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  1. Lil Foxy
  2. Colress, N and Lysander?
  3. Doodle doodle doodle time! Hey all, this is just a place I will show off my sometimes good, almost always terrible art. An old OC of mine
  4. Okay, that worked. Thanks for the help ^.^
  5. If this is in the wrong place then I'm sorry, feel free to move it if need be. So...I may have messed up big time...I had just beat Radomos (I think that's his name) and as I go to exit Elias comes and tries to capture me. When Cain entered the game said its script is running slow. I clicked save by accident and now its just frozen when I go into the game. Is there any way to restore to a previous save? If so, can somebody show me how?
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm sure I'm gonna love it here!
  7. HEEEEEEEEEELO REBORN! hey there. I am FoxRainbowHeart, or just Fox if you like. I have been around for a few days now and I am really enjoying the game and the forums. A little about me; I am a 23 year old, nerdy homo living in England. I enjoy many things ranging from gaming to reading and writing as well as a little art (though I am incredibly rusty at drawing). I love Reborn mainly for its more mature game play, something I would love to be added to the main series games but I know it would never happen. So far I would have to say my favourite character has to be Cain, with Charlotte taking a close second. Cain because he is funny, out going and caring and Charlotte because she is a bad ass. Simple. Anyway...that is me. I'll see you around the forum!
  8. Oh wow, nice. I ended up KO'ing Yveltal haha
  9. This game is amazing! A few grammatical errors but it doesn't take away the amazing game play. This is my current team:
  10. Haha that was brilliant xD xD
  11. Thanks. I'm sure ill stay around for a while.
  12. I just beat him with a lucky Outrage Crit. Thanks for the advice ^.^
  13. I have $175 lmao. All because I keep losing to Shade. Thanks for the help though, I'm sure I'll figure something out.
  14. I can get to Chandelure but it has Energy ball to take out Swampert. The only one that can counter it is Charizard but its Shadowball hits hard.