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    New friends, Help when I can, receive help too.
  1. Looking for Help

    Thank you so much.
  2. Looking for Help

    @Zarc Thanks so much for the scyther.
  3. Looking for Help

    Yes, thank you very much My Id is Ariell
  4. Looking for Help

    @Zarc Seriously! I accept, thank you very much. But I still do not have good pokemons so I caught Rattata and Bidoof. I have not even started yet. kkk
  5. Looking for Help

    Hello Pokemon Trainers I'm starting my new adventure in Ep 17 and would like to start with a scyther and a Geodude (Alola). Someone would like to trade with me,however as I'm starting I have no good to offer, and also do not understand much about IVs.
  6. Location EP 17

  7. Possible Exchange

    Thank you very much, when you are ready to exchange send me a message.
  8. Possible Exchange

    Good night anyone could exchange with me two pokemons that I really want. 1 >> Treecko with Egg Move Crunch 2 >> Seviper with Egg Move Iron Tail I trade for 1 >> Gligar 5Ivs with egg move Nigth Slash 2 >> Poliwag 5Ivs With egg move Ice ball
  9. Looking for trade

    And thanks for the surprise of Exp Share
  10. Looking for trade

    Very beautiful, Dratini, thank you very much.
  11. Looking for trade

    Our wonderful, I'll send you the invitation, thank you very much you're 10
  12. Looking for trade

    Thank you very much, but I still do not have a good pokemon to give you in return for the work you will have in creating a dratini. How do we do?
  13. Looking for trade

    Good afternoon people. I'm new to the forum and I still do not know how the game trading system works, in fact I still do not understand much, but I would like to play with a pokemon that I love that is Dratine, if I'm not mistaken and unattainable in this version of Someone could trade with me if not ask too much. I'm still at the beginning of the game, I have not done anything yet but I would like to start my journey with it. Thank you very much in advance.