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  1. Hello again! I'm pleased to say that the prices for potential commissions have been cut by half for the sprites and the pixel arts until the next year. If anybody is interested, just send me a private message
  2. Hi everybody ! Episode 2 is finally out :)

    Hold on, you're going on a feel trip with this one !


  3. After the little girl accepted to say her name to her grandfather, Mr. Moore moved toward the door in the entrance to let Flannery’s parents go home. Their arms were loaded with full shopping bags. Just after opening the door, daddy rushed to the kitchen to deposit the bags, shoving the old man in his haste. Daddy: “Get out of my way! It’s only a matter of time before those damned packs of water bottles awake my arthrosis.” Mom: “Stop complaining darling, it’s just water.” Daddy: “Yes, but still. What a stupid idea to go downstairs rather than taking the elevator nearby with such heavy things.” Mom: “Do you really think it was a better idea to stay into the waiting line to take the elevator when you know it could be faster to go downstairs. Also, a bit of physical activity has never hurt anyone.” Daddy: “Just a bit!? You said, ‘Just a bit’!? I don’t think my back feels the same way. Now move your buns if don’t want to lose your precious extra time!” At the same time, the angry man looked at the old man and her daughter, and gave them the following orders. Daddy: “Both of you, come here. While my wife will try to prepare something good to eat, you’ll store all our purchases in the fridge and the pantry. And don’t forget to set the table after that, okay? For my part, I’ll try to get rid of my uncontrolled emotions by lying down on the couch, I think my body is about to collapse.” While father staggered from left to right and right to left like a Spinda towards the living room, his work colleague wanted to make a request to him. Mr. Moore: “Mister?” Daddy: “Yes Mr. Kofa?” Mr. Moore: “As I took care of your home, your daughter, and now your shopping bags, would you grant me a favor? I really wish I could have lunch with you today.” Daddy: “Hm…” Mr. Moore: “As you know, loved workers mean good cheer, and good cheer means more money for boss’s pockets. We are all the gears of a big clock, and I would not say ‘no’ to some oil.” Daddy: “Ahah, I definitely love your way to speak! Let me tell you that I’m quite happy to know you. So be it! Flannery, don’t forget to set another place.” Flannery and Mr. Moore emptied the entire content of every shopping bag and stored it in the fridge and the pantry respectively. They also set the table quickly whereas mom cooked daddy’s favorite meal, ground beef with corn. On the other side, lazy daddy was seated on the couch watching the last TV interview. He wanted to learn more about the submarine building project led by Captain Stern in Slateport. Mr. Moore took the opportunity to get his granddaughter attention discreetly by winking at her a second time and whispered some silent words to her. Mr. Moore: “After the meal, I’ll talk to your daddy in more details about his stepfather. Don’t worry, I know what I do.” Flannery: “You’re really a good person. People like you are rare, and the kindness of your acts means a lot for me.” Mr. Moore: “And I have no doubt about that, take my word for it. I didn’t lie when I said someone would take care about you wherever you are. Guardian angels do not only exist in fairy tales.” Flannery: “I’m also sure that’s true. Indeed, I’m still waiting the day when my prince charming will come and take me safely inside of his well-kept castle. Hm… if only such things could happen in real life.” A few moments later, mom invited her guests to take place, she finished to prepare the meal. Sunday lunch was always the most generous and nourishing of all the week. From Monday to Friday, the family had to be content with ready-to-eat canned meals without complaining too much. The whole family had all she needed to eat, except Flannery who was the only one not to have any piece of meat. Flannery: “Dad, mom. I’m still starving. Why was I the only one to not have a ground steak?” Daddy: “Because there were only three steaks and I always care about the satisfaction of my new employees. Would you care to comment on that, perhaps?” Flannery: “This is not fair. If you really like them, you should do it with your meal, not mine.” Daddy: “I’m the most important member of this family, the central pillar of this house. This is me, and only me, who decide what is right or wrong for each us. Do you understand me, I’ll do what I want!” The little girl decided to stand up for herself and took her courage in both hands, no matter what it costs. She finally snapped again. Flannery: “That’s enough! Now listen to me. I’m sick of being treated like a trash, I wonder if you still care about me. Maybe I’m a child, but I also know what’s better for me, and if you really think you can intimidate me with your great gestures, please forget it. It won’t change the truth!” Her father couldn’t believe it. Nobody ever talked to him like that, even his own wife who kept silent during the entire meal. Furthermore, he felt particularly ashamed beside his dear friend Mr. Kofa. But his huge surprise started to turn quickly into harmful wrath. Daddy suddenly got to his feet knocking over his chair and walked to the other side of the table to reach her daughter. He was standing in front of her, surrounded by strong hate. Daddy: “How dare you be so impertinent with me, your dad? You really disappoint me, nobody ever talked to me like that. I never happened, and it will never happen. As long as I am still alive, you’ll never have the last word with me!” Flannery: “If you feel so awkward by this experience, it’s because nobody was brave enough to say out loud what they think inside. Today, I’m not afraid of you anymore, you’re nothing but a selfish greedy monster!” Daddy: “You little brat! I’ll show you what happen when someone pushes me to my limits. Today, you’ll better know who I am, I am going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” Flannery: “Just try it!” Daddy was too proud to understand her daughter’s state of mind and rose his right arm in the air, he was determined to administer a severe physical correction to the little girl. But it did not happen. Someone prevented it, Mr. Moore did. He was just behind him, grabbing daddy’s forearm in the air, immobilizing him and preventing him to touch one hair of the frightened child. Ironically, the old man was stronger than daddy himself, the young skinny man never learnt to fight. The elderly rotated him in his direction successfully and told him the following words. Mr. Moore: “Please, don’t hurt this child, this is not worthy of someone as important as a deputy head to attack someone as young as a defenseless little girl.” Daddy: “You? What are you doing? Let go of me!” Mr. Moore: “I did not expect you to be so stubborn and unruly, what a shame.” Daddy: “But Mr. Kofa, I thought we were friends. You dare soil such a strong connection between a high ranked man and his worker?” Mr. Moore: “Please, keep your wild imaginings for you. I don’t know how I could still be insensitive to such an ungentlemanly conduct. You know, I may be an old man but I am not senile either. If you insist I would not refuse to show you a demonstration.” While continuing to grab daddy’s forearm, he turned his head in front of Flannery’s mother and asked her. Mr. Moore: “You, madam! Yes, you… look into my eyes, and tell me who I am.” Mom stared at the old man’s eyes. 15 seconds later, she took a deep breath and exclaimed herself. Mom: “Wait! You’re not… it can’t be possible. It can’t… be true. Daddy… is that you !?” Mr. Moore: “You took your time, but you did it right. Yes, this is me.” Mom: “This is impossible, I must be dreaming. How such a thing can be real? Darling, listen to me. Calm down and return to your seat immediately.” Daddy: “What’s all this about Mr. Kofa? My friend?” Mr. Moore: “My friend, my friend, my friend… that’s all you have been calling me by. You should have known by now I am not Mr. Kofa.” Daddy: “But, Mr. Kofa?” Mr. Moore: “How many times should have to tell you Mr. Kofa is not my true name. I am Mura Moore, one of the last member of the Elite 4, your wife’s father, and the grandfather of this poor little thing that you call ‘your daughter’.” Daddy became white as a sheet and his arm which offered a considerable physical resistance just a few moments ago started to be as flask as a boned fish. Obviously, he did not expect to hear such a declaration from the elderly. As he knew who he was dealing with, daddy quickly understood that it was not a good idea to alienate such a strong and influential person as a member of the Elite 4. Daddy: “Uuuuuuuummmm… okay. So be it, you won. I think I can swallow my pride for this time. Please, accept all my apologies for my misconduct. Would you like a dessert?” Mr. Moore: “Hm… well, dear. I note that you couldn’t help talking about me with your husband during all that time.” Mom: “You guessed right, when I told you who you were, we sworn to never talk about this story again. But I have to admit that nothing erases the past.” Mr. Moore: “Exactly, even thousand erasers will not be sufficient to remove the footsteps of the only one who saw you coming into this world.” Mom: “But why? Why did you come here? What are your motives? What’s on your mind?” Mr. Moore: “What’s on my mind? Why don’t