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  1. Damien

    Pokemon rejuvenation request

    I'd do it for you if I could but trust me, many will skip over this just like they skip over all my stuff. Welcome to the club.
  2. Right, I misclicked and I accidentally gave the Magma Stone to Cera, which activated a story split off. I have the golden driftboard which solved the magma drift problem (I tried finding the gang but no success) and I can't get Kyogre to appear. Normally ya just have to stand in the middle and it'd happen, I already went to the cliffside and I wanna find a way to avoid Venam hating on me. So I went to an earlier save so I could prevent that. Can someone please tell me how in the living HELL I save Madelis Amber and Tesla?
  3. Hello, I was in the Garufa ruins about to enter the door, and I for SOME DAMN REASON got stuck like I did in several other problems I reported with the same bug yet different locations. My file's too big so can I please talk to someone on discord?
  4. Ya tried downloading the patch?
  5. Damien

    I need something to do.

    I just watched the latest episode of glitchtale and that ending.......left me in bad shape, just like the ending to V10 of rejuvenation, here's what I am looking for in ANY game. 1. A game that has some good cutscenes and a neat story. 2. The design is at least average 3. The puzzles can be hard just not mind breakingly difficult like Rejuvenation's Garufa Ruins and Darclight Mirror. 4. Characters that aren't completely shit like TeruTeru from DR2. 5. Controls that are easy to work with. 6. Difficulty that isn't too easy but at least a little below Rejuvenation's Intense Mode (if you can beat that you can beat tons of stuff) 7. That's all, hopefully more details of what I am looking for helps you and as you know, you don't have to reply if you don't want to. If I seem aggressively rude to someone because of a response that I've seen TONS of times before it's because they make me get a bit agitated and if that happens I am truly and deeply sorry, and to everyone on this site, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
  6. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Okay, I installed it and I found the debug thingy but I have NO CLUE about what the hell I'm doing.
  7. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Do you know how I get the Scripts.rxdata to work in the RPGM XP? EDIT: I keep getting this message 'Unexpected file format'
  8. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    EVENTUALLY the maker of the rejuv port of the mod menu will update it so it COMPLETELY works for V10.
  9. Damien

    Debug Mode for V.10?

    Believe me Ma'am I asked the EXACT same question. Sadly no debug mode....................yet.
  10. Damien

    Pokemom Reborn cancelled...

    Show us you're "cease and desist" order and then we (i) might believe you.
  11. Damien

    Is there a debug mode out?

    Excuse me, but I asked for v10's debug menu. Thanks anyway.
  12. Damien

    V10 espurr and growlithe

    Spend at least 10 to 20 minutes with em'. That'll raise it high enough. Normally I wasn't gonna use Espurr in my main team but it feels wrong to NOT use it after bonding. Meowstic was REALLY useful.
  13. The name says it all, I've already played the game the whole way through on V10 (so epic I had to lay on my couch for a bit...) and I saw that the Rejuv Port for the mod menu isn't updated and I saw that he wasn't gonna update it till June. Is there anyone else with the file I need?
  14. Damien

    Rejuvenation for mobile?

    Alright thanks for telling me. In the mean time while i wait for my laptop to get fixed i'll just play UT and dragon slayer i.o on my tablet. I know there's a APK for undertale.
  15. Something happened with my computer and I can't use it so I was wondering if I could play P. Rejuvenation on my tablet. Is this possible?