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  1. SolTheHoeQween

    Follower Pokemon for E17

    Thanks a lot for the effort <3 Imma download it rn HYPPEEEE
  2. SolTheHoeQween

    SWM modular modpack [E18]

    OMG YOU'RE A GOD @Waynolt I was jsut thinking about how I'm going to be able to transfer my perfectly bred mons to my new savefile to replay the game! Every bit of this mod is fucking amazing I WOV U <33
  3. SolTheHoeQween

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    waaAAaaaAaaaaat *mindblown* I always thought it worked only once >.>
  4. SolTheHoeQween

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    @Cherub Thanks a bunch for the help c: I was a bit lost here hehe nao I can have dat POWERFUL magnezone Btw there's a bug with Sturdy, it activates infinitely if the trainer restores all the health of the pokemon which is broken.
  5. SolTheHoeQween

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Hey guys first post here c: I was wondering if there is a way to evolve my magneton in Pokemon Desolation? I pretty much finished the game and I have no clue. I have a magnezone in both reborn and rejuv so it would be a shame if I didn't have one in deso