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  1. mario98

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    i found a bug on the kimono girls quest, i lost the battle agains the second to last girl(glaceon), and although it teleported me to the pokecenter the game still treated as if i had won, so i battled the last girl with a full team and won the rewards. also note that i had already lost to other girls and this only happened agains the glaceon one.( the other one i lost was espeon)
  2. mario98

    Which Has The Better World Design?

    honestly i like both, theyre not alike for the most part, but both are amazing.
  3. i took the zekrom path cause i like taka and dont give a damn about titania, clearly she put herself in the situation shes in, whie taka never had a choice and is slowly realizing that he DOES have a choice...also cause, you know, battle is always better than not battle(that precious exp). i hated the desert part, i had no idea what to do, took quite some time to figure the annoying puzzle out and then find some random people, then some random place, then randomly titania and lin with no context whatsoever????yeah, this path sucks.
  4. mario98

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    would like to battle. nick: mario98
  5. mario98

    'Where do I go now?'

  6. mario98

    'Where do I go now?'

    so i want to ask 2 things, cause apparently my short-term memory sucks terribly. 1- where do i go to find the wasteland key, i battled fern, he told me, then i ended the session, on the other day i went sidequesting and now i cant remember at all where purple guy is. 2- where to buy lemonades.
  7. so you talked about the romances, but... whenever theres a thread like that it seems only male people play the game, im male btw, but i always pick the female character and theres just no options for her, like who, ren???????????? plus its a pokemon game with silent protagonist, wtf are people smoking to want romance...go play ORAS and fanfic about female MC and brendan...so yeah, just my 2 cents on the matter
  8. mario98

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    so i was on the kecleon item sidequest of the help center, i paid the money he asked, then a text screen with nothing appeared and then he said thief and made me go to the dungeon even though i paid the money, one found me, i toxic stalled it to death and then miraculously found the exit before any more found me, so i took off. and when i went to see my money the 50.000 were still there...
  9. mario98

    V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    so im not sure if this is a bug or not. im using seel and it has encore. one thing i noticed is that whenever im in a double battle but one of the trainers is already defeated( thus theres only one pokemon on the enemy side and two on mine), if i use encore and lock the enemy into a move after the turn ends i can choose which pokemon the enemy will attack( the turn ends and then before the next begins targets appear so i choose which one of my pokes i want the enemy to use the locked move on). for example i was battling the scientists on the volcano base of team xen, it was me and the fight gym leader. all their pokemon had been defeated except for porygon 2, so i used encore and locked it on psybeam. then before the next turn begins targets appear so i decide if i want it to use psybeam on machoke or seel. this is just an example, it always does this in this specific situation. so its a pretty minor thing( and beneficial, lol), but i just wanted people to know.