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  1. Little World Cup humor



    At least he has great appreciaton for his mom's spaghetti

  2. Well , it's gonna be complicated for me cause i'm getting along with almost everyone in the forum. So i guess i will tag people with who i have more affinity RIGHT NOW. Without surprise @Sayia : I met you several months ago and you rapidly become my best friend here. It's a pleasure for me to know you well. @LykosHand : You were one of the first person to wish me a great welcome on the forum , and my first best friend. Thanks a lot for your kindness @BandorKitty : Even on difficult moments , i never let you down cause i care about you , like everyone in the club. As long as i'm alive , you will never be alone @Alistair I know you since more than one year now , i saw you become modo and you trully deserve it. We are sharing the same nationality and the same first name , i hope one day we will have the occasion to met irl. @Bam the 25th Same as lykos , you were one of the first member to wish me a great welcome to the community and you were the first person to follow me , i will never forget this @Corso You and i have a lot of similarities , and that's one of the reasons i appreciate you. But the main reason remain the fact that you're very kind after all. Never forget : stay yourself and happiness will surely came , believe. @Maqqy Your message for my birthday touched me a lot. I'm very glad to know you , i wish i can know you better on the future cause i really appreciate you @Candy You forgot me on your list , but that's wont be the case from me. Yes you're probably one of the kindness people of the entire community and i'm happy to know you. @purplecicada Second person i heard on vocal channel after Drak , i rapidly started to appreciate you. I'm glad to know you. I hope we will continue our LoL games. @CrimsonDragon21 Our LoL discussion/games and football discussion are actually great ! Let's continue this cause you are an awesome person @Amethyst Since the beginning i knew you were an awesome person. First because you created my actual favorite fangame. Secondly , because i recently started to know you better and i hope it will continue like this cause you are very kind. Thank you for helping me for the LoL club , it's a shame that we don't play on the same server , really. You will always have all my support. @seki108 That's true that we don't really know each others well , but you're one of the person i appreciate the most here. I hope i will have the occasion to know you better on the future. Honorable mention to : @Wolfox @FairFamily @Morshu @Archeric @PESH1 @Lord Drakyle @Sirius @DreamblitzX @Celeby @Q-Jei @CodeCass @J-Awesome_One @mar_mar @StarryDreamerKitten And of course : @Jan for the awesome rejuvenation game , and @Caz for the awesome desolation game If i forgot someone , please let me know. But i want to know i appreciate everyone here , so it's hard for me to tag everyone
  3. Zarc

    Pokemon teams

    Pokemon Reborn :
  4. Zarc

    Monotype run

    @Epic wish you're a man ?
  5. Zarc

    Monotype run

    Be a man and take dragon
  6. Zarc

    A good pokemon to add to my team

    Gardevoir is a great choice. It should destroy Luna in the same time.
  7. Zarc

    Happy birthday ! Have a nice day ! 🙂 

  8. Little World Cup humor



    Lâimage contient peut-être : 10 personnes

  9. I can cover EU West for those who are interested. Thank you Ame !
  10. Didn't know that Angie in rejuvenation intense had an articuno Oo

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. seki108


      Gym leaders past a certain point bring a legendary on Intense.  Not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it does buff them up some

    3. Zarc


      @seki108 I've send you a discord invite 

    4. seki108


      Oh, ok.  I accepted the friend request

  11. i don't know if we will see you again , but happy birthday to you !! 🙂 

  12. Zarc

    Let's listen to Ikaru's wishes and happy birthday to you ! ( even if i don't really know you ) 🙂 

  13. Sayia

    This song... And look who is on the picture ❤️