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  1. I found the answer.

    That's only if it doesn't work. It doesn't do any damage as long as you don't remove files. Besides before all I could hear was sound effects. Now that I can hear it the music is BEAUTIFUL.
  2. I found the answer.

    It SOMEHOW worked for me. So if it doesn't work then your screwed.
  3. I found the answer.

    (first of all I did NOT know where to put this thread) I have found the way to FIX the no-music problem for Pokemon Reborn. Step 1. Ya right click on the Game.exe Step 2. You click Properties. Step 3. You go to compatibility Final step: try all of the modes until you get it right.
  4. Shitposting

    Dude. Look on Deviantart for even worse shit. If you think THIS is bad you will be surprised.
  5. Shitposting

    That's the point this thread is SUPPOSED to be terrible. Why the hell would I make it otherwise?
  6. Shitposting

  7. Shitposting

    Hi. Your friendly neighbourhood shitposter here. I was bored so I decided to do this. Have fun SHITPOSTING! I have no regrets.
  8. If you can get your hands on a Gardevoir or a good Fire Type or Fighting Type with GODLIKE speed you should be set. Or a shuckle if you are really desperate. Trust me PEOPLE HAVE THEM YOU JUST NEED TO LOOK ONLINE.
  9. I need something NEW.

    Nupe. Ima try Cave Story.
  10. I need something NEW.

    I don't have a problem with rom GAMES just the style. It just feels too weird with all the controls in places my fingers have to be in a weird ass formation.
  11. I need something NEW.

    I already played the standard pokemon games. Reborn Rejuvenation Insurgence Mega Adventure Etc. Now I need something new 'cause I am bored as hell. It doesn't have to be pokemon related it just has to be a good game and FREE. You will not BELIEVE how many people missed that last time I said this. As long as it is free AND it is good I'll be set. I am welcome to suggestions and if you really need to PM me. By the way if I see someone say any of the 3 you are blinder then a bat.
  12. Before I see the the new location I was gonna do a whole new run to see all the changes and replace 2 of my pokemon with Decidueye and Salazzle. Plus I was finally gonna murder Solaris' garchomp for motherFUCKING DESTROYING ME AND MURDERING KIKI.
  13. change team???or not?

    Imbalanced. You need to modify the weakness in your team to your strength. Your team doesn't have the move pool to cover everyone else. Balance is key. And key is power. (Sorry i just wanted to be cryptic)
  14. (SPOILER ALERT) So I just finished the second season of Tokyo Ghoul and I cried Anyone have something good to take my mind off of Tokyo Ghoul? It may sound depressing,sure but you WILL see what I mean if you watch the 2 seasons. I can't wait for season 3.
  15. Glitchtale. Love Part 2.

    (no spoilers) So I just finished watching Glitchtale:Season 2 Episode 4, "Love" Part 2. I rode the train of feels AND the train of hype. Now. I know this site is based MAINLY on Pokemon. But who's to say we can't have Undertale here? Amethyst if you see this I would like to start the new Undertale Thread,where people can talk about Undertale freely and not get bothered by haters,I understand if you don't want a new thread but It'd be nice for UT and Glitchtale lovers to share their thoughts without people treating us like we are trash waiting to be taken out. 1 last thing to everyone. Do NOT let the fandoms or communities ruin your experience of games. WHO IN THE LITERAL FUCK tries to force other people to do their choices 'cause it's "the right way" Welp newsflash people who spread cringe during games THIS WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOUR CHOICES. Rant off. Carry on and have a good day/night/afternoon/morning (Timezones) whoever reads this.