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  1. Lost my EXP share

    I can trade you a mon with it on if you want c: gimmeh ur ingame id
  2. Follower Pokemon for E17

    Thanks a lot for the effort <3 Imma download it rn HYPPEEEE
  3. Where can I get aurora veil?

    PogCHamp ty a lot bb <3
  4. Where can I get aurora veil?

    So I just got an alolan Vulpix and I was thinking if there's a way to get Aurora Veil in the current episode? c:
  5. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    @VanitasYes I do OMG TY A FUCCTON I WOV UR GUTS <3 it worked tytytytytytyty let s set a date for de wedding
  6. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    it's no prob boiz c: the quest isn't super important for me.
  7. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    I even gave it the same moveset in the same order and it didn t work LOL xD
  8. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    So after breeding the loudred again, and making it the same lvl the original one was, and hatching it in 7th street, still didn't work :c
  9. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    @HelloMeganI FOKIN WOV U <3 i ll have so much fun with these new mons EXITEEEE
  10. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    AAAAAAH YOU RE RIGHT I READ THAT SOMEWHERE dear lordy i ve got to breed them all over again smh XD ty bb <3
  11. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    eyyy np if you wanna I can trade ya more anytime c: btw I'd like the Aurorus and alolan grimer if it's ok to take all of those mons LOL I just like to get mons and breed and give em to people on wondertrad, I missed the mimikyu caus I didn t see it but it's fine lel
  12. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    Thanks a bunch of the trade bb <3 I WOV U
  13. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    ok I have my game open ty bb <3 btw nice profil pic gurren lagan
  14. My 5/6 IV giveaway

    me wants Toxapex and Alolan Vulpix if u can i ll give ya mons too if ya want perfect ivs and all. ingame name: hoeqween
  15. Stolen pokemon ArcLight sidequest

    I did download the latest community release, and I'm sorry if I wasn t clear in my post, I did take the mons from a new run that I'm doing right now after E17 was released, and i transfered the stolen mons in a shared box, thanks to a mod. But still, the people don't want to take to mons from me and say that the're not theirs :c