you ask this question to your daughter? I wanted to see how you have grown up for all these years. I wanted to see with my own eyes what happened to the sapling your mother planted so long ago. But to be honest, the results don’t excite me anymore, I wish I had seen a cherry blossom rather than a rigid dry bush.” Mom: “Should I presuppose that you’re not satisfied of my new life?” Mr. Moore: “I hope that’s a joke. Of course, that doesn’t satisfy me at all. You failed as a wife, you’ve failed as a mother, you’ve failed as the curator of Lilycove’s Museum, and most importantly you’ve failed as my successor. If your mother was still alive, what do you think she would say about your current situation?” Mom: “A lot of things but no many compliments, I guess. Do you regret to have make so many efforts for so little?” Mr. Moore: “Well, not as much as I would! Because, regardless of what you’ll become in the future and whatever you do, you’re still my daughter, and it’s not like me to let one of my family member get lost in this kind of predicament. If you really want to know, this morning I had a flash of intuition. If you understand it, maybe I can help you all. But you and your husband must both agree about this solution. Do you want to know it?” Daddy: “Why not? In any case, it’s not like I had something to lose.” Mom: “Father, I know you too well, there was something else in your mind since you talked to our child this morning.” Mr. Moore: “You’re very sharp, well done! The conversation we had this morning reminded me how remove I’ve been from the struggle. It even involved your daughter, your ‘precious’ daughter as we might say. As she told me before, your difficult economic situation you encountered has increasingly driven a wedge between you and her. But I think it’s better to let your daughter express herself. Flannery, if you have something to say, do it now.” The child tried to organize her thoughts and concentrated on what she would have to say. Then, she expressed herself as quietly as possible by looking in her parents’ eyes. Flannery: “Dad, mom. Since the accident in the museum, you’re not the same. I believed you may be able to love me whatever happens, but you just decided to keep your distance with me permanently. You spend so much time on creating stupid punishments that you’ve forgotten how much I love you. The more I did efforts to draw your attention, the more you avoided me. But that’s enough, I can’t continue to live this way, it’s too much for me. If you don’t want me to be with you any longer, please let me go. No matter what I do, I know that’s what you expect from me, you will not yell at me because I eat too much anymore. In the past, I enjoyed spending my time in this place trying to be useful and supporting you all day long. But it seems that things changed now, every day that passes means another day alone at home, I finally accepted to admit that our family was broken. This place may be my home, today I feel like a bird in a cage. Daddy: “And? Do you really think I care about that!? If you really want to know, I’ve always been tired of living with a clingy child like you. Before Lilycove’s Museum accident, we did a lot for you… too much indeed. We were always here to respond to all your spoiled brat whims, we already gave you all you needed to be happy and grow up as you should. In the end, you were nothing but an infuriating and annoying child from the start. But the world we live is uncompromising, the day will come when you’ll have to do everything by yourself, kid.” Mr. Moore: “That’s when I come in. All Flannery needs is love, abandon her to her sad fate like you did is letting her die slowly and painfully. I am sure there is no problem if you allow me to take care about her and her education instead. Even if that means that she should follow me to Lavaridge to get another life. Mom: “That’s what I thought…” Daddy: “Hmmmm…” Mr. Moore: “You both agree to this? After all, I’m just offering my assistance to my own family. Have a good think about it.” Mr. Moore’s proposal did not left Flannery indifferent. Her eyes were brighter and a big smile crawled across her shining face, her own parents never saw such an expression on their daughter’s face before. Meanwhile, mom and daddy looked at each other, their mind were blurred by questions and exclamation. Then, after careful consideration, they turned to Flannery and Mr. Moore. Daddy: “Stepdad, even if it seems to be an interesting idea you’ve there, you can’t just escape with our daughter overnight. Also, I must remind you that you applied for a full-time commitment until the last week of next June. Even though you were going to Lavaridge with Flannery, you’ll never have the time to strike the balance between your