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  1. Favorite Pokemon.

    Before gen 7 it was Vulpix (Kanto) but when gen 7 came out it changed to Alolan Vulpix. I have always had an affinity towards arctic foxes so the second I saw Alolan Vulpix I fell in love with it
  2. ~A little fox in Full Moon~

    Thanks. I'm gonna need it haha
  3. ~A little fox in Full Moon~

    Hiiiiiii So, yeah...while I wait for the next Full Moon update I have decided to do something I haven't really done before. I am going to do a randomized nuzlocke and on top of that I'll be recording it here. I hope ya'll enjoy. Chapter One: If You're Redi Come And Get It Chapter Two: What Is Love?
  4. Darkness is Love

    Looks a little older than I pictured Luna but still great overall.
  5. My sparkly fox!

    Haha yup yup yup
  6. My sparkly fox!

    So, I just traded for the alolan Vulpix and I got a shiny one. I am so happy right now haha! Sorry...just wanted to show him off xD
  7. Suggestions for my in game team?

    Seems like a good team. I would personally add a flying-type but that's just me.
  8. What Is Everyone's Main Rejuvenation Team ?

    This is my team so far. Currently at the Blacksteeple Castle.
  9. Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    Maybe some time in the future but as of right now I am still just getting used to spriting. Not long at all. This is my first custom sprite I have ever done. Before this I mainly just messed around with re-colours. Haha, I don't get the reference but thanks
  10. Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    Thanks a bunch haha
  11. About to challenge Charlotte

    Charlotte was the most challenging gym leader so far for me. She would just destroy me every single time. I only beat her because of a few lucky crits. Your best bet is to have a rain dancer
  12. Custom Trainer Sprite (Complete)

    So I posted a little while back my custom trainer sprite I have been working on and I have finally completed it. The mugshot is not too great, I just couldn't figure out the eyes for it haha Anyway, here is the finished result; Have started working on another custom sprite so keep an eye out for that
  13. I need a little help...

    FOR REAL?! Omg...I feel so stupid. That's been my main struggle since getting to the circus...must have just missed that vendor
  14. I need a little help...

    So I have battled Blake a few times now and always get so close to beating him but ultimately fail. I know the reason, its because I have not revives or cotton candy left. So my question is; can I get back to reborn city at this point to get some revs? I have tried back tracking but can't go back any further than Agate Circus.
  15. I NEED TO RANT!!!!