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  1. thank you all so much and i picked a torchick
  2. thank you for the tips
  3. Hello i am here with a new post agian about reborn so i played the games up to the 2nd gym. And i stopped playing because i got stuck so i will start again and i wanted to ask ant starter is the best . Also hello my intrest are naruto anime music pokemon fan games and pokemon showdown
  4. thx for helping choose
  5. Hello( i am new here as i said in my previous post ) And i wanted to ask is Rejuvenation intense mode to worth playing for a new player. And good work Jan for making an awesome game that i juged from the screen shots
  6. okay thank you
  7. Thanks to you both
  8. Hello my name is GL13 and i am new here. I wanted to ask which fan game to play reborn or rejuvenation. I am new to does games so tips will be helpfull