personal life and your work time in Lilycove.” Mr. Moore: “Don’t worry about my job. You know, I have taken the time to be syndicated at the start of my career in the warehouse, and I know my rights. Therefore, I can break the contract whenever. And if you’re not satisfied, I have an interesting amount of money with me. Quite interesting to cover all your miscellaneous expenses for the next six months, so it should be enough before your wife manages to find another job. Also, I clearly don’t think there are so much family with an understanding and energetic grandfather like me, and I am modest. I’ll have all the time I need to give Flannery a better representation of the world as it is now, and nothing will happen to us during the entire trip to Lavaridge. I have not been nominated member of the Elite 4 for nothing, I promise I’ll take care of her.” Daddy: “Hm… from this perspective, I don’t know how I could say ‘no’. That seems honest, I accept your offer! Darling?” Mom: “Hmm… after all, why not? For the instance, I don’t believe we have so much to lose anymore. It remains to be seen whether Flannery feels ready to stand on her own feet somewhere she never was before. It’s for her, and her alone to decide. So, honey, do you feel motivate enough to leave everything behind and start over in an unknown place, or would you rather stay with us in Lilycove having sweet dreams and forgetting all about this story?” The little girl did not hesitate any longer. She already known what was the best for her and her future and ended the suspense quickly. Flannery: “I can’t stop to consider this day as a gift of heaven, and I would really enjoy to side with grandfather. Please, just don’t be disappointed by my choice.” Mom: “Disappointed… but… Flannery, I admit I was not a perfect mother these past few months, but please, listen to me. There is nothing more beautiful for a mom to see her daughter gaining self-confidence at such a young age and see her taking decisions like an adult. I’m not like your father. When you’ll be gone, I will do my best to find another job as soon as I can, and I will also lend my hand to your father to be sure that nothing will prevent him to make more profit in the future. This predicament is the main cause of our broken relationships. I wish we never met this scamp in the museum either.” Flannery: “Matt, if we ever meet again, I won’t let you flee. You can count on me, I swear, I’ll go to you, I will make you pay.” Mr. Moore: “So be it. Flannery, I let you say goodbye to your parents. Once your reconciliations are done, meet me outside. Grudge is pathogenic pain which needs to be cured as soon as possible.” Flannery’s dream was becoming a reality. She jumped in mom’s arms who hugged her with all the love she deserved. Daddy was next to them, he caressed the top of the head of her daughter a short time before to leave to the living room. Whereas he watched TV to forget about the whole story, mom decided to extend the meal of her daughter with a heavy heart by cutting a big red apple just for her. Mom looked at Flannery who ate the fruit with a hearty appetite, and could not hold her tears any longer. She decided to embrace her daughter for the very last time. Mom: “Please, never forget me, I’m begging you. I love you honey.” Flannery burst into tears as well. Flannery: “Waaaaaaaah! Why… why the separations are so heartbreaking? Why does it hurt so much? WHYYYYYYYYY!?!?” Mom: “There are no separations without tears of sorrow honey. It’s living with it that makes you a woman.” Flannery: “I love you… I love you so much… so much. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Mom: “Listen to me Flannery! Listen to me! You will be okay, I am sure, I know it. You’re a fighter, you’re born to push away your limits, please never change and hold on. If you don’t do it for your father, please do it for me, your mother. Now dry your tears and finish your apple, grandfather waits for you.” After this emotional scene, Flannery regained her sanity and finally ate her small snack entirely. She said her last goodbye to her parents and joined Mr. Moore outside the home. Mr. Moore: “I see you’ve taken your time to come here. I assume the separations were quite difficult in the end.” Flannery: “That’s true, but it was the right thing to do. I leave to give my parents a chance to put an end to their money troubles and help them to live a better life. I leave to learn more about the one who reached out to me and answered to all the questions which haunted me for so long. I leave to be this woman that mom could not become in the past. I leave to discover Hoenn on my own way. I leave… because I must.” Mr. Moore: “This speech is the reflect of who you have always been Flannery, an energetic