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  1. Q-Jei

    Do you have a signature Pokemon ?

    Even though I’m a fire lover, I’m still a worshipper of the dark side. My signature mon is a shadowy and yet very endearing Spiritomb named Limbo
  2. Sometimes, it takes nothing to make my Monday suck less 😉


    Cosplay made by lowcostcosplay ❤️

  3. Q-Jei

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Hello again! Whoops, I’m not Seki. Sorry. Next up should be... Seki?
  4. Q-Jei

    Pokemon Word Chain

  5. Q-Jei

    Cute picture thread

  6. Symfony is really a wonderful framework for creating web applications. I would have never expected to go that far in web development in such a short period of time. All this to say that I really enjoy my field of study 🙂

  7. Q-Jei

    Introduction :)

    Welcome to Reborn, Michael! May your stay be good!
  8. Q-Jei

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    What a perspicacity! Glad to be here btw Maybe Lykos?
  9. And here we are! Looks like I guessed right about Guzma being the hero of your Rejuvenation run! The work behind this game always lets me speechless, I really love it. And you seem to do things pretty well until now. Hope it will continue! Thank you for this playthrough!
  10. This is here... this is there... my friends, the last OC of the tale is among us!

    I sincerely think that I've never paid so much attention to facial traits during the creation of a character, ever. Being essentially a take-off on Morpheus from the Matrix movie series, Flannery will have to deal with a big shot when she'll be in Reborn. As the author, I'm completely excited myself just by seeing the story taking form before my eyes. So let's have a round of applause for Ramal Ettaoui, the coolest original character from the Tale Of a Firehead! 😉




    PS: Don't hesitate to follow me on my creation topic if you want to see more of my work! 😄


    1. Lost Swordsman

      Lost Swordsman

      Does he use Ice types or water types which make him the "coolest"?


      Also, judging by his clothing, does he use poison types/has a poison starter.


      I bet Skrelp/Dragalge would go well with this/him.

    2. Q-Jei


      Who said that trainers couldn't be cool while they excel in the mastery of types other than water and ice? ^^

      Ramal meaning "Sand" in Arabic, I let you guess what is the primary Pokemon Type of Ramal 😉

  11. Can we still have faith in the future when our own nation is condemned? Are beliefs in Arceus really the only cure when you feel weak and flawed? Is there no limit to power in the true sense of the term? If such questions must have an answer, so Ramal would probably be one of the rare ones to know them. Carrier of a heavy secret which he is at the origin, he quickly proved the extent of his potential as a Pokemon trainer, and moved through the ranks of Obsidia Slums, becoming himself the perfect model of success and self-surpassing for a whole jilted and misunderstood generation. With his incredible charm, Ramal has convinced his supporters by making them aware of their situation, lightning them thanks to his unmatched lucidity by telling them that they must take control of their own destiny. But to do so, they first needed to get stronger. Against all odds, he knew well how to make it happen. Always discreet, but never really absent in the eyes of the world, this enigmatic man still lives isolated in lower Reborn districts, far away from the radar of other more influent people who may see this former Associate Professor of chemistry as a serious threat to their authority. PS: Ramal Ettaoui is a character fated to appear in my Reborn written run, The Tale of a Firehead. Don't hesitate to give it a check if you want!
  12. Nice try, but what will happen in the future shall be quite different. The only thing I can reveal about the next chapter is this: Regarding the special event in the Grand Hall, there's nothing about Flannery's Torkoal torturing the Meteor Grunt. The interrogation will be done with a different Torkoal, the one of the Grand Hall we all see when we leave the said-place for the first time. Let's just say the train accident may not be the only mishap encountered by Ame and her staff once arrived.
  13. This is so heartwarming to see all your messages of concern about Jacques's fate, thank you all! And that's justified, something terrible will actually happen during the train trip, and it will heavily affect more than one character of the story. I can't tell you more about this, cause it's precisely the fact of not knowing all the details of this accident which keeps the surprise real. Concerning Flannery's travelling companions, I already slept some indications in the chapter number 13, but it's also planned that she will get a starter in the Grand Hall. A poll has been opened to decide who would be the choosen one a few months ago, you can check this thread if you're interested. Otherwise, this story being based on a monorun, all the members of Flannery's team will have Fire Type. It's not entitled 'The Tale of a Firehead' for nothing (Which means that I'll have to defeat Amaria with a full fire team later as well, pray for me ಠ益ಠ) You got a point there. Ame can't throw two people through the window that easily. Obviously, things will happen in an unpredictable way this time. In fact, it's quite entertaining for me to see people imagining various scenarios about this accident at Grandview Station. And you don't have to complex on a late reply, being more or less easy-going myself, that's not a problem at all
  14. Q-Jei

    Corey is back?!

    Absolutely, the Corey you saw is part of a short sidequest. This Corey is actually... The next place you’ll find him in the rebuilt Blackstream Factory, inside of the storage room with all the boxes. After that, go to the hideout where the Magma Gang used to live before. This is where you’ll conclude the event.