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  1. Reborn Mafia AMA Gauntlet [Voting Phase]

    There so many people to choose honestly :/ i will vote for: 1) Jace 2) Cataline 3) Nicki For those i didn't vote, don't worry i will vote for you sooner or later
  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

  3. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  4. Introduction.

    Welcome here in this forum , i hope that you will have fun ^^
  5. Bullet Hell(Day 1)

    @DigitalAmber Drak voted on purplecicada ^^ Honestly i agree with BokChoi, he have a point. That's weird indeed. [Eliminate] purplecicada I can change my vote btw. Anyway i swear that someone framed me, i had like 0 reason about kill Ali. Why i had to shoot at him. For sure someone is trying to eliminate me.
  6. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  7. Thank you ^^ i'm happy to meet you too Hahah true Candy, you have right xD
  8. Bullet Hell(Day 1)

    I was framed guys, because seriously why i had to shoot Ali when: 1) I'm not suspecting at all Ali about being mafia or third party 2) I don't use guns so easily, mostly when i don't know if my gun is real or fake 3) If i shoot to someone i always have a reason for doing that So yeah someone framed me, now i wonder who did so btw. I see that soso was innocent, Alaris innocent too and Dive was a third party if i read correctly. Well for now i don't really know who to vote.
  9. Eheh indeed ^^ and thank you Hello there DragonKnight :wave: and thanks Hahah exactly Kitty
  10. Bullet Hell(Day 1)

    Wow many things have happened. So Lia was a third party, Nicki said something suspicious, where i can't fully understand what she meant. Anyway Soso can be a third party or mafia, but i'm inclined to believe that he's third party. I think that if he was mafia, he would have tried to defend himself better in my opinion. Well my vote goes on him, i will join the bw. [Eliminate] sosobean
  11. Thanks a lot Solviera for your words, i really appreciate them
  12. Thank you for your kind words Hooli I really like this club ^^
  13. Hello to everyone ^^ Nickname: LykosHand (you can also call me only Lykos) Age: 20 Birthday: February 2nd Gender: Male (100% straight if you want to know) Nationality: Italian Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Hobbies: drawing (when i have nothing to do), anime, listen some songs, games, playing mafia games. Favorite colour: Blue (i know that maybe someone wonders "then why you're writing with green?" well, good question xD) Favorite food: Lasagna (i really love it) Favorite drink: Well i don't really have a favorite drink but let's say that i drink a lot of lemon-flavored drinks ^^ Favorite anime: One Piece Superpower: Being kind with everyone ^^ i suppose it's a superpower. Role: As you can see i'm the "Birthday card in Human Form"