caring child who know what she wants. But you’ll realize very soon that it will take you more than words and well-made sentences to survive and make a name for yourself in there. If you understand that, so there is still a chance for you to take my place someday.” Flannery: “I would be honored to do it, hihihi. But… but do you know when the… next boat will come into port? I see nothing.” Mr. Moore: “Boat? When I said that I thought of everything, it was not meaningless rhetoric. We don’t have to take a boat to go to Lavaridge.” Without further delay, the old man reached into his deep pockets, seized a Pokeball inside, took it out and threw it in the air vigorously. Mr. Moore: “Pelipper, listen to me and obey me, I need you.” A big Pelipper appeared, overhanging Lilycove, and landed in front of its trainer’s feet faithfully. Flannery couldn’t believe her eyes, the Water Bird Pokemon was really impressive and obedient towards her grandfather. Flannery: “Wouaaaaaah! I have never seen a Pokemon before!” Mr. Moore: “Never? Is it the first time for you?” Flannery: “No… um yes… um but… because I often followed my mother in the museum, it was just statues and… paintings.” Mr. Moore: “And finally, you can freely contemplate a flesh and feather Pelipper. He was really useful during my young trainer years. Today, he often helps me to travel long distances. Indeed, this is piece of cake to go from town to town with a Flying Pokemon.” Flannery: “What!? We will go to Lavaridge by riding a Pokemon?” Mr. Moore: “Of course. Did you think we were going to do the entire journey just by foot? I know there is still a lot of energy inside of me, but still. Believe me kid, the Pokemon are not just mysterious and unpredictable creatures. It’s also possible to create affinity with them, they can help us to do what we are unable to do alone in our day lives. But please, don’t confuse Pokemon with simple tools, the more you love them, the more they will feel the same way. Understood?” Flannery: “Understood. So, I think I’m ready to travel the world and understand it in the manner of the Pokemon. Thank you so much for all you did for me until now grandfather. I won’t be able to thank you enough.” Mr. Moore: “You’re welcome my child! Now, speech’s over, we have a long way to travel.” Mr. Moore sat Pelipper down and rode it with Flannery next to him. The little girl put her arms around her grandfather’s waist to be sure to not fall during takeoff. Mr. Moore: “Are you comfortably installed?” Flannery: “I’ll be fine, no problem. Wherever you go, I will follow you.” Mr. Moore: “So, it’s perfect! Let’s go Pelipper, it’s time to go home.” The strong Pokemon started to take off, Flannery and Mr. Moore overhung the whole city, even the high Department Store building. Once they gained enough altitude, Pelipper took a speed to the West. Time after time, the heartbeats of Flannery were getting louder and faster, she moved away from Lilycove further and further. However, she had no regrets, she felt confident that she had made the right decision. It was the end of her story in Lilycove, another one could be written now. The story of a little girl and her grandfather. Mr. Moore: “We own the sky!” To be continued…
  4. The whole episode 2 has been written entirely in French. Now it's time for some translations and screenshots to come out ~

  5. James Is Blasting Off To Reborn!

    I approve it, and good job with your trade ! Also, if you want some cool Pokemon sprites, you can find instantly what you need just by writing "Pmd sprite <Insert Pokemon Name Here>" on Google search bar. And good job with the grunts too !
  6. Thank you very much ! I always love to see people enjoying what I did. Of course, you can use a similar pattern to help the reader to understand who was talking, I found it less tricky. Also, I don't just want to write a story, the pictures you see include redone Pokemon Ruby screenshots. It's pretty satisfying to see what is possible with some softwares like Advance Map or Gimp. Furthermore, I ended up the whole Little Flannery walking sprites, Little Winona is the next. But it took me a large amount of time, so I think I won't post another episode right now. And I thought it was a good idea to let the story taking place in Hoenn for now, just before the episode 17 of Reborn comes out. Take a deep breath, I already predicted what will happen for the second part
  7. Hi everybody !

    Finally I managed to write completely the first episode of a very long story implying Flannery, Reborn, fire mons, and more. It's entitled "The Tale of a Firehead", and it's available in the Team Showcase section. I did my best to make it as lore-friendly as I could and hope you will enjoy this kind of writing. Let it burns !



