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  1. Your occupation in Reborn City?

    I'd be the protagonist in the story so I can fucking MURDER LINN for killing Ame. Plus I'd have a good defence towards EVERYONE THAT WRECKED ME. (I am looking at YOU solaris!) And I would actually TALK. Good reasons or no?
  2. E17 new pokemon guesses

    Salazzle,Alola Starters. Vikavolt. Lycanroc,those are my guesses. As for the new pokemon. Tyranitar Salamence Alola-chu.
  3. Rejuvenation O'

    Should I re-play Rejuvenation or Reborn? Rejuvenation (because of its alola-mons and better story (sorry reborn lovers) AND THAT IT DOESN'T KILL OF AS MANY CHARACTERS BRUTALLY Or reborn,which has a story that can hit you HARD in the feels?
  4. Favorite Eeveelution

    Gotta go with sylveon. Pixilate + Echoed Voice + MISTY TERRAIN = AUTOMATIC SWEEP.
  5. I ain't trying to insult you or anything but how will you get past Charlotte or Ciel? They are 2 of the TOUGHEST gym leaders.
  6. I'll replay the whole game. Since Gen 7 mons will be released HELLO SALAZZLE AND DECIDUEYE.
  7. We need more shitposts

    Shitpost: Noun. shitpost (plural shitposts) (Internet, slang, vulgar, pejorative) A worthless post on a messageboard, newsgroup, or other online discussion platform.
  8. Danganronpa.

    Aight. Whenever I get the game (and a PC/Laptop that can run DirectX 11) I'll play it.
  9. Danganronpa.

    Trust me I am.
  10. Danganronpa.

    Official. O.F.I.C.I.A.L.
  11. Danganronpa.

    Aight. I played DR2 and I am wondering which one to move onto next. V3 or Ultra Despair Girls?
  12. What do you think happened to Geara?

    70% sure Geara is Deada.
  13. Fairy Mono-type run.

    No. No.
  14. Fairy Mono-type run.

    My first time doing this so I am a BIT concerned. But should I do a Fairy mono-type run on Reborn? If so what team? I am thinking of doing this Ep. 17 so that I have a better selection but I am thinking of my first 3. If ya have 3 more suggestions toss em' in and if they are GOOD suggestions I will copy them onto a notepad. Ribombee Gardevoir Mawile