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  1. more ppl need to know about this
  2. Archeric

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    inb4 crescent is mc’s mom
  3. Archeric

    [E18] Minor Errors

    Taka's reflection doesnt show in the mirage tower unless its a metaphor or sth idk
  4. Archeric

    A theory about Lin

    damn we just got linrolled r/woooosh
  5. Archeric

    Need help with Terra

    what you need is an ice type lvl up your vulpix and evolve it spamming blizzard should do the trick
  6. Archeric

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    That or the beta is already flawless and the testers are just enjoying GDC
  7. Archeric

    Rematch Mod Request

    looking forward to your so called mod hope its actually as good as you say kayy~
  8. candy-sama has blessed us yet again with another chapter also PIKACHU SHELLY PIKACHU SHELLY how did you even edit pikachu onto shelly’s head
  9. ahh sorry i just prefer criticism rather than compliments
  10. Archeric

    terra’s team

    i find terrawrxD to be easy considering my team counters hers perfectly
  11. if you look closer you will notice how sloppy my lines and poses are
  12. Archeric

    Late Game Team Advise

    i think giving sivally steel memory is a good idea unless you dont have it then rip magnezone and primarina can do the trick just spam flash cannon and icy wind
  13. sorry for not cropping but sth is wrong with my attachments lol supposed to have 5mb but it only allows me to post 2mb
  14. Archeric

    terra’s team

    both excakill and GIVE SANDY can benefit from sand with sand rush and sand veil and apparently it boosts shore up too
  15. Archeric

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    cetra is that race from ffvii i think they have magic