  8. Once upon a time, in the region of Hoenn, somewhere beside Lilycove harbor, there was a little girl living peacefully with her lovely parents. She was very obedient and serious for her age, little did she had to eat, little did she had to sleep. Only 5 years old, she had a heart of gold and was always prepared to assist her parents for almost everything, whatever it was. Her mother was the curator of Lilycove’s museum, the little girl liked to follow her in there during her working hours to see and understand what she did, and pretended to be a curator of the museum too. If she saw anybody damaging the pictures or dumping things on the ground, she told them it was wrong and they should stop. Otherwise, she would call her mother. Also, she was passionate about arts and beautiful things in general. She took a while to contemplate statues and pictures all along the corridors of the museum. The more her parents were happy, the more she was too. But her altruism compensated with her hyperactivity and her impulsive nature, she had a great sense of justice, but sometimes, it tended to irritate her parents, especially her father. Four weeks after the fifth birthday of the child, her mother was fired out of the Lilycove’s museum because of an abuse of violence toward a young thug called Matt. After he assaulted the poor daughter who told him to pay the entrance, the mature lady punched him several times right in his face. She couldn’t stand to see her daughter get hurt by anyone. Despite of her heroic act, everybody didn’t approach it in the same way. The laxity of her manager who judged her too aggressive decided to fire her for serious misconduct and to not destroy the reputation of the museum. He said there was no place for savages in such a quiet place. The little girl was upset by such injustice. Whatever she did, nothing could change the past. As mom was stuck without any jobs, there was only daddy who managed to bring money at home thanks to his rank of deputy head in the warehouse of Lilycove. His job was only about controlling the import-export settings and the reliability of the products. The more time passes, the more the family were in debt because of bad business. The family started to make cheese-paring economies, and had to be careful when they purchased primary needs like food or when it was time to pay the bill. One day, daddy told her wife it was better to abandon their child because he reminded that it was all her fault if her wife was dismissed from her job. In the end, he assumed it was the best solution as she was not needed nor wanted anymore. The child understood progressively that her parents started to ignore her, and could even punish her for words she never said, and decided she will not going to have dinner for every night, he even said she eaten too much for her age. She may be a nice and helpful daughter, she was broken by such cruelty from her parents, it let her in deep sadness all alone in her room. There were no friends to help or understand her, she felt totally helplessness. Joy vanished from her face, there was nothing but tears of sorrow running down her sunken cheeks and wetting the top of her purple little dress. One day, on a Sunday morning to be precise, after she gone out of her unlocked room to go downstairs and have breakfast in the kitchen, she saw an old man sit between mom and daddy. He was probably in his mid-seventies, but the little girl never saw him before. So, she asked her parents about their guest. Little Girl: “Dad, Mom, who is this man in the kitchen?” Daddy: “Ah! You finally decided to wake up, it’s about time, we were about to clean the table. A few minutes later, you would have missed the dinner AND your breakfast.” Mom: “Oh yes, of course! I almost forgot you’ve never met before. Honey, this is father’s new employee Mr. Kofa. He works for him for 6 days now.” Little Girl: “Father’s new employee?! That’s… um… the first time… um… that daddy invite work colleague at home. Nice to meet you.” Daddy: “And then? I shouldn’t?” Little Girl: “I did not want to say that, I just mean that… um…” Daddy: “That’s not the question. You’re truly incorrigible. The way you express yourself, your clumsiness, so much awkward things merged into one little body… you really should to make up your mind. I don’t care you’re 5 years old, that’s not an excuse. Now, focus on your bread roll rather than doing another stupid observation.” Mom: “Stop! Just stop! Listen to me honey, your father works himself to death every day to allow us to survive. He doesn’t pretend to do it. Additionally, the winter is darker and colder than last year. With such a pitiful weather, it’s not too bad to break the routine and meeting new people sometimes, isn’t it?” Little Girl: “Uuuuuuuummmm…” Daddy: “Exactly darling! Dear colleague, I let you here until midday. You have all the time you want to speak with our daughter after she finished her breakfast. Me and my wife need to go to the department store to buy some groceries, our fridge won’t be plenty