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  1. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Maybe,,,, just maybe.
  2. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Thank you!! I really like dragon types and poison types too!! , my favorites from the two are probably Skuntank and Tyrantrum!! there are a lot of cool pokemon out there!!! , Thank you!! I'm glad to know you;; be watching c: Oh I'm sorry!! , I just liked the way it looked on my eyes, tho Ill try to avoid writing like that in the future for you!! But thank you, and welcome. Thank you so much!! <3 , Ill make sure to talk to you if I need any help with anything!! I have a discord in case you want to add me there bcs im more active there at Sedo#6973 , its alright we are all mad here. Thank you so much for your support!! Fairy types are v cute!! , monotypes are hard tbh, especially when making coverage for other types. its okay tho, everyone plays differently and it's amazing like that you know? haha, i guess you have a soft spot c: , Ciel is great. Thank you ! Thank you!! Yes yes, thank you so mucho! hello there dear bard , Thank you for your assistance!! , yeah that would be cool , I will probably end up posting doodles soon because I draw daily!!, I'm glad you'd want to see. Tyhlo is super cute, and really tough too over all I love his design, same with quilavas. yeah!! , I figured it would be a nice way to start of my youtube channel because I heard its such a fun and long game!! For those of you who want to watch it , when I start it , here is my youtube channel !! , https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnmLMUpX1Jcr8jopy1VD40A And for those of you who want to be friends , my discord is Sedo#6973 Thanks for all the warm welcomes.
  3. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Sorry Im new to fourms, as for the one I did , it was an accident and it didn't let me delete it :"U
  4. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Hello there, and thank you! I think fire types are the best pokemon to play in games too, they just kinda feel comfortable to me. Thank you so mucho! Hello there , and thank you!! Thank you!
  5. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Hello fellow fire type trainer !!! That's okay it doesn't matter how you play the game as long as you enjoy doing it !!
  6. A wild Sedo appeared.

    @Ice Cream Sand Witch It's confirmed I am a Sealeo , you figured me out!!! Thank you for satisfying my need for sweets, I will forever be grateful. @seki108 Thank you!! , Yes I love Dragon Maids a lot!! , Thank you for the Kanna Picture <3
  7. A wild Sedo appeared.

    Hey there friends It's nice to meet you , My name is Aeosedo, but you can just call me Sedo or Enki if you want! I'm out of high school , Engaged and I like drawing, though I'm not the best or worst at drawing and I have a consistent diet of tea and sweets. I play competitive pokemon and I monotype fires with my pokemon partners being my Charizard Y and Arcanine ! Overall I'm pretty chill I love making friends and I'm excited to chill with you guys. On a side note, I plan on playing through reborn for youtube , as my first youtube series because I thought it looked super cool and I'm so super excited for that!!! <3 Thanks for having me here and I hope I'm able to chill with you guys.