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  1. StormLord

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Music: The Siege Ogre in the West steps in the pit full of burning slime, it takes 16 damage. The punji pits in the Southwest likewise see some use, several goblins falling in and being stepped on and shoved down, Horde SW4 takes 18 damage. The lightning golems in the Southeast surround one of the Hordes completely decimating it. The golems in the East start attacking one of the Hordes, thoroughly distracting it. Amelie lines up another shot and finishes off the last Engineers in the East. [2] Jun fires the massive crossbow into a Horde of goblins for 58 damage, those that aren’t taken by the explosion scatter in all directions. Toshiro slashes two groups of goblins for 28 damage each, he gains 14 total HP from this. The Arms Dealer turns his attention to the GIANT DOG MONSTERS OH GOD. He fires wildly dealing 7, 4, 4, 6, and 4 damage. The only Horde in the West decides to cut its losses and get out, they throw down their weapons and run. The Horde in the Southwest hunkers down to protect the newest group of Mages. The Hordes in the Southeast fall upon the wall, dealing a grand 174 damage as small explosions rock across the rubble. The two Hordes able to act in the East take the fight to the Golems, beating them to a fine powder and removing them from the equation. The Dryad casts a Ward granting 25% damage reduction to Kusuke, Satomi, Leo, and Az for one round. Kusuke disappears, only to reappear a few seconds later just as one of the Siege Ogres nearly collapses from the sudden appearance of dozens of deep gashes. He dealt 120 damage. Lucille sends two thunderous claps at the group of Mages, rendering them deaf and dead. An angry cat-dragon flies after the other routed goblins. The Borean Strider stomps into the East crushing the goblin Hordes below it for 22 and 18 damage. The Demo mumbles something about “Amateurs and their half-assed work” before tossing another bomb for 15 and 13 damage. Satomi activates her Trebuchet again, dealing another 64 damage to the already wounded Siege Ogre. It still isn’t quite enough, man these things are tough. The Guide fires another arrow for 10 damage. The Blacksmith, Mason, and Carpenter desperately try to repair the Southeast wall, only managing 35 healing collectively. Four of the Beast riding goblins start ascending the ladders onto the walls, while the last waits it fires an arrow at Jun for 8 damage. The Mages in the Southwest shoot balls of fire at the Dryad and Satomi dealing 12 and 6 damage and setting each on fire for one round. The Mages in the Southeast throw up a barrier around the pyrotechnics using Horde. The Guide Burns. The two remaining Strafers attack bomb the walls for 33 damage. Alone and covered in fire the Siege Ogre in the West decides to run, its masters dominating it no more. Despite actively bleeding to death the first Siege Ogre in the Southeast hammers its fist against the walls for 138! damage. Its fellow follows up with another 108 damage, just enough to trigger and mass collapse. Each Ogre takes 12 backlash damage. The Wall. Comes. Down. Those in the South are no longer protected from melee attacks! The Tavern Keep doesn’t have anything left to attack, isn’t that nice. Rose blasts the healthy Ogre for 20 damage, blowing apart it shield. Leo musters up a mass of mana nearly as large as he is himself, running it through various objects it slowly becomes a mass of black mist. In one smooth motion a billowing cloud of pain washes over the battlefield, everything in its path screams in pain and agony. Once it passes Leo notices a small group of goblins and the wounded Ogre fail to stand again, their corpses releasing a feint black smoke. Those that do stand struggle to actually make any headway. Despair Save: 9 vs 38, Luck: 99, Random Blitz: 17, Everyone hears the distant sound of a small implosion. Snow informs Leo she no longer has any contact with his SPC golems back at the village. He has a really really bad feeling about this. Arminius inspires everyone to kill faster, better, stronger. Piglet rams the tank into the healthy Ogre for 19 and the Mages for 25 damage. [87, 74] Az fires more lightning at the goblins frying them alive with 22 and 26 damage. Turrets: Reinforcements: Init: Status:
  2. Frigus moves to B2, flying over and around any enemies in his way. The Runner and Harry are moved with him. They each have a 10% dodge chance
  3. StormLord

