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  1. Tomek

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    Oh thats why, okay then thanks
  2. Tomek

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    I put seed on my crobat too for same effect and he was still faster. Its just confusing
  3. I was battling Souta and I struggle to believe hawlucha of the same level is faster than EV speed trained Crobat? I saw some other pokemon outspeeding also. I beat souta regardless of that easily but still....
  4. Tomek

    Audio problem?

    happens to me too... I just close the player completely and open the game again
  5. So I was battling and I noticed hailstorm is not summoned every battle. When I checked ability this is what I see http://prntscr.com/m6e0u8 and as soon as I check IVs this is what happens http://prntscr.com/m6e14i
  6. Tomek

    Ice stone

    guess I have just been unlucky with mining then. I could really use A-ninetales for 10th gym battle
  7. Tomek

    Ice stone

    Does anyone know where to get ice stone for evolving A-vulpix?
  8. Tomek

    How to get glaceon?

    oh great I need one more badge on this playthrough so I can use strenght. Thank you for the guide
  9. Tomek

    Beldum sidequest- need help

    Thanks a lot guys
  10. Does anyone know where do you have to evolve eevee to get glaceon?
  11. Angie is double battle now where she uses boosted speed mamoswine and rotom as first two pokemon lol
  12. Geting rid of her field was super easy for me with this team.
  13. Yeah Angie is the hardest gym to beat so far (I am just about to challenge Eric after I roam around some areas)