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  1. Hello, I was in the Garufa ruins about to enter the door, and I for SOME DAMN REASON got stuck like I did in several other problems I reported with the same bug yet different locations. My file's too big so can I please talk to someone on discord?
  2. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Okay, I installed it and I found the debug thingy but I have NO CLUE about what the hell I'm doing.
  3. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Do you know how I get the Scripts.rxdata to work in the RPGM XP? EDIT: I keep getting this message 'Unexpected file format'
  4. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    EVENTUALLY the maker of the rejuv port of the mod menu will update it so it COMPLETELY works for V10.
  5. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Believe me Ma'am I asked the EXACT same question. Sadly no debug mode....................yet.
  6. Damien

    Bladestar button puzzle (Erin route)

    Neither, you're just not understanding it right. You have to place the ore in FIRST and you'll get the black shard but there'll still be ore. DON'T take it out on the 6th button press. If you want I can give you the ENTIRE order to make the Darclight Mirror to save you time and a potential headache.
  7. Every time I use the Darclight Mirror I get stuck in a spot where the only thing I CAN do is save. Here's the file. Won't let me upload it so can I speak to a discord mod?
  8. Damien

    Strange man inside Corey's gym?

    It's fine, mistakes happen.
  9. Damien

    Strange man inside Corey's gym?

    1st. Your grammar is fine. 2nd. It's better to post a screenshot rather than tell so people know what you mean.
  10. I'll give it some thought, for now I am just gonna watch Anime and take a break from Pokemon.
  11. LotA: I want to know if it has a good story like Reborn or Rejuvenation or something decent first. I don't wanna waste my time with boring characters. Desolation: I know it's VERY sad but I can't beat the 1st leader so I gave.
  12. Damien

    tm Dive???

    I can't remember if this is Waterfall or not but I think you have to complete the Froakie puzzle to get it in Agate Circus. Little tip: look up a completed image (just search Pokemon Reborn Froakie Puzzle) and it SHOULD show a completed image. Just click and move Pokemon Reborn to the side so it doesn't block the image and welcome cheat sheet.
  13. First of all. I'm finished with pokemon reborn E17 and I've already played Rejuvenation Insurgence and Mega Adventure. If you remember my other posts, ya already know what i'm asking, also I tried Pokemon Uranium but my computer can't load it that well. Suggestions? If none then I will first watch all of Clannad then finally play Cave Story, maybe a little Danganronpa while I'm at it.
  14. Alright, I need some help. I'd play Pokemon Reborn to fill up my time but since I had to start over (DAMN YOU CORRUPTIONS I WAS IN THE ORPHANAGE) I don't really have the motivation to play through that all again since I saw it so many times. Any ideas? I'm thinking of replaying Rejuvenation or Insurgence but I wanna hear from you guys (and gals) first. PS: I had no idea where to put this topic.
  15. Add a Kangaskhan,it can only be female PLUS its mega is VERY useful thanks to Power Up Punch