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  1. Roserade vs Cradily vs Liligant vs Tsareena

    tsareena is terrible,it wont bring anything good for your team, i mean, grass physical attacker is horrible. roserade is the best, but you said you dont want it. between cradily and lilligant i would say lilligant but if you want an annoyer(toxic,stealth rock, synthesis,other move) you may want cradilly. i still think lilligant is better.
  2. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    i found a bug on the kimono girls quest, i lost the battle agains the second to last girl(glaceon), and although it teleported me to the pokecenter the game still treated as if i had won, so i battled the last girl with a full team and won the rewards. also note that i had already lost to other girls and this only happened agains the glaceon one.( the other one i lost was espeon)
  3. Which Has The Better World Design?

    honestly i like both, theyre not alike for the most part, but both are amazing.
  4. e17 sidequest (spoilers duh)

    if you did everything else, hes in the rooftop garden in onyx ward
  5. evolving?

    thank you. just in case you dont know if you want togepi talk to a man in coral ward while having probopass in your party.
  6. evolving?

    nosepass,is it possible??i know we can find probopass but i cant master enough courage to dive in that desert for the millionth time. also if not possible can someone tell me exactly where to find probopass, i already found one but didnt bother
  7. A certain tower. [SPOILERS]

    turn brightness and contrast wayyyy down and you will see the markers. alternatively theres a video on youtube. good luck, this was wayyy more annoying than the last one.
  8. stuck...(ep. 17 spoilers)

    its not thiz puzzle im looking for, its the one before that, and i still cant get it.
  9. Who could i add to my team?

    grubbin is a event earlier in the game(i believe it replaces panpour/wingull, now its either joltik or grubbin)
  10. stuck...(ep. 17 spoilers)

    ive about had it with this f****** tower, after hours of trying this BS puzzle i decided to just get out only to find that i cant, it just loops around until everything is cleared, and i cant clear it, does someone know the puzzle on the 6th floor, ive done basically all combinations, i dont have any ideas.
  11. spoilers for sidequest

    how do i know which tile am i supposed to put the pyramids????????????ive done like 4 of these annoying things and randomly got it, now im on the fifth and i have no idea which tile to put this damn thing...
  12. i took the zekrom path cause i like taka and dont give a damn about titania, clearly she put herself in the situation shes in, whie taka never had a choice and is slowly realizing that he DOES have a choice...also cause, you know, battle is always better than not battle(that precious exp). i hated the desert part, i had no idea what to do, took quite some time to figure the annoying puzzle out and then find some random people, then some random place, then randomly titania and lin with no context whatsoever????yeah, this path sucks.
  13. New sidequest(might be spoiler, im not sure)

    i saw him again in one of the rooms of the place where poor people live in peridot ward(before was a factory). he just ran again, though.
  14. help with gym(ep. 17 spoilers)

    where is amaria???????????? julia said she and titania were in the gym, but i already searched all the pools,so where are they?????
  15. where to go??( spoilers ep.17)

    so,ummm,yeah, that desert...no idea at all what to do...why did it have to be a desert... i eventually got to the end and it says theres a sandstorm or whatever, i figure i have to use those trains in the scrapyard,but theres some rocks in there and i cant pass through them.