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  1. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle

    Tried it, no success. Out of curiosity, I tried it on other trees as well with no results. Just in case, I've patched it again to see if that made any difference and went around talking to every NPC I could find and every location I could get to in order to find any hints but nothing at all. Could this be a bug?
  2. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle

    Behind the Absol Statue is blocked by this tree
  3. Stuck in Blacksteeple Castle

    May contain spoilers for those of you who didn't play the game up to Akuwa Town. Just like the title indicates, I'm stuck in Blacksteeple Castle. After encountering the post-torture Aelita, Saki told me to read the purple cover book at the library then find her at the East Wing of the Castle. So just like her instructions, I went to the library to read the "The Tale of the Hero and his Queen!" then headed towards the East Wing but I am unable to find her anywhere. Any help? Edit : My first time posting on this forum, please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place.