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  1. Sayia

    New patch?

    It's here:
  2. Sayia

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    This game is way to easy @Zarc next
  3. Happy Birthday Sayia 😄, i hope that you will have a great day, you really deserve it 😄🍰

  4. Hello you beautiful lady 😄 

    I miss ya~

  5. Sayia

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Sayia was here, 

    To tell you: thank you!



  6. Heeeyy Daddy ~ 

    😄 ♥️

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    2. IkeSmasher_xX


      h-hi Mommy~ 😩❤️

      how are you doing?

    3. Sayia


      Good, you? 😄


    4. IkeSmasher_xX


      im good thankss

      sorry i dont check forums a lot @Sayia 😞

  7. Sayia

    Ikaru needs our help!!

    Happy birthday Ikaru! I really wish you the best, you're really good friend and admin ^^
  8. Sayia

    From Italy con furore

    Welcome to Reborn, enjoy your stay!~
  9. Sayia

    Who is your favourite Champion?

    Steven. Only fact he have Metagross is enough for me to make him my fav ^^ Also I really like his team in ORAS, challenging and not easy to beat.
  10. Sayia

    Cute picture thread

    @BandorKitty This one is for you
  11. I'm not that fast as Lykos with birthday wishes, but happy birthday Candy ♥️😄

    I wish you the best in your life ~

    1. Candy


      Thanks Sayia~ hehe no one can be as fast as the birthday card in human form 😂 Best to you as well 🍭

  12. Please for the next time just set up controls normally. Took me a while to figure controls xd. Here's your save file: Game.rxdata
  13. I write something controversial here, but is just my thoughts. 



    Something that I hate among other people is intolerance. So what if someone is gay, lesbian, or even if he is a man like us. The other thing is that fiction is fiction. Everyone can present their world and not everyone has to identify with it.

    As always, - respect others and you will be respected. 


    1. Candy


      Intolerance of intolerance, huh? 😉 But yes I agree 10/10

  14. Sayia

    Cute picture thread

    @Maqqy For you~
  15. I don't know about you, but I love winter ♥️




    1. Maqqy


      Me too!!! 😁



    2. Wolfox


      not officially part of the convo, but same