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  1. You're free to call me out if any of my info is wrong, I'm just going off of my own opinion and idea.
  2. First of all, if you didn't watch the Little Witch Academia series all the way until the latest episode CLICK OUT OF THIS POST RIGHT NOW. Alright, that aside i'll get to the main reason why I made this, I wanna say what I think about Little Witch Academia (LWA) and Akko's (formerly) shiny rod (Real name is Claiomh Solais) and why it vanished at the end of Netflix's season 2. In my opinion I think the shiny rod's purpose was SOLELY to bring back magic into the world and bring happiness. That brings us to Professor Ursula/Chariot. In a flashback she was seen with the Shiny Rod and stared at it. The shiny rod turned brown and dissolved into the air, which means Ursula/Chariot lost the true purpose of the rod, if you know what happened then you know that Croix and Chariot/Ursula had an argument and they started drifting off into enemies because all Chariot wanted to do was entertain people just like Akko. -To be continued.......
  3. I'll give it some thought, for now I am just gonna watch Anime and take a break from Pokemon.
  4. LotA: I want to know if it has a good story like Reborn or Rejuvenation or something decent first. I don't wanna waste my time with boring characters. Desolation: I know it's VERY sad but I can't beat the 1st leader so I gave.
  5. tm Dive???

    I can't remember if this is Waterfall or not but I think you have to complete the Froakie puzzle to get it in Agate Circus. Little tip: look up a completed image (just search Pokemon Reborn Froakie Puzzle) and it SHOULD show a completed image. Just click and move Pokemon Reborn to the side so it doesn't block the image and welcome cheat sheet.
  6. First of all. I'm finished with pokemon reborn E17 and I've already played Rejuvenation Insurgence and Mega Adventure. If you remember my other posts, ya already know what i'm asking, also I tried Pokemon Uranium but my computer can't load it that well. Suggestions? If none then I will first watch all of Clannad then finally play Cave Story, maybe a little Danganronpa while I'm at it.
  7. I need tips for Titania.

    Alright, Please help me, I am at Titania (I STILL DON'T THINK LIN IS DEAD) and she keeps screwing me over with her Excadrill or Scizor. Any suggestions on what pokemon I should use? PS: I had no clue where to put this topic so don't get mad at me mods. Edit: Never mind, I beat her.
  8. Eevee

    Thanks for the epic eevee. Honestly I was expecting something sorta average NOT like this. Thanks for giving me my trump card.
  9. Eevee

    Alright I'm waiting for a request.
  10. Eevee

    It keeps saying "Waiting" did you get disconnected or is it just slow?
  11. Eevee

    Alright tell me your online play name and we can start this. Mine is damien12344321. I know its long but Damien was already tooken. EDIT: If that doesn't work put a capital D.
  12. Eevee

    Pretty simple. All I need is a female eevee (can be shiny or not you decide) and the only requirement OTHER than that is that I want a nature that DOESN'T lower special attack or speed. IVs I don't care about. I'll trade a shiny noibat for it.
  13. Alright, I need some help. I'd play Pokemon Reborn to fill up my time but since I had to start over (DAMN YOU CORRUPTIONS I WAS IN THE ORPHANAGE) I don't really have the motivation to play through that all again since I saw it so many times. Any ideas? I'm thinking of replaying Rejuvenation or Insurgence but I wanna hear from you guys (and gals) first. PS: I had no idea where to put this topic.
  14. Just a quick question.

    Can ya play Pokemon Reborn with a PC controller? I have one that I use for Undertale and I was curious if it works the same way for Pokemon Reborn. I wanna ask you guys so that I don't spend hours figuring out how to use a PC controller with a RPG maker game.
  15. I need help.

    None of em' will work. Which means I'll have to switch my game list to DDLC first and Reborn second.