with just a snap of fingers. So, if you need us, you know where we are.” The elderly agreed by nodding slightly, and then, daddy told his daughter the next words. Daddy: “You… don’t move from here. I hope you realize what I’ve done for you. I even give you a chance to create affinity with an interesting person, one of my new confident. It will be better for you to learn something useful and interesting rather than dreaming all day long. Mr. Kofa, tell her how was our business this week, it will help her to kill time in a more intelligent way.” The elderly agreed by nodding a second time, and just after that, daddy and mom left the kitchen to reach the closet and pick out blue coats each other. They put on their sumptuous outfits before to go to the department store, letting their daughter alone with new daddy’s partner. The atmosphere started to be heavier than before, the poor child was often left alone at home the last months, but that was the first time she was supervised by an unknown man in her own property, that was a stressful experience. However, the old man could read the fear on the tormented child’s face. Mr. Kofa: “Is that the same story every day?” Little Girl: “Yes.” Mr. Kofa: “How long have you been in such situations?” Little Girl: “Too long.” Mr. Kofa: “Are you frequently all alone like this?” The confused kid snapped suddenly, started to cry loudly and yelled in a chaotic despair. Little Girl: “Yeeeeeees! But I never wanted this. If that’s what adults call “life”, I wish I could end mine in an instant. It kills me inside and I don’t know what to do. The day mother lost her job, everything turned black around me. Now every day that passes is like a spike planted in my breast. I did nothing to deserve such a thing, I wonder how long I can resist before it destroys me entirely. But it’s fate, right? Right?” The old man just couldn’t believe it. He never heard such sentences from the mouth of a child. He tried to stop her madness by taking her by the shoulders and whispered kind words to calm her down. Mr. Kofa: “You’re not alone anymore. I’m here to understand you. I’m here to help you. I’m here to blow a wind of love on you. Wherever you are, there is still someone thinking about you and wishing the best for you. Now stop crying, I don’t want to read pain in such beautiful red eyes anymore. Try to hold on!” He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to the child who blown her nose with. After that, she calmed down slowly and hugged the elderly for her kindness. Then, she asked him about what happened in the warehouse this week. Little Girl: “Is daddy also mad at work? Did you already endure his wrath too?” Mr. Kofa: “Believe me kid, if he ever known who I am, he would have changed his attitude quickly!” Little Girl: “What? What do you mean? “ Mr. Kofa: “Your mother… you definitely look like your mother… but younger.” Little Girl: “Wait, you mean you already known my mother when she was a child? When? What are you hiding from me?” Mr. Kofa: “I think I can stop hiding the truth anymore, Kofa is not my true name. My true name is Moore, Mura Moore. And I’m your grandfather.” That revelation almost made her fall off her chair. The elderly she met in the kitchen was not just an ordinary warehouse worker of Lilycove, he was her grandfather. Little Girl: “But I don’t understand anymore! My parents never talked to me about you before. If it’s true, why did you choose to work for my father? Why the secrecy? “ The daughter was still in shock in front of the unexpected discovery, but Mr. Moore was ready to give her all the details about who he really is. His identity, his motives, he told her everything. Mr. Moore: “To be honest, I’m more than just a common man. I am a last member of the Elite Four, a very famous and powerful Pokemon trainer with a great reputation all over Hoenn. I lived peacefully with a charming wife and your mother in a pleasant home in Lavaridge at one time. Unfortunately, your mother didn’t passed time with my wife for a very long time. She died in childbirth, a life has been stolen to allow a new one to exist. Do you understand? Little Girl: “What a terrible fate, of course. What happened then, I really want to know!” Mr. Moore: “As I said before, your mother didn’t know your grandmother for a very long time. That means I was alone with her, and I had to look after her and see her growing up. But she wasn’t locked at home like a prisoner. For her, I was ready for everything. I always wanted to make her go outside, climbing the Mt. Chimney, discovering new territories... and above all, I wanted to show her the Pokemon living around the volcano behind the village. If only I could make her a Pokemon trainer worthy of the name and see her travelling through the whole region, I would have been more than honored. But it seems it just never happened.” Little Girl: “I saw it. But why did this never happen? Wasn’t she interested in it?” Mr. Moore: “If I must be as precise as possible, I have no doubt that nothing interested her in this