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  1. Stuck in the Ice caves

    Am I slow or is the waterfall path useless as it just leads you in the same room that you could go to with surf? Aaand I'm not finding any rocks to climb after fighting the two trainers EDIT : NVM you go into the door how the f did I not see it XD
  2. Stuck in the Ice caves

    Um a bit embarassing but after going up the waterfall it just leads to the same room?? where am I supposed to use rock climb xD
  3. Stuck in the Ice caves

    ty a bunch worked nicely now imma just try not to fall into the same room again LOL <3
  4. Stuck in the Ice caves

  5. Stuck in the Ice caves

    It's not that I'm stuck in a spot, it's that that I can't get out of these two rooms no matter what I try.Game.rxdata I added my save file incase you wanna see.
  6. Stuck in the Ice caves

    Oh wait is it normal that all my mons are female I JUST NOTICED LOL
  7. Stuck in the Ice caves

    Ah glad that you're having fun doing a rerun of the game, for me personally, I'm not into replaying games even if the're so good like Rejuv and where love lies, it's just not smthng that I can do :3c btw this is my team rn and I'm so content with it even though I have like 10+ other cool ones in the PC so I don't feel like rerunning the game to get mons that I missed.
  8. Stuck in the Ice caves

    Aw hell nah I ain't gon start a new game xD if it's truly a bug then imma have to deal with it and wait for a patch or smthng :// as sad as it is
  9. Stuck in the Ice caves

    So I'm in chapter 4 in where love lies and it seems that I'm stuck in 2 chambers in the ice caves, it's the one with the empoleon and the Rocky Helmet, I don't know how I can get out of the caves to add Empoleon to my party :/
  10. Need help with Where Love Lies

    AAaaaaAah THANKS A BUNCh <3
  11. Need help with Where Love Lies

    Yea I did, I added my save file in case yall want to see c: Game.rxdata
  12. Need help with Where Love Lies

    So I've been grinding the game after finishing the 10th version of Pokemon Rejuvenation but I think I stumbled upon a bug, I did all my chores, at least I think, as Taelia, but I still can't go to the caves to explore the problem the old lady had with the aggressive mons attacking her. I talked to all the villages NPCs over and over without luck :/
  13. Lost my EXP share

    damn took you long enough lol, dw abt it i ll just trade u a mon with the item on it, u can trade me whatever, just gimmeh ur ingame name :3c
  14. Lost my EXP share

    I can trade you a mon with it on if you want c: gimmeh ur ingame id
  15. Follower Pokemon for E17

    Thanks a lot for the effort <3 Imma download it rn HYPPEEEE