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  1. so im on valor mountain, went to summit, then venam came complaining that im irresponsible for leaving her with madelis or whatever and then we battled eli and sharon and now i cant go back to wherever madelis supposedly is??
  2. Recommend me a team :D

    for grass im using vileplume and its pretty good, although you dont get a lot of poison moves, so you may want bellosom
  3. annoying movesets

    yep, in this game you need to exloit stat-lowering or status ailments to the max. i have toxic, icy wind, growth, will o wisp and charge beam. but im looking for another ghost, banette sucks, but ive been told its still a ways away till i can get litwick
  4. annoying movesets

    yeah, i was reallly torn cause frost breath has served me well, so i decided to keep it(dewgong wanted to learn ice beam). i also keep icy wind around cause that speed lower is god on many battles
  5. annoying movesets

    i went to the shop and bought antidotes and next time fried her... now what is better, frost breath or ice beam?????
  6. annoying movesets

    angie battle, both on their last pokemon she had walrein and i dewgong, my attacks did nothing that f***** leftovers+ ice body couldnt heal, and her attacks did nothing as well, so my strategy would just heal up and make her struggle and kill herself...until surf and cold truth PPs were out and she started toxic out of nowhere, plus protect. i used all my antidotes and full heal( 3 total) but it didnt matter, so i used the potions...long long long story short when she was one struggle from death i died...very very salty right now, BS movesets galore in this game, plus why does everyone and their mom needs leftovers?????????????
  7. 100% agree, either the field effects being completely in their favor OR the cheap custom moves, both is just annoying
  8. regarding the TMs im on angie and i can count on one of my hands the good TMs up until now(frost breath, brick break, facade, surf, thats that)
  9. not only this but most of the early game there are only bad bad TMs to be found
  10. not at all, its a pokemon game, people...also it seems there are no options for the female character( unless same gender). i mean, ren?????indriad????????lol
  11. Not Enough Experience?

    i definitely agree with you, the difficulty is just unreasonable at some points, and the trainers with audino are boring(plus they kill the pokemon i want to train, so whats the point)...marianette fight was pretty easy, though, meowstic destroys bewear.
  12. so you talked about the romances, but... whenever theres a thread like that it seems only male people play the game, im male btw, but i always pick the female character and theres just no options for her, like who, ren???????????? plus its a pokemon game with silent protagonist, wtf are people smoking to want romance...go play ORAS and fanfic about female MC and brendan...so yeah, just my 2 cents on the matter
  13. ghosts

    wow, this sucks...but thanks anyway, i guess il continue with banette until i can get litwick
  14. ghosts

    anyone knows where i can get good ghost types, been using the shuppet( now bannete) that you can get in that one floor of the building in the beginning of the game and its really bad, it basically will o wisp and dies, plus physical ghost??????? so yeah, i also have a duskull but i looked it up and seems mostly the same thing as banette, i want something like misdreavus, anyone know where i can get it( im in crawli gym). also other specially focused ghost are good too, secondary type doesnt matter
  15. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    so i was on the kecleon item sidequest of the help center, i paid the money he asked, then a text screen with nothing appeared and then he said thief and made me go to the dungeon even though i paid the money, one found me, i toxic stalled it to death and then miraculously found the exit before any more found me, so i took off. and when i went to see my money the 50.000 were still there...