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    pokemon ( no ?? ) , history , hiking , League of Legend , martial arts.

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  1. Zarc

    Where are you in life right now?

    Look @Sayia you're a man now
  2. Zarc

    Cute picture thread

  3. Zarc

    Where are you in life right now?

    @AtheaOfAltea good luck to you then
  4. Zarc

    Where are you in life right now?

    I'm currently studying History at University ( 5th years right now ) and i have a memory to finish for September. What about you ?
  5. Somes History memes :














  6. Yeah , mostly ^^ On which server are you playing ?
  7. Zarc

    Hello Everyone; I'm new here!

    Welcome to reborn, hope you will enjoy your stay !
  8. When i see handicaped people ( physically , mentally) and when i realize that i happen to go crazy for stupid reasons sometimes , i just want to tell myself : « yeah , go f *** yourself Zarc » Health > everything. 

  9. Zarc

    The World's Only Spinda Apologist

    Welcome to reborn , hope you will enjoy your stay !
  10. Zarc

    I need help again...

    You can just loose the fight , start from a pokemon center and catch somes grass mons around Terajuma Jungle to be able to defeat her
  11. photo.jpg

    look what I found: a Galexy-Eyes Garchomp

    1. Zarc


      Picture is too small O.O

    2. Wolfox


      yeah, it was an avi I found on youtube so it's smol. looks good tho. gives me an idea, actually...

  12. Little Pokemon humor :



    Pokémon's Wonder Trade



    ( personnaly , a magikarp is perfectly fine. ) 

    1. Wolfox


      As a former Magikarp saleman, I disaproof of the Magikarp being shown there

    2. FairFamily


      It's even more fun when you are passing around the same pokemon.

    3. Zarc


      +1 for magikarp. 


      Each time i'm playing a gen 1 game , i'm always buying the 500 pokedollars magikarp 😄 

  13. Zarc

    Rate the avatar above you!

    @impulse 9/10 aswell , cute pic