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  1. ^ditto I once tried a fairy monotype run but got bored after Shelly. For some reason though, you're 10x better at this and the strats are interesting to read!
  2. Hi, I didn't find a problem navigating out to just before Route 2, but here's your save file Just keep going to the right and should be in Agate Circus in no time~ Game.rxdata
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    Hi Again

    henlo, I dunno you so I'll say "welcome back" instead of just "welcome" but it's odd but I'm also odd so es ok
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    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    it turns into Mirror Shot and iirc can't miss though most of the pokemon that can learn it are grass types and hence not very recommended in Serra's gym, there are some non-grass types that can learn it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature_Power_(move)#By_TM
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    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    It certainly doesn't help me. Yesterday I spent the day thinking it was Tuesday, and today in the morning I thought today was Wednesday Some serious bamboozlement.
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    The not so roaring 20's

    What I've personally done is probably not helpful to your case since our careers seem to be quite different. I like to make safe decisions- I'm not a risk-taker in any sense of the word. So instead of leaping out to find a job right out of college, I chose to go to grad school and now I'm working to get my PhD while getting a (comparatively) generous stipend. Probably sacrificing years of my youth, but I'm happy here with like-minded, kind people. What's common for both of us, and likely everybody else, is that networking is important. Get acquainted with as many people as possible. Ask your friend to introduce you to his/her friend of a friend, anything! The more people you know, the better your references will be, and you'll learn a thing or two from those relationships. If you're like me, socially awkward and introverted, you'll find the task daunting, but I'm afraid it's the surest way to get you somewhere. After all, who you know is more important than what you can do, unfortunately.
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    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I think Twit was so close to finding out and I was rooting for him but then he didn't and was like Top 10 anime betrayals time
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    A song of hugs and licks [Nuzlocke]

    which pikaclone? owo
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    HELP!: Something Wrong With These Ditto...

    "Ya, don't worry about getting banned from that. This ain't Insurgence" - Salt-water Taffy
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    Attraction, affection, bonding...

    We've all been there at one point or another. I was there in middle school. What I found was that lowering my expectations of people to nil helped- trusting them little and never getting too close even if I liked them for fear that they might betray me at some point. Yet, after all these years, I've come to realize that this was a double-edged sword: my indifference got formed in my formative years, and so even when I should trust my peers I find myself unable to. Thus I no longer recommend this. It's difficult to become sensitized once you turn to indifference. For some time now, I've been trying to be more genuine around people, and I think I've gotten better at it. However, when I compare my current self to the unguarded innocence of my elementary school years, I realize how much my middle school experience marked me forever. I might be one of the toxic people you spoke of, who never quite make a connection with anyone. It's my belief that truly toxic people don't realize they're toxic themselves... However, I think treating the undeserving kindly as you have is correct. I have continued doing so too. Helping people who most definitely hate me and would rather see me fail, for instance. I don't know if it's true, but I believe it shows moral superiority. Like most if not all humans, I also like to feel superior. Falling to the undeserving's level would hurt my pride, so I cannot do it. I don't know if you'll share my view in this regard, but I said this so you know people like me exist. Anyhow, the last food for thought is this. Perhaps it would do you good to examine what you're attracted to in a person, and tweak that so you're attracted to the right sort of person. I used to be attracted to the "cool" people who dressed borderline hoe-like (even if my Christian mom would never allow me to wear clothes like that). I've since changed my view and am now attracted to other nerds like me And finding a good person among nerds was a much easier task than doing so with the hoes. Dunno if you've already tried this but it's worth trying if you haven't.
  11. Candy

