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  1. i assumed so, since he was the last to respond to the previous one. no rush. i can wait
  2. heelo there. is it possible to nab a tyrunt with dragon dance? need me a good rock type with an op stab(head smash)
  3. sweet. you know the drill . its mcdougie my guy. ill be waiting for ya:)
  4. neat. let me know when you are rdy to roll
  5. well i do have a roserade. but i can only make limited use out of its poison typing. the more i look it over, the more i think turtwig would be the best for me since it can learn earthquake and even superpower . sorry for getting jumbled. this is my final decision. thkan you for your patience.......on a more personal note, what you are doing here is extremely generous to say the least, but have you ever had to deal with a...... less than grateful individual?
  6. wait nevermind. turwig is good but his speed is lacking, in your opinion, what woud you consider a really good grass type?
  7. hello all. i believe i have had business with zarc before, was hoping for a turtwig with some good iv's......thank you in advance(btw is it possible to procure psuedo legends from ya. yknow like a larvitar or a gible? you guys are the best!
  8. ok. im beginning to fell bad, but i was hoping you could do one more favor for me......I need a turtwig. My entire roster has been lacking both a good ground and plant type, and since torterra can learn woodhammer and earthquake he(or she'd) be a perfect addition, i completely understand if im being needy, and its totally fine if you ignore this
  9. thats amazing. well i'll leave you alone for now. you've gone above and beyond my expectations. see ya laters!
  10. quick question for ya should i ever return here in the future......what limit is there to what you can procure?
  11. welll taht is a pleasant surprise, thank you for your time
  12. greetings, i have returned, i am ready when you are good sir
  13. well, in any case i am going to bed. i will speak with you tomorrow as early as i can, thank you