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  1. Jace Stormkirk

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Mafia (Sign-Ups)

    fell dragon reporting for duty
  2. Jace Stormkirk

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    the night was quiet and calm. everyone slept soundly and deeply because of all the heavy lifting they did yesterday. "they are all asleep" "who should we take down first?" "well that person looks pretty beefy so i want them dead" "but this person has a more keen eye for detail he is more of a threat." "what do you think?" "heads or tails" "heads" ".... tails" "yes i be right back." morning arose and the captain gather his crew and made a head count @purplecicada "aye" @DigitalAmber "aye" @Psychic Sheep "arr" @Alaris "aye" @Dedenne1 "ahoy" @Bok Choi "arr" @L'Belle "aye" @Astra125 "ahoy" @Jason Grace "aye" @Alistair "Ahoy" @andracass "arr" @Dragoknight "aye" @ChromSmasher_xX (silence) has anyone seen this man? (holds up photo. everyone look but says no) "search this ship till he is found" (about an hour later) "capt'n you might want to see this" (sees his dead body lying below deck. throat slashed) "it seems we got some bad apples in the bunch" (summons everyone to him again) "it appears that we have some mutineers aboard this ship. find out who by the end of today and i their death will be swift" day one is here you have 24 hours to decide who gets lynched
  3. Jace Stormkirk

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    the merchant ship dolphin's grace set sail at dusk. all was going according to plan for the crew of the ship. everything was inventoried and neatly packed away. they even had a good wind blowing with them and clear skies for navigation. the three stowaways's plan were also going well. it was now now time for them to strike... night zero is here!
  4. things are quiet [eliminate] digital amber
  5. checks himself. phew im still alive. anyway i am willing to trust bean. he actually has ben less random then he usually is
  6. welcome to back to the basics part v. a much simpler version of mafia where there are are no power roles but one slight change to the mechanics. what is mafia? opening narrative rules whats the new twist? interested in learning more or just wanna chat?
  7. why are you trying to lynch the doctor? [eliminate] chrom smasher
  8. upon examining my room a letter was found. it was written last night. it said. it appears not appreciating the pun was a grave mistake...
  9. my hunch is that bean is town
  10. yay a deathless night! now as for who to lynch i only have a hunch that someone else is a towny
  11. @Kabs you do realize that the worrywart cant win right? there is no way for that role to win. its a confirmed non-town role and we currently know who has it . if you don't do it now then who know what will happen from there and risk killing a town
  12. @Kabs @purplecicada yes the worrywart has no win con. the player with this role can only loose
  13. as town we have to kill ALL non town roles. this includes 3rd party roles
  14. @andracass @Alistair @CrimsonDragon21 @Walpurgis @Kabs @LykosHand @Captain Breakfast @purplecicada i have a confession to make. last night i was the worrywart. their ability is to change roles with someone else. they are 3rd party i did this to bean.he now is the worrywart. so lets do this thing
  15. well going to be out all day so going to cast my vote now [eliminate] bean