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  1. um i saw on9 that theres suppose to be a blue cystal in mount valor , n when i went into mount valor , some guy would come n speak to me . I found the crystal but its not blue n theres nobody that speaks to me juz after i enter mount valor , so am i missing something here or theres a bug here?
  2. went to valor mountain , cant find anybody there , is there some hidden route there ??
  3. oops , wrong file , thx again man , here it is Game.rxdata
  4. thx man , finally found it , here it is 323 - Tkk - 39h 24m - 7 badges.rxdata
  5. i cant find it , is it in the data file ?
  6. okay , i went to the rooftop but still shes not there
  7. and one of the pokeballs are missing
  8. yes , she isnt there also
  9. i went down there and into ambers room , still no sight of venam
  10. i cant find her in Tesla's Villa == , which room is she in ? or is there a hidden room or something ??
  11. So after getting magma drift , saw melia argue with venam and she then flew off on her pokemon , where do i go next ??? Im stuck with no idea on how to progress
  12. thank you , i forget about the Tm shop
  13. So after defeating groudon , got the magma stone , aelita's is in coma , where do i go ????
  14. but theres a maid thats blocking my way to the maze , she juz said that she wont allow me beyond this point