    Looking for a Shiny Larvesta

    Please only make one thread with the mons you want and in the appropriate subforum (Online Play), thanks
  12. Still on-going: Answer-to-Win a shiny spiritomb~ ~EPISODES LIST~ ★SEASON ONE★ ★SEASON TWO★ ★SEASON THREE★ ★SPIN-OFFS★ A. Pikachu's story Part 1 of 3 B. Pikachu's story Part 2 of 3 C. Pikachu's story Part 3 of 3 ~APRIL FOOLS 2018~ ~INTRODUCTION~ ~ORIGINAL POST~
  13. lol good luck on finals! and you shouldn't be wasting time on FEtR xD I don't think they're quite what you'd call friends, but I think they understand each other better and so can cooperate which is a step forward Hehe though I won't write what goes on with the other four, I can totes imagine Pikachu taking on Vanilla's role in maintaining Shelly's purity Yep in E18 she uses a lycanroc-dusk, sorry for the spoilers! no lol, the act of admitting toxicity itself prevents you from being toxic because people know to expect toxic tendencies from you rather than unconsciously poisoning them :wesmart: tbh it takes courage to admit one is toxic and also it's difficult to realize when someone is being toxic (my parents are a prime example of this, so I'd know)
  14. I would've had Shelly coming with Vanilla and Aya, but I felt they needed time alone and heck I can just use raw screenshots? Sign me up I'm glad you liked it, because I liked it too :3 It's fairly easy once you have the sprites- you just combine them together using an image editor that supports layers. Pikachu using his disguise as a parachute is quite likely to make a comeback in the future (prolly in Season 4 when Vanini makes a brief return to Ametrine, but the specifics shall be kept secret)
  15. Candy

