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  1. Is there a way for me to keep track of the story of Rejuvenation? There are too many people in this game and too many things happening at once (a lot more than Reborn did) that makes me forget what's going on if I take a break from playing for a while. I've just finished the latest episode but I still feel lost af.
  2. RedAlert

    Kimono Girls?

    Ulp, never mind, found them.
  3. RedAlert

    Kimono Girls?

    I can't find them. Followed the tutorial for V9 but that path was blocked off for V10. Has the location been updated?
  4. RedAlert

    Red's Rejuvenation Run (V10)

    Can't believe it's been only 12 days.
  5. RedAlert

    Protector (v10)

    *bump* because I want to know as well Sorry if I necroed (hopefully isn't against the rules)
  6. RedAlert

    Red's Rejuvenation Run (V10)

    They aren't replacements I'm using them all, although I did switch out Electabuzz since I can't get an Electirizer anytime soon. I'm asking for good movesets and any pokemon suggestions. As of now, I added in Vivillion, Rowlet and Lunatone into my team for more balance.
  7. This feels tacky, but I really need advice and help. Any suggestions/moves/buffs appreciated. Thanks
  8. Is Sneasel available in game? In Version 10?
  9. I see. I postponed that for a later time (God knows why) but I don't like the idea of leaving anything incomplete. I hope it has no major changes.
  10. As the title says, I'm on crawli, but I haven't fought the dimensional rift gyarados. I tried going back but I can't fight it. Does it change anything?
  11. What better way than to take a day off and play Rejuvematiom



  12. Rejuvenation players, how do you get Nasty Plot on Mismagius as of E10?

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      For missy, it's an Egg Move attained by breeding it with spiritomb (available as an event in Darchlight Woods, though that's rather late game ATM), and... that's it. So, uh, good luck with that.

    2. Maqqy


      You can get SWM pack for Rejuvenation. It can make mons learn their egg moves via move relearner.

    3. RedAlert


      Thanks guys. Also, rather not use mods for the game but thanks for the advice anyways 🙂

  13. RedAlert

    Episode 18: Void-kissed, now available!

    Haven't even finished E17, and E18 is already out? Man have I been slacking. Sweet weekends are coming on up!
  14. RedAlert

    Red's Reborn Run (E17 Remastered)

    Put this on hold temporarily, but I will get back on this. I'm playing Rejuvenation right now so it may take a while...
  15. RedAlert

    Destiny Knot?

    Oooh thanks for this, this is lovely I'm debating about using this because on one hand I really want it but I also want to play a "fair" game without any mods or hacks But thanks anyways great help