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  1. lolbro

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    idk if this is fixable ye t because i read it wasnt some time ago, but my game keeps freezing when I attempt to start the second half(?) of the jenny quest in judicial district Game.rxdata
  2. apologies for some of the childish linguistics here and there, and the cursing. This is quite literally a copy+paste of all of my notes on rejuvenation's storyline. Feel free to ask questions, point things out, discuss things, etc. Just posting this here b/c it sorta feels like a waste just stashing this on my computer. Keep in mind I haven't played where love lies yet.
  3. lolbro

    Where do I go next?

    Yo i beat v10 wut do? Ive done all the v9 sidequests-and i mean everything(i think). Is there anything else I can do, or do I just wait for the little backstory chapter jan has planned?
  4. woo, excited to play V10, not excited to try and remember what I have to do next in all the sidequests. Looks like a great episode and the side chapter thingy should be cool too. Great work Jan!
  5. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    where can i find lunatones?
  6. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    does anybody know where I can find a moonstone? sick of this nidorino lol
  7. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Every fangame run I use names like those. They're all based off the tracklist of the DAMN. album, usually representing stereotypical protagonist traits. Also thx to everyone who helped but it turns out all i needed was the 5 pokemon I had; beating the AI with protean and some luck. XD
  8. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    thank you all though how do I get into the shack?
  9. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Where would I find a flygon? And how would it help? I highly doubt it lives boomburst from exploud and its not like I can force him to bring wigglytuff out because my only pokemon to kill exploud is pangoro and that's because the AI uses surf instead of boombursting again... Also by stuck I mean I can't get past the bridge to do any of the Ranger Center quests in blackview ?? Did you not read what I wrote? Up until Amelia I used at most 3 pokemon. Luxray beat one pokemon on Amelia's team and Nidorino has been in battle exclusively with grinding oriented trainers. The fact that I need to use one single pokemon to counter an entire gym leader and then toss it away is really stupid, considering sudowoodo is literally terrible. I guess the roggenrola in Silver Mountain Peak(?) could be good but that means I have to use my link stone on the boldore instead of on my Magmar. Also does anybody know where I could get a moon stone if at all possible?
  10. lolbro

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    I actually don't understand the thought process that went into making Tristan LOL. Is it supposed to be literally impossible unless I cheat the AI somehow? P2; Heliolisk; Mega Lop; Exploud and Staraptor. All complete with competitive movesets and abilites... My team hasn't had any real troubles so far, in fact I've been able to beat almost everyone up to this point with at most 4 pokemon-Pangoro and Greninja I used almost exclusively until I got the magby, which is now a magmar and doing good work vs most people and I got a Luxray specifically for Amelia- and suddenly Tristan comes along and I can't do shit like wtf. No moon stone means I cant evolve my Nidorino, no magamarizer means I can't get magmortar and I don't even have credits for a ralts. Am I just stuck here because I activated the Tristan event or? Picture of my team btw
  11. lolbro

    is it possible to get a not .rar file for v5? not a huge deal personally but it would remove the annoying middle step of extracting it from a program like winrar. nbd if you cant so don't force it. great game btw :)

  12. lolbro

    Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    If you're asking how to patch. you can take all of the files except: data; graphics and fonts from the direct download of 9.1 and put them in the 9.2 folder. This will let you play on the most recent patch
  13. lolbro

    Where do I go next?

    ive already played through once before so this is kinda embarassing, but how do i trigger puppet masters? :x
  14. lolbro

    'Where do I go now?'

    ah, i read somewhere else that they needed to be blue... my bad