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Have you tried faking out the illumise? Shelly isn't just a bug type gym- it's also largely a water type gym so your fire types aren't very helpful. You can either sub them for more flying types (beware of the anorith) or get water types since they're also useful if illumise sets up rain. Out of the mons you listed, I'd give a chance to emolga (both flying and electric moves would be handy) and espurr (if it has fake out, solely for flinching illumise and getting rid of rain).
  16. From Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 48 I kept my silence, sometimes looking straight ahead across the river and other times looking down on Shelly’s lilac hair tickling my jaw. As her crying subsided, I noticed that her grip on my clothes softened but her arms didn’t move from their position. When I judged from the side of her face that she was calm, I spoke to her in a low voice. “Can you stand by yourself now?” I asked. Shelly opened her eyes slowly, as though she had been waking up from a revitalizing slumber on a summer morning. She nodded and let go of me. “Sorry for, um, crying on your shoulder,” she said, looking at the dark pink stain on my bubblegum dress. I told her not to worry, for it would dry soon enough. “Besides,” I said. “We still have to cross the river. Wait for me as I fetch a couple of water types from the PC.” I climbed up the stairs in swift strides, entered the now deserted house and borrowed the PC to take out Kame, my blastoise, and Prince, my seismitoad. When I came back to the riverside, Shelly was crouching near the edge of the cascade. My heart almost stopped. “Come here, Shelly, we don’t need more people stuck down the waterfall,” I called. The girl stood up carefully and walked to where I was. “Listen, this event might have reminded you of Corey’s… suicide,” I explained. “But this isn’t the same scenario. We saw Corey dead, but Amaria may still be alive for we haven’t confirmed otherwise. Now, put your dark thoughts aside until I figure out a way down and back up. As much as I’d prefer to leave Titania down there, I wouldn’t enjoy her becoming my worst nightmare. I have enough nightmares as it is.” Shelly nodded, and forced a slight smile on her lips. “Yes, Vanilla. I’ll pray for their safety.” I sent out my two water types and taught them Surf. “You get on Kame,” I said, helping her up Kame’s shell. She held onto the two water cannons. The turtle pokemon growled and stepped forward to the river, but didn’t cross it until I was on Prince’s back and ready to cross the river myself. The two pokemon swam across the river, and were dexterous enough to keep the sideway motion to a minimum despite the strong current. Once we were on the other side, the two water types chanted triumphantly and gave each other a high-five. I have to admit, I was pleased that they were visibly content about being helpful to me. We walked the path to Ametrine City with quick strides. As we climbed up the mountain, the climate became more unstable and sometimes we were brushed by a gust of wind or surprised by a little snow. We eventually found the entrance to Citrine mountain, which connected to Ametrine mountain apparently. “I’ve never b-been here, but I think we have to, um, get to an upper floor. There should be an access to Ametrine there,” Shelly said, and we placed our priority on moving up the mountain. On our way, we saw many ice type pokemon hidden behind icicles or shaking in small openings in the walls. It was odd, for I was used to wild pokemon attacking me when I trespassed into their territory. “What do you think is wrong with the pokemon?” I asked Shelly. “I don’t know… but, um, something must’ve happened recently,” she replied. “It’s easy to l-lose the trust of ice type pokemon, so, um, maybe someone did something to them?” I didn’t question the possibility, but shoved the thought to the back of my mind as I struggled to find our way and also not to slip on frozen ground several times. Given Everland is under a spell of eternal spring, our shoes are designed for both walking on grass and hiking, but not for snowy or icy surfaces. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go in circles for too long, because we met Cain, Aya and Hardy along the way. The former was heading to Ametrine City with us, while the latter two planned on helping the team in Calcenon as previously planned. However, when we got to the split point between Ametrine and Calcenon, we found out the true reason behind the lack of response from Ametrine. “Well, this is new,” Hardy noted as he stroked the giant structure of ice that blocked our path. I also touched it for a brief second, but it was so cold that it didn’t even melt and wet my fingers. The texture was almost like steel. “Do you think we could break through it? To pass to the other side?” Aya asked Hardy. “Let’s try it,” he said, and sent out his gigalith. However, despite the rock pokemon tackling the ice with a strength that would’ve crushed a regular ice type pokemon, the icy structure didn’t bulge. “Not even a dent, huh?” “Um, what about m-melting the ice?” Shelly asked. “I think it more likely that the fire types will faint from exhaustion before this giant thick ice melts,” Cain sighed. “And trust me, I know all about thickness~” “You what, mate?” “I’m trying to lighten up the mood, geez. Anyhow, for the time being, we can’t go to Ametrine so we should check Calcenon out first. Saphira is the highest ranked gym leader, so I’m sure she can help us out.” “Ugh, I hope that’s not too far. I’m not quite prepared for hiking, you know,” Aya said. I had to agree with her on this, since chances were, the ground would be too slippery for my liking. “Don’t worry, the trek ain’t long. It’s actually just around the corner, once we get outta here.” Hardy led the way and all of us followed him. Once out of Ametrine mountain, we saw that Hardy was right. Just a few metres from us was the access to Calcenon. However, just as Cain took one step onto the stairs made of stone, a light cut across my vision, and the next thing I knew we were all sitting or lying down because the movement of the ground made us lose balance. Before us, the stairs had crumbled into a pile of pebbles, inches from where Cain sat. “Cain, are you alright?!” Aya said, approaching im with knitted eyebrows. “I’m fine,” Cain replied, but judging from the uneven breathing, I felt e was faking it. “I didn’t see that one coming. Luckily, it missed me, whatever it was.” All of us stood up and observed the broken path. Climbing up to Calcenon would be almost impossible without anything to hold on to. “Hey, you do care,” Cain added as an afterthought, referring to Aya’s concern. “What? Don’t be stupid,” she said and glanced away from her brother. “Anyhow, how are we going to get to Calcenon now?” Just before Hardy could answer her question, however, a familiar woman came flying down to us on her orange dragon. “Saphira,” I murmured. Whether or not she heard me, she acknowledged my presence with a nod. “Is everyone all right?” she asked all of us. “Team Meteor has occupied Labradorra City and is using a PULSE Clawitzer to assault Calcenon from afar. Another one!” Saphira’s dragonite flew backwards, almost making a 360 degree twirl, and started shooting meteors and hyper beams to the PULSE attacks. The deflected attacks landed on multiple sites outside Calcenon. Once the PULSE attacks ceased for a while, she swooped down from the sky back to where we were. “As you saw, I can deflect the attacks,” she explained. “But there’s collateral damage. Sorry about that.” “It’s fine, I just saw my life flash before my eyes. No big deal,” Cain shrugged. “So I’m guessing that was like watching a split-second porno?” Aya teased. “The dialogue was slightly better.” “I can’t stick around to chat. You can get to the city from the eastern entrance.” Saphira then took off to the skies to resume her