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  1. Where do I go next?

    theres a breeder outside the pokemon center im pretty sure if you want to get your pokemon to low/mid 70s.
  2. Hey Jan, I'm a huge fan of this game, I think it's absolutely amazing. However do you think you could have characters bring us around cities like GDC more-or at least have the option to go instantly-because personally, I just got lost literally every time I tried to explore that damned city lmao. Anyway, keep up the great work, can't wait for the announcement! n_n

    1. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      I think there's a subway you can take to each location. Having said that, perhaps a map at each subway station could help.

    2. Jan


      Yeah, I plan on making a separate map for the city at some point. This shouldn't be too much of an issue soon. The announcement has been pushed back a little due to things out of my control, but it should be up within a week or so!

    3. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      That's fine. I didn't mean to sound petty there. Sorry about that! Hope everything goes well!

  3. Where do I go next?

    I'm at the penthouse after the big discussion, now Venam is gone, idk where to check and nobody gives useful hints about where she went.
  4. grinding.

    I just beat erick, who had level 62s, and a level 66 evire-as many of you probably already know-and my strongest is 61 because ive had to keep it under cap for so long. Does anyone know of a pkmn breeder/other source of insanely high experience that would be worthwhile to grind on. Because I know there are others but theyre so low level it will be drastically slower than if I find one ~lvl 60 for my needs this time 'round. thx in advance homies
  5. V9 - Bug Reporting Thread

    For some reason the game crashes after I talk to Marianette after defeating the third maid. EDIT: only happens in prophecy of light's courtyard
  6. V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    I patched up to patch 10(i think) and I still have this bug :x Game.rxdata
  7. V9 - Save File Troubleshooting

    I'm having the same problem as the guy above, however, I am unable to patch to patch 10 because my computer won't properly extract the files, or it calculates that it takes over a whole day to do it. Thus I am wondering if someone is able to patch to patch 10 for me. Game.rxdata
  8. abused pokemon

    In various places ive seen in playthroughs and in my own playthrough, there are pokemon who are unable to move b/c they're too weak for whatever reason. examples are: the whismur in goldenwood forest; buizel in oceana pier and the lunatone in amethyst cave. What do these pokemon do/how do I acquire them if at all possible?
  9. Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    So I've sat here for literally 5.5hrs and have done soft reset after soft reset looking for anything thats not a normal starter and I've found nothing. My biggest gripe with this is that I'd like a riolu, but resetting for this long has made me desperate for anything, and on top of that, riolu and/or the other hidden starters-Ralts eevee and one other mon iirc-aren't even objectively better than any of the other starters due to the respective conditions required for them to evolve make then generally not worth to be honest. tl;dr, why am i sitting here basically gambling for a pokemon that's not even better than my immediate options. E: there's also a bug where it seemingly replaces my interaction with the machine that would've given me a hidden start with an interaction that wouldn't by virtue of ignoring my yes input and cutting the iteraction as if I said no :/