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  1. [Warning: Major Spoiler] Let's Talk About That Branching Path

    I really didn't like this episode sorry for being blunt but I believe it is absolutely unacceptable to change the story THIS drastically over such a minuscule decision we made a couple episodes back, there was a NO reason to assume the game's storyline would be affected this radically by this decision, the game practically punishes us for a pursuing a core mechanic of this game: difficult battles, I really hope this doesn't become a recurring theme. this episode is horribly bland if taka isn't with you in the desert, you basically run around blindly until you find the trainyard.
  2. VErsion 9 pickup

    Hey so recently trained up a team of lvl 71 pickups and the items i've been getting have been........strange, it ranges from pp ups and ability capsules and drops all the way down to sometimes getting moomoo milk(STILL) Did Jan even use a generation table or did she make one herself?? if its the latter, is there any way we can get some way of knowing how.......balanced it is?
  3. story

    that would of been so much better.....instead we get an event that basically made the fights prior feel completely pointless
  4. story

    I feel like the the story here is getting repetitive......its basically a rinse and repeat of bad guy: imma do a thing!!!! Good guy: dont do the thing!!!! bad guy:uses pokemon good guy: wins the fight: Bad guy:...... Bad guy:...... Bad guy:...... *doe's the thing anyway* you: oh no, my worst enemy, movement outside of a pokemon fight!!!!! Sorry, not trying to be salty, but i just cleared the geara/zetta volcano nad after we beat them they somehow said " i lost but i won cause logic" AND PUSHED US IN A VOLCANO. I find that whole situation utterly ridiculous.
  5. getting frustrated

    my game is completely up to date. i dont think i can patch this any further....its 9.2 right?
  6. getting frustrated

    hello. i recentely started a new playthrough of pokemon rejuvenation and have gotten up to goldenwood area. i accidentally saved during a cutscene event and im permanently stuck. when i try to load a previous save, it only shows saves from my previous playthrough, none of my current playthrough saves show up. what do i do? i do NOT want to start over AGAIN
  7. A bit stuck

    Hello, i recentely unfroze the tm shack and got magma drift. so i went to tesla's villa and saw melia fly off to somewhere......I went into the villa and couldnt find venam anywhere, and i have no idea where melia flew off too. could someone help me out, or let me know if i did something wrong?
  8. i am available now if youre ready with the honedge and larvitar
  9. lets finish this tommorow. im pretty tired so im gonna go to bed....g'night
  10. neat, its mcdougie my good sir. ill be waiting
  11. i actually have 2 requests..... i larvitar and a honedge....i have some gibles and dratini's i can part with?
  12. Where do i go?

    i stopped right after version 8 ended with some girl chasing latios or something away. decided to head back to gearen and im stuck there now