job. “So much for ‘right around the corner’,” Aya sighed. I didn’t say anything but I agreed. “Don’t worry,” Hardy said to cheer her up. “Route 3 used to be tough, with several tunnels and dark maze-like caves, but the cities of Calcenon and Labradorra spent a buncha resources to build bridges. Now it’s a smooth road for travelers.” Again, Hardy was right about the bridges, but as we were crossing, a deflected PULSE attack hit the bridge and collapsed it. I grabbed Aya, who was walking closest to me, but my hand just missed Shelly’s sleeve. Pikachu jumped off my shoulder and did reach her, only to open up his disguise in such a way that it formed a parachute. Hence her fall wasn’t as bad as Cain or Hardy’s. “Are you all okay?” Aya called on them. Cain stood up fairly quickly, but Hardy oscillated slightly when he stood. “Give me a second. I’m all good, but that rail is hard. I’ve got a splitting headache.” “Geez, first Terra and now the rail. You’ve really taken a beating, and not in the good way,” Cain jested. “Um, is there a g-good way?” Shelly questioned. “Now,” I interrupted their casual chat. “How should we get to Calcenon, without the bridge?” “So much for a ‘smooth road’ too,” Aya sighed. “No worries. As I mentioned before, if all else fails, there’s the original way to Calcenon. See the opening right there?” Hardy pointed to a opening on the side of the hill. “That should be a tunnel. If you go through it, you should get to Calcenon in no time. Hopefully the PULSE blasts haven’t wrecked the interior of the caves as well.” “Alright,” I said, carefully sliding down a piece of bridge to reach the tunnel entrance. “Try to catch up to us as soon as you can,” Cain told me. “But if you can’t, let’s meet in Calcenon.” I nodded and saw Hardy jumping some ledges and already starting to climb to get to the next bridge. When he was a little further away, Cain looked at Aya with an unnatural smirk. “And don’t worry about your boyfriend. I’ll take good care of him,” e whispered and winked. Aya colored her cheeks and snapped back, shouting, “He’s not my boyfriend!” Cain waved and placed an arm on Shelly’s shoulders to be on their way. Shelly, holding Pikachu on her arms, looked at me, at Aya, and then back at me, before allowing Cain to push her onwards. Hence it was just Aya and me navigating the caves, which had little to guide us in the right direction. There were no signs, but luckily the ground and walls had been renovated fairly recently because we did not run into any trouble on the aspect of walking. For the most part, Aya and I walked in silence. Sometimes I guided the way, and sometimes she did, but we never walked next to each other. I wouldn’t have minded to continue like this, but soon we found reason to break the silence. “Hey, what are those guys doing here?” she asked, and the couple of Team Meteor grunts looked our way. “Someone actually came,” one of the grunts acted surprised. “Now we shall stop you.” We engaged in a double battle with them, but Aya and I were so discoordinated in our teamwork that we would have lost had the opponents not been mere novice grunts. She used sludge wave when I had Gretel (slurpuff) out, and surf when Wolfie (lycanroc-day) was on the field, which knocked both of them out, even though she did great damage to the opponent’s team as well. “Aya,” once we were out of the grunts’ sight, I called on the girl. “We have to do a better job with the double battles. You can’t keep knocking my pokemon out with your ill-judged moves.” “Ill-judged? I’d say it’s just that your pokemon can’t even take a hit,” she retaliated. “No, you know that’s not true,” I said, flashing my badge collection to her for a moment. “I know you hate me, but Team Meteor is occupying this cave. We might encounter admins at any point, and it would be disastrous if we lose just for miscommunication.” “I don’t hate you,” she said, not looking at my eyes. “But maybe I do. I hate myself a lot more, though.” “How has your Gym leader duties been going? I take it you remained at Byxbysion wasteland a while after I left?” Aya nodded. “Hardy stayed as well. I battled a couple more trainers.” “How did those battles go?” “I lost to one, and won against the other.” I softened my expression. I remembered I had told her to make up her mind about remaining a Gym leader- if she battled after I left, her choice was evident. “That’s good. Congratulations on your first victory,” I said with honesty. “I don’t feel it was my doing, though,” she shook her head. “That guy was mostly a flying type user, so stealth rock on wasteland field pretty much wrecked his team. Only his blaziken stood a chance, but seeing as he had nothing to work the field with, he lost. It wasn’t a battle I needed much skill in.” “Even then, you won because you had a better understanding of the field,” I said. We resumed walking, but slowly. “I have lost many times. Perhaps not as often in pokemon battles, but quite a few in physical people fights,” I explained. “Most of those times it was because I didn’t have as good a grasp of the field as the opponent.” I recalled the time I lost the Gym battle against Noel because of how tanky the grassy terrain made his clefable be, the time Archer made me fall into his trap to fight the Magma Gang, and yet another time when I went into 7th Street without preparation to deal with the savages down there. “Yet, I don’t believe those were fake losses. I lost, end of story,” I said. “So you should take pride in your accomplishments. However small, it shows improvement of skill.” Aya was silent, but gradually aligned her step to mine. “Perhaps you were awaiting an apology on my side,” I commented, and Aya looked at me with curiosity. “But I have no intention of providing one.” “I don’t care for an apology at all,” she said, looking away once again. “Good. I have my reasons too. I only apologize when I have wronged someone, but seeing as I said nothing but the truth back in your Gym, there’s no need for an apology. I regret nothing of what I said.” “You really know how to get on my nerves,” Aya rolled her eyes. “But,” I quickly added. “My getting on your nerves helped you improve.” The purple-haired girl giggled and then started laughing. “Improve, me? Please,” she said, and her laughter subsided. “I’m still the same toxic person you met. I shouldn’t have slapped you then, because I knew you were telling the truth. I’m worthless.” “I doubt truly toxic people admit that they are toxic. For all I know, I might be the toxic one out of us two.” That was a fact, and I knew it. Wolfie’s death was proof of it. “Look, there’s a couple more grunts. Let’s see improvement, alright?” I said with a lower tone. While fighting these two, I noticed that Aya had added a lycanroc-dusk to her team. An odd choice at first glance, for it was not a poison type, but on second thought, I judged it was a gift from Hardy to her. Whether or not she was aware, or returned the feelings, I confirmed Hardy was partial to her after seeing his behavior and now this lycanroc. This second fight went much more smoothly. Sometimes we miscommunicated, especially on choosing who would attack who, but nothing as disastrous as what we did on the first. “See, you can improve,” I complimented her. “Anyone can, if they are willing to and give their best. I told you, one must make up one’s mind: either you don’t do it, or you give your 100%. It can’t be something in between.” “Right.” We then walked together in silence the rest of the way. VANILLA RATES: REBORN CHARACTERS 20K views? What the hecc frens. View counter is broken confirmed
  17. Egg nog is my fave drink~ can't wait for Xmas season (yes I know you can drink it anytime, but what's the fun in that? ) I'll prolly miss this cause I'm going back "home" and so I'll likely not be able to get on the internet for more than 5 mins at a time. But heck, I might luck out and participate in the next Summer Social anyhow, have fun y'all~
  18. Candy

