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  1. Problem With Mega Evolution and Z moves Online

    First of all, How is this mega evo working? Did u get a mega ring? what about Z crystals? And secondly, the online feature isn't actually perfect. some things can get buggy.......such as two turns were already made, but the opponent is still waiting for my move...... So, it may be due to some bugs. All bugs haven't been fixed in the current release yet, u know.
  2. Gen 7 Pokemon in previous chapters

    Yup, Like Victoria's pick is a Litleo in the new version. The scientist outside of reborn HQ brings out a yungoose......gen 7 are making their appearances in early games
  3. unexpected and slightly disappointed....

    I suppose he is making links........although I didn't get that whole Staraptor thing, the diary part is actually funny when you think about Titania and Amaria.
  4. SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    so, do I need to mod hardcore and rejuvenation as well to use the shared pc mod?
  5. SWM modular modpack [E17.1]

    @Waynolt For the updated one, i.e, for ep17, how do I use shared pc mod in case I want to transfer mons for rejuvenation to reborn? or from Hardcore to reborn?
  6. Now that Episode 17 is out, I cannot to do anything with reborn 16.2........the mod was for reborn 16.2 as well.....so it doesn't work with episode 17. Shows errors. but I really need to transfer pokemons from my rejuvenation team to Reborn 17.0. Any ideas on how to do that?
  7. Where to change Rotom forms

    in ameterine city, there is a small house in the lane of Blake's apartment. go there and talk to the computer. Make sure u have a rotom in ur party. choose a form. for each change of forms, a data chip is required. hope it helps! :-)
  8. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    I agree on that mod idea. custom avatar sprites would be amazing. it would make others unique. And not to worry @Zarc, u helped out a lot out there, including me. as long as ur are giving away obtainable pokemon, everything is OKAZAY! cuz I'm preety sure even Deino will be available in the wild or through events ( I know about dark materials), so don't feel guilty, yeah?
  9. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    @Zarc Fair enough. it Wouldn't have been a fair game if sandbox could connect to reborn or hardcore version.
  10. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    oooo......so that's the sandbox mod. Well, either way, I see no problem in trading, just as @Commander said.
  11. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    @Zarc when trade will be accessed, a pop up might come saying, " U have got unreleased pokemon ", but trading will be possible. thanks to the Randomizer, I got an Aegislash. its a valid pokemon in Hardcore, but it gives me that pop up when I have it in my party in the normal version after I transferred it from hardcore version.
  12. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    @Zarc I wouldn't have played Hardcore in the first place if I didn't like challenge
  13. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    Well that doesn't sound satisfying, but what the heck, the best prize in this game might turn out to be a surprise for a change!
  14. Is Reborn Hardcore really HARDCORE?

    Ah. I see how it worked there. But it saddens me to know that hardcore is being discontinued. Great development.