    [IC] Trespassers LF: The Teleglitch Incident

    Plankton Farms: Greg hesitates, looking back and forth between Evelyn, the ground, and up at one of the corners of the room. Eventually he sets down his gun before following Vratislav over to the pipe. "Wait! I don't think that's a good idea. The zombies like hide in these old pipes, we've lost hundreds over the years, no telling how many are in there." He paused and thought about Evelyn's question, considering the best possible ways of getting there. "I saw it as an option on the teleporter. It make take us a jump or two, and we'll either have to go back or try to find another one in this area, but it should work." Personnel Quarters: [52] Deadlift successfully infuses a stray brick, creating a weapon that deals 1d3+[Str] bludgeoning damage. More, louder noises from behind them. Eventually something moves to cover the hole Deadlift made, reducing the light in hear to almost nothing. Robotic HW Assembly: Morp finds floating through walls to be a bad idea. The outside burns, stings, and makes him feel sick all at the same time. Generally something to stay away from. Chelchis sees that one of the doors has three signs: "Control Room", "Teleporter", and "Main Storage". A short hallway later and Chelchis finds herself in a large room full of boxes that seems to have been the sight of combat with some oversized monsters, two lay dead on the floor and numerous burns and bullet holes are all over the boxes and walls. There are two doors worth note, one leading to the Teleporter and another leading to the Control Room, she can hear voices coming from the control room. The group on the production line quickly uncovers a door leading to a stairwell up to the Control Room. The first thing they're greeted with is a man in a lab coat that immediately pulls out a large knife and attempts to stab them with it. Needless to say they're not much of a threat. Other than that not much, the controls are mostly either powered down or unresponsive.
  4. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    Cell had been preoccupied watching the events of Ritsu and Mar's work on the stuffed...thing but tore himself away when he caught wind of Mar explaining his magic to the two peope who arrived after him. He reached over and pulled one of a series of sacks off his belt and got Mar's attention. He opened the sack up and poured its contents out on a table, bits of gold and rock, colorful gem fragments, a few golden teeth, and even a greenish key shaped to look like it was made of ivy and thorns.
  5. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Spicy HG let out a quiet sigh at the new comer's statement, well something between a sigh and a disappointed laugh. She rolled her eyes at his assumptions of success. Fire? Really? Why did they always try fire first? "Thank you, Navin. For stepping in when you did, things probably would've gotten messy fast if you hadn't." She turned back to the other side of the room where, presumably, Bridgett was still standing from evacuating the kitchen. "Now where were we? Oh right, what happened with the cookies?"
  6. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Spicy HG stepped into the main room and turned around to start explaining what was going on when the short wizard completely lost it. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She watched somewhat stunned as he launched a chunk of ice at Dackly and followed up with a fireball only to have it cut off by Navin's quick thinking. She reached for her glaive but paused a second, from what she'd seen and knew of Navin he could probably handle this on his own with less chance of any real injury, so instead she held back, waiting to help should things go bad.
  7. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Spicy HG thought to herself for a moment as Bridgett finished, "Oh dear me, how terribly pure and innocent for someone who just got through vaporizing eldritch horrors" Then she walked toward Bridgett a bit(and away from the smoke) before speaking again. "Oh, well it, it was probably something in these old ovens shorting out. They look about five decades out of date so who knows? Let's head back to the main room and give this place some time to clear out." She turned and started making her way to the door, only to catch sight of the small wizard person standing there looking indignant and impatient. "Oh you must be another new person, follow us and we'll explain what happened." With that Spicy HG led them back to the main room where they could sit on various pieces of rubble without choking on smoke while they talked.
  8. StormLord

    [IC] Tengoku no Owari CT, Chapter 1.2

    Owen paused just a moment, long enough to get an idea of where each one of them was and what was about to happen next. He started to take a step forward, a faint, instead he quickly sidestepped and practically slid around behind Cu. Owen brought his sword up in a defensive position ready to deflect or block whatever attack Cu planned on throwing at him before stepping forward and putting new meaning to the phrase "lightning quick right hook". Fury of the Storm: 5, Action: 6.
  9. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Barracks (Travel Phase)