    Dealing with a rejection.

    Only thing though, be observant. If she doesn't feel comfortable talking to you, she might not say so outright but you might be able to judge from her body language / tone. So do as you say, try and keep talking to her as long as she feels ok with it good luck, comrade~
  19. Candy

    Reborn is just meh tbh

    Should I call this "clickbait" or "genius"? I'll settle for the latter xD Can't deny I headed right in with an XL popcorn to see the comments but you got me there Anyhow welcome, have some candy and let's wait for E19 aka final episode together hehe
  20. Candy

    Are gym leaders EV trained?

    iirc somewhere the leaders start to have their aces EV trained (maybe Serra?) and whole team EV trained starts from Charlotte.
  21. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    oh no well, when such actually happens, I shall bid farewell to the penta-Op squad xD
  22. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    yep but given how many relationship points they've lost already, I don't think they need to care about them any longer xD besides it isn't even confirmed if the points will actually amount to something, afaik?
  23. Candy

    Dealing with a rejection.

    First and foremost, I'm very sorry to know your pain. There's never an easy way around relationships, but I do commend you for giving it a shot. Must have taken a lot of courage to do it, and I'm talking from experience because I wasn't brave enough hehe As for whether to keep her as a friend or not, I think it's more a question of mutual decision. I did turn down a guy once, because although I enjoyed time with him, I couldn't let go of... shall we say "past" for the edgy teens here Anyhow, when I turned him down, I told him that I'd gladly continue the friendship, and at first he agreed to it but it slowly faded to oblivion. We're only acquaintances now. So it'll all depend on whether you can reconcile yourself to leave hope of romance and become friends again, AND whether she can stop seeing you as the guy who is in love with her. Try talking to her, maybe? It might be awkward, but there's no other way... and if you can't agree on the friendship, then I'd say it's as you say. Let her be, and find enjoyment in being single again, even if it's difficult.
  24. Candy

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    yah it's if you pick to side with El that you don't have to beat him (so Nappy was right in a sense about saying El is the right choice, seeing as he struggled the most). I also thought this fight was hard af but later on I realized there's many strats you can try here to beat dittoceus... just that if this was a blind nuzlocke, it'd definitely be hard af and blind play through is hard enough.