, i'll message you when it's ready
  9. @LXREBORN Unfortunately, i don't If you want, i can breed you one
  10. @LXREBORN Ok, just give me a second EDIT: Ok, i'm here
  11. @LXREBORN I can do it right now if you want My ID is EpicFireStorm
  12. I can give you a Torchic, i don't really need anything in return
  13. EpicFireStorm


    @Vendor Howdy, I have some Gastly to spare If you want one, i can trade it to you
  14. EpicFireStorm

    Trades !

    @Shutter Howdy, I actually have shiny Gengar that i haven't really used all that much If you want, you can have it