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  1. Zero1Six


    No problem
  2. Zero1Six


    Got it. I'm logging in now. I'll send the request
  3. Zero1Six


    Ok, it's ready for you. What's your username in-game? @Cosmic220
  4. Zero1Six


    Alrighty. Just give me a minute or two and I'll have it ready
  5. Zero1Six


    That area I believe is the only area to catch them. I can breed one up for you real quickly. Do you have any other preferences for it or will any Natu work?
  6. Zero1Six


    I can in a few minutes. What's your username? EDIT: Ready now if you are
  7. Zero1Six

    Looking for a Scyhter

    Just sent the PM
  8. Zero1Six

    Looking for a Scyhter

    @Palpatine If you're available, I have a few spares. Do you have a gender preference?
  9. Zero1Six

    LF: Skarmory [DONE]

    @Stryker Gryphus I can have one ready for you in a few minutes Edit: I'll also be online for a while around 12pm EST if you're available to trade then.
  10. Zero1Six

    I Could Not Shiny Hunt Ralts ;-;

    No problem. Enjoy
  11. Zero1Six

    I Could Not Shiny Hunt Ralts ;-;

    Awesome! Lemme start up my game and I'll trade it over in a sec Let me know when you're at the waiting screen
  12. Zero1Six

    I Could Not Shiny Hunt Ralts ;-;

    That works for me, unless you're available right now. It's currently 00:30 just as a comparison
  13. Zero1Six

    I Could Not Shiny Hunt Ralts ;-;

    I'll be back online around 8pm EST, I'm not sure what time that would be for you. I can do the trade then if you're online as well
  14. Zero1Six

    I Could Not Shiny Hunt Ralts ;-;

    I can hop online now. For trading, I'll send the request. Just log into the online play through the pokenav and then choose "wait for request". Then I'll trade it over. No need to send anything in particular Just ping me when youre ready to trade
  15. Zero1Six

    Lucina's Trading Gallery + Wish list

    @Lucina I have a few extras that are included in that list, and I can quickly breed everything else. Do you have any preferences for IVs and such or is it all just for dex completion?