place. She was even careless about the gifts of earth. She often complained about the warmth that surrounded Lavaridge and she told me she felt uncomfortable by living near a volcano. When she was 20 years old, she said she really bored herself and wanted to live for port cities like Slateport or Lilycove. She said she preferred to work as a stewardess or a curator rather than just be an herbalist and selling roots and herbs every day. And then, I never heard from her for several years… but that was before. As I was a last member of the Elite Four, I kept a large number of contacts with me, and little by little, I got more and more information about her new location. The picture in the newspaper showing the accident in Lilycove’s Museum was the masterpiece of all the hunts I managed to get until now. Additionally, there are so few people able to act like this.” Little Girl: “What do you mean by that?” Mr. Moore: “Nervousness, shyness, impulsiveness, pride, incredible desire to win and pushing away our limits are ambiguous feelings written in her flesh, my flesh, yours. She inherited this attitude from me. It’s something that passes down from one generation to the next. It’s something registered in Moore family member’s genes, and we can’t do anything against it. It’s a pure fact of life.” The child continued to listen to her grandfather’s story. She was very curious about what he had to say, the more he described her mother during her childhood, the more the little girl identified herself with her and started to see Mr. Moore as a trustworthy man. Then, she asked him something else. Little Girl: “But why did you want to keep secret your identity?” Mr. Moore: “I knew she couldn’t stand to stay with me permanently. I am sure, she did her best to avoid me as long as she could. Maybe I was to invasive for her after all this years. The fact she announced me she would leave far away from me without ever coming back confirmed my opinion about her, she would never accept to live away from urban areas. She never told me exactly where she wanted to go, nor where she would spend the night, but there’s still one thing I know, she managed to live another life. At the beginning it was difficult, but I ended up accepting her choice. I realized that there are things for which we are made and others for which we aren’t. Your mother was the most precious thing of my life, and I am proud of her success, I have no regrets. That also explains why I did my best to finally find her in Lilycove, and I did considerable efforts to change my look, my name, and even a little bit my way to speak. I think you already guessed it, I was, and I am still a talented poet. For me, making well-made sentences and focusing on the importance of the rhetoric was an innate talent that I need to sustain everytime. It’s due to the great amount of time I spent at the top of the Mt. Chimney, in sandy deserts, and other wild and inspirational areas.” Little Girl: “And I agree, you talk very well, hihihi!” Mr. Moore: “Thanks for the compliment my child. In a nutshell, I ingeniously managed to pretend to be something I am not and I applied for a job in the warehouse of Lilycove. Then, I took several tests to allow them to evaluate my physical skills under pressure. Against all odds, I passed the tests hands down, the hot springs of Lavaridge tend to maintain the body and all its basic functions, and help a lot to fight the tiredness. They kept me among the best candidates, I met the deputy head of the warehouse, and then… you already know what happened then.” Little Girl: “What a story!” Mr. Moore: “I thought the same thing. By the way, I didn’t expect how bad she became now. Her husband is totally a twerp, it just took me three seconds to understand he has a bad influence on your mother. But it didn’t surprise me anymore, during the working hours, all you can heard is his boring loud voice. It sounds like an Exploud, but worse.” It managed to make the child laugh, her high-pitched childish voice escaped from her mouth. For this time, his grandfather was right. Concerning mouth, daddy has a big one. Mr. Moore: “By the way, I realize we are talking for a while. Your parents will come back soon. If you’re okay, I’ll have something to say to them.” Just after finishing his sentence, the elderly winked to the little girl. She didn’t know what it meant, but without knowing why, she felt reassured. The fact she managed to meet her grandfather for the first time wrapped her in an energizing wave of happiness. Shortly after, somebody knocked on the door. That same person grumbled swearing about heavy bags of provisions. Little Girl: “They came back!” Mr. Moore: “Don’t worry I said. I promise I’ll keep the situation under control. But before I let them go home, I have a last question to ask for you.” Little Girl: “Um… yes, whatever you want.” Mr. Moore: “Your name. I want to know your name.” Little Girl: “I… um… My name… is… um… I am… um… Flannery.” To be continued…
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