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  1. You did it very well! Taka's arts are my favorites and your other arts are very creative! I love it!
  2. So, I will upload the last episode of the tale tomorrow at 8:00 PM (French Hour). A season will be over and another will start. Stay tuned~

  3. Q-Jei

    Pokemon Insurgence: Gotta Finish it!

    It’s never too late to try it, even if you’re an Arbok & Weezing lover Personally, because I didn’t play Insurgence, I won’t judge the quality of this fangame. I can’t do anything but wish you good luck. Dazzle us!
  4. Q-Jei


    You have to get the Soothe Bell by showing a woman a max happiness Pokemon in the first accessible Saloon in Obsidia. Then, show her the Glameow you got from Glamazonia and prepare to fight a level 45 Tsareena. Any Glameow fits the bill to catch her eyes, I experienced it myself. She’ll give you a Bounsweet if you defeat her ~
  5. And voila! I've just finished to write and illustrate the final episode of Flannery's Childhood Arc. I did it with a heavy, heavy heart, so it risks to partly be the reflect of my state of mind when I ended this season. It will be the last episode where Flannery and her grandfather are still enjoying life together. I also took the opportunity to fix some grammatical mistakes in the previous chapters, especially 'Dysfunctional Family'. I'll share with you this song which is probably one of the most representative of the Childhood Arc ending.



  6. Q-Jei

    Best DARK TYPE pokemon in the game?

    I heard you talked about Dark Type... okay, I'm coming! So, firstly, there's Skuntank who get a really good moveset quite early in the game with Flamethrower and Acid Spray. Also, Sableye can be really frustrating to defeat with Recover and Will-O-Wisp, his design is really interesting too. But above all, my heart goes to Spiritomb. At least, we don't need the 32 underground talks shit to caught him, and well used, he can almost take down anybody in single battles. Thanks to Double Team and Nasty Plot combined, even Samson was piece of cake. Giving him Leftovers makes the things almost too simple. And we can quote Drapion which is pretty good too. Despite of Sword Dance being unavailable in the game yet, Fell Stinger still does perfectly the trick, let alone Scope Lens used alongside with Sniper which turns Drapion into a dark wrecking ball.
  7. Q-Jei

    Best NORMAL TYPE in game?

    Slaking with Counter can wreck Solaris’s Garchomp, Porygon is not available too late in the game, Chansey can take down most of the Gym Leaders like Serra or Amaria (Love this Double Team + Toxic combo) and Pidgeot can outspeed almost everything (Having a Pokemon with Tailwand can be very handy in Reborn).
  8. Q-Jei

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Sorry, Zero1Six is not my name. I summon Sayia.
  9. Q-Jei

    Remember, Amaria did save your life once.

    Maybe Sigmund can help? Bad jokes aside, aggressive Amaria’s state of mind results of a vicious butterfly effect depending on the choice we made in the Water Treatment Center. I had pity for her in the Zekrom Route when she confessed and told us how hard it would be to live without her only friend. I won’t say I would feel the same in the Reshiram one, but her actions are more the reflect of her need of loneliness, which is one of the symptoms of depression. Somehow I understand it, she’s put her trust and affection in one accurate person and considers all the other people as intruders when they are about to introduce themselves into her personal playground. That’s what ends up happening when people like this are forced to live in a world where everything goes fast, which also explains her reluctance to hold her role of Gym Leader. Amaria is not that bad that everybody keeps thinking, just someone who needs some love and who doesn’t know how to create distances with the others, so she does it in a bad way.
  10. Q-Jei

    Rate the avatar above you!

    9/10 Beautiful picture! I wonder what she's going to cook.
  11. Q-Jei

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Ooops, sorry. J_Awesome-One, come at me!
  12. Q-Jei

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Same here! I finished the Episode 17 with a full Dark Team as well as the Mega-Z Ring quest, a quite entertaining one. Also, it seems obvious that Lin needs the player to keep all the keys. But the reason why she doesn't hold them instead of us goes beyond my expectations for the moment. However, I would like to know who was Clarice.
  13. Thx! I'm glad you enjoyed the battle! It took me two days to get all these battle scenes done. Lots of them include sprites from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Then, I added some random effects that I reshaped myself to make it more immersive. And yeah, Swalot was quite spooky in this episode. But somehow, I couldn't blame Typhlosion's foes. It was all the fault of their tutor who trained it in a bad way. I promise to make the scenes of the next chapter at least as awesome as for this one. You won't be disappointed None of Flannery or Mr. Moore's Pokemon is gonna die in the childhood arc. But I decided to add some specific features on the Reborn run of Flannery, including brand new sprites and custom battles like @Mr. Finn planned to do with his own playthrough. I already managed to get some of these features done, more especially a full extra animated scene in Shade’s Gym. But I can't show it before the time for this was coming. I could understand if that would be the case later, but I hope that nobody will reject my work because of some creepy stuff. I can only but thank you all for the attention you paid for my story.
  14. Q-Jei

    My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

    Kudos! I like the Ash-Misty-Brock-like teaming! Also, Matthew is a curious character. That's a good thing to make him explain what he really is to his partners. Keep it up!