    The girl looked somewhat confused by 6D's response and quickly lost interest in the conversation between 6D and Rory. She sort of hung around up until the point where they heard the clanging coming from the hallway. "Oh no, another monster!" She jumped to her feet and ran off in the opposite direction not giving 6D or Rory a second look or consideration.
  10. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    Cell nodded excitedly at Mar's concoction before turning his attention to the Moonsilver ore. He bent down to get a closer look and "rubbed his chin" as if thinking. He goes back to his paper/carving and writes the word "What" in similar crude letters to before.
  11. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Spicy HG caught a glimpse of Bridgett heading into the kitchen to do...something, but had chosen to ignore it since she seemed to not like direct confrontation with people and was obviously trying not to be noticed. A few minutes later she heard the cry and smelt the smoke from the oven, Spicy HG got up from where she'd been sitting and immediately ran into the kitchen. She saw Bridgett's weapon pointed at the oven, raised and gathering energy. "What are you doing? Stop, let me get it!" She made her way towards the oven coughing on smoke as she went, once she got there she reached in to pull out the pan of carbonized cookies, closed the oven, and turned it off. She threw the burning cookies in the sink and started dowsing the fire, either with water or her hands if none was available.
  12. StormLord

    GoGo's Strange Journey Part 1: We're going to be friends

    That dwarf's commentary on their plan and the need to list every little detail over and over had actually managed to put Garry to sleep, not a small feet for someone who has sat through his own master's lectures. Either way the first blast caused Garry to stir and by the second one he was already collecting his weapons and following the others out the back exit.
  13. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    Cell quickly nods again before reaching into a pouch on his belt, he pulls out a small pyramid shaped bottle full of a bright orange liquid. Upon opening it up it immediately sends electricity arcing everywhere withing four or five feet, the smell is something akin to corrosion scrapped off a car battery mixed with a healthy dose of bleach. After letting Mar get a whiff he quickly closes it back up so it doesn't break anything.
  14. StormLord

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    Cell nodded up and down enthusiastically to Mar's question of him being a warrior. Cell made their way over to one of the work areas and found some paper or at least something to etch letters with and walked back to Mar. Taking his writing surface and implement of choice Cell wrote their own name in crude uneven letters. They then gestured between the writing and themselves several times.
  15. StormLord

    [IC] Trespassers LF: The Teleglitch Incident

    Primary Landing Bay: Roy sees something going on inside one of the hangers, lights flashing, things moving, he gets the feeling he should spread his seeds quickly and get back. Plankton Farms: Evelyn hears more footsteps and sees another flit of shadow going around the tank. From the other side of the tank Vratislav and co. see a bit of a humanoid blur lift the steel mesh from over a roughly four foot wide pipe sticking out of a wall, slide underneath, and go into hiding inside. Just as they're thinking of moving in something happens.... Personnel Quarters: Yoko and Lakia do in fact eventually find Deadlift, he's been screaming to left off a feint blue glow of energy. By the time they reach him they hear something moving above, a sort of whirring and rushing sound, definitely mechanical in nature. They also hear something large move in the distance back the way they came, and something else.... Robotics HW Assembly: Hirata, Yvette, Jezzabella, and Shamhat make their way down the assembly line, they duck around the dangling robotic bodies, skirt around various assembly arms, and generally make slow progress. Eventually though they reach a 90° turn to the left with a large viewing window from some kind of control room on the inside of the curve and about 15ft up. Chelchis(and Morp if they follow) arrive after several minutes of tram ride, quite fast considering the distance they traveled. They step(or float) out onto a catwalk similar to the first, the door ahead of them opens into a hallway that offers only one real choice of direction as the path to the right is collapsed. The path to the left itself leads to another door opening into a large courtyard area full of various target ranges and some sparse greenery.(map updated) One door leads forward from the far side of the courtyard and another leads right fairly near where they are now, but before they get the chance to make a decision... The Entire Facility: A computerized female voice boomed across the facility's PA system. "Intruders detected in: Multiple Sectors. Securrrr...." The voice cut out, electronically warping before slowly fading away, when it returned it was changed, more like a thousand snipits of voice lines chopped into one continuous phrase, frequently sounding distorted and corrupted. "This is the comPUTER Speaking. Pleplepleplease put your weapons on the groundoundound and make your wAY TO THE Central Computing Sector. I-I-I-do not want to harm. harm. harm. harm you in any way. I only wish to-to-to talk." The sound cuts out and nothing more is said.