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  1. omg yesss pikachus story yesss omg this is so sad what would vanilla do now?
  2. omg ahhh thank you its so good and you’re welcome too ;))
  3. Archeric

    Need Some Helpful strats against Aya

    Stealth rock them It causes more damage on the field Dusclops should try will everything to whisk off their hp One good mon is klang, which can be found in shades gym Otherwise it comes down to timing and rng
  4. Archeric

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    this is the most frequently answered question and yet you can evolve it in the power plant after rosetta
  5. Spoiler

    twist: pulse arc is actually arclights eyeball playing careless whisper


  6. what do you mean “censor free”?
  7. Archeric

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    nope regular party pooper here sayia?
  8. Archeric

    Can your nightmares be any more beautiful

    i think the pink is a bit too similar so it looks a bit mono maybe add more colour?
  9. Archeric

    Stuck at Wispy Ruins

    the number of the door corrseponds with the number of badges you have so door 5 is for 5 badges etc
  10. Archeric

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    i stopped watching after shelly since they keep screaming like babies bet they gonna scream more with evasion hax all HAIL ice qween
  11. Archeric

    Titania fanart +Ciel+Lin+Amaria

    good art keeps coming in! nice work also may i suggest zel in stockings looking like a boss
  12. also not related but can you show us your art process it would be really good thanks
  13. is this still on? hello? ok if its still open may i have a mega gallade deflecting a moonblast from a mega gardevoir? i know you can do it since your art is so godly ;D
  14. Archeric

    [Fixed] Fern battle glitch

    a screenshot would be best if you want to submit questions like this im not an expert but maybe thats a move error what move did you use to make this happen?
  15. Archeric

    Looking for a Pansage and Choice Scarf

    how about south aventurine?