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  1. RandomGuy1

    [Fixed] nature changer bug (not the 3 scales thing)

    Oh never mind! I managed to get out of the house by hugging the walls xD However, I wonder if anyone else is having the same problems... Is this a known bug?
  2. So... when i go to the nature changer and actually decide not to change natures by clicking x, the whole screen goes black and the game remains that way even if i reset. I really want this save file to work because i finally got my shiny poipole from soft resetting like idk 300 tries? I'm pretty sure this is a new topic; i just checked the forums, and if it isn't i'm real sorry.
  3. RandomGuy1

    E18? - Event pokemon not appearing

    oh i didn't know my bad xD i thought you were filling up your dex for the event pokemon
  4. RandomGuy1

    E18? - Event pokemon not appearing

    You can find heatmor in the wild in tektite ridge when you go through the power gem earthquake/bulldoze shenanigans in the cave! Go outside and you can find them in the grass. You can also find turtonator in the cave too
  5. RandomGuy1

    LF: Shiny Alolan Vulpix, poipole or own tempo rockruff

    You can't get own tempo rockruff, since the game doesn't allow a mon to have 4 alternate abilities. You just have to evolve any rockruff in 5~6pm and it will be lycanroc dusk form. Trust me, i went through the same problems xD
  6. RandomGuy1


    Oh so it's just a rare encounter? Thanks! I'll have to grind for it now xD
  7. RandomGuy1


    I messed up by actually killing the drifloon during the sticker event xD The pokedex does say that i can find drifloon in Beryl but i'm not sure if it requires windy weather... Does someone have a drifloon to spare? I only need it and the evolution to complete the dex
  8. RandomGuy1

    [possible E18 spoiler] looking for a pokemon

    thanks! i was pretty sure he said in the vid that he couldn't find bagon, so i gave up on it xD is this a different vid? i think i watched the whole thing through lol
  9. RandomGuy1

    [Not a bug]Nature Change Tutor

    You need three heart scales to change the nature now. However, you can choose the nature.
  10. RandomGuy1

    LF Pokemon [E18 Spoliers]

    I caught it in the area where you can use heat wave to melt the ice. Don't know about the grass in the snowy areas tho, i encountered like 5 shinies while looking for a scyther xD
  11. RandomGuy1

    (Spoiler e18) looking for a certain pokemon...

    oof, so it is just extremely rare xD well i gotta go grind some more then
  12. so... i finished e18 by beating hardy, and am looking for a scyther to evolve and add to my team i'm pretty sure i did all the heat wave blizzard shenanigans to unlock hidden areas in route 4, but i'm yet to confront a scyther. Does scyther appear in a certain place or does it simply have an extremely low encounter rate? I'm pretty sure it's not the latter because i encountered like 5 shinies while looking for scyther, so i don't know what the problem is. Am i missing out on a hidden area?
  13. now i have the game, i can actually apply!
  14. i can't express my gratitude enough xD thanks!