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  1. So I haven't gotten very far in the game yet, but I did get an impression of it and have a few things to say. Firstly I really like the idea of having the choice between all different types of pokémon as your starter, but some tweaking may be needed. For instance I love Togekiss, but Togepi just simply sucks. I saw that for some pokémon, like abra, you gave them egg moves to make them useful. Unfortunately for Togepi the only attacking move (If you can even call it that) is metronome and as you can imagine this can pay of terrible in trainer battles or when you're trying to catch a pokémon. So maybe consider giving togepi an egg move as well, even if it's just peck. I liked the custom sprites too, even though there weren't a lot of them (as far as I have seen). You definetly have your own style and you should keep up the good work. The mapping was a bit empty though and at times simply random (I mean there's a rock insinde a building). So I think you can improve on that point as well. The intro of the story was perhaps a bit unnecessary, in my opinion it would be much more fun to encounter the villains without knowing of their existence beforehand, making the whole deal a bit more mysterious. This is just my personal opinion so take that any way you like. At last I haven't had an encounter with a hollow ghost yet but the concept sounds amazing. I've never been a fan of fakémon, unless it's only like a handful, but I do like altered forms of pokémon. Maybe I'm just weird like that? In conclusion, Don't take my critique too harsly as this is just the first episode and perhaps your first game. you're just starting out and finding your way in what you want, I feel like you have a passion for this and can learn a lot in a short amount of time. try tweaking some stuff, take risks. If it doesn't work get rid of it and if it does don't change it. I'm looking forward to play more of this and wish you the best of luck on chapter 2.
  2. Alright, so I love the pokémon games but there is one issue I have with them. Eventhough the battle system is highly based on strategy I feel like it lacks skill. Let me explain: You have a wide variety of pokémon to choose from with all of them having their ups and downs, so creating a good team for every situation and knowing when to use what may be challenging, but that's about it. When you're in a battle you choose what happens and that will indeed happen, of course there are some RNG Gods to meddle with your plans but that's just luck-based and in my opinion undeserved. So I thought, what if the battle system was reworked in such a way that dealing an amount of damage, missing, critting, etc. isn't based on RNG but rather on skill and how well you perform. Unfortunately, such mechanic is hard to imagine in a pokémon game. At first I thought of something like Pokkén, which sounds great at first but it would just make the game to slow-paced as every battle takes forever to beat, also implementing all pokémon in a real-time fighting style might not work with certain abilities (think of: Speed boost and more) and also some attacks like priority attacks will be hard to add on to the game. So I came up with another concept, with if your moves were based on some sort of mini event, like in the Mario & Luigi games, if any of you have played that. It would make the game more skill based, but the problem here is that it would be boring to have the same "event" for every move, and creating a unique event for every move would be too complicated and to difficult to remember for the player. On the plus side this could have a ways of partially blocking the foes attack by using one of your moves against theirs, for example if your pokémon knows water cannon and your opponent uses flamethrower you have the option to perform a water cannon event and if you execute it well enough you'll take less damage. So yeah, all of my ideas aren't perfect and probably won't work. That's why I came to these forums and ask you all if you have an idea for a new battle system mechanic. I'd love to hear everything you have to say . Tl;dr: Do you have an idea for a Pokémon battle mechanic which is more skill based instead of luck based.
  3. You might have some problem with ciel, but I think you can still "struggle" your way through her.
  4. pokemon

    In my opinion I don't like the designs of Ultra Lunala and Ultra Solgaleo. They look fine on the box art but when they were shown in 3d in the trailer it felt (to me) like a downgrade. Maybe I just need to get used to it but to mee the black armour feels out of place instead of a fusion. On top of that, as many others already pointed out, it feels like a rip-off of BW2. Not only am I disappointed with them, I'm also disappointed with the trailer itself, it answered none of the questions we wanted answers to. Are there trials or gyms? Will there be Mega Evolution (prob not)? Will there be new alola forms (prob yes)? And to end it I'm also unsatisfied with the name, but that's just a matter of taste so I'm not judging them for that. Well... that was quite a rant and I might sound like a hater, but I will say that I'll keep an open mind, after all we haven't seen much of lunala and solgaleo and perhaps Gamefreak thought it was a better idea to slowly give us information, afraid of people already theorizing about plots or anything. All that aside I do think making a continuation (or whatever this game will be) on SM is a better idea than gen4 remakes eventhough I'd love to play them more. Another remake would be too soon and if they kept waiting wit SM continuations we would get a Pokémon Z situation.
  5. You should be able to go into your pc at this point in the game, so maybe you've got some other pokemon lying around in there that can do the job.
  6. Amethyst is probably reading this and thinking, "Oh, you are all so wrong...". I guess we just have to wait and see!
  7. Please make a post with your adventure so far as soon as you've beaten Julia.
  8. I managed to defeat him by using a spiritomb and a ditto (I needed a normal type pokémon so I went with him). The Arceus I fought was a normal type so spiritomb was immune for aura sphere and judgement shadow ball did some damage but that's where ditto comes in by switching between them I pp-stalled shadow ball/dark pulse and aura sphere, when aura sphere ran out of pp Arceus had only 10 pp of either shadow ball or dark pulse left, with potions I managed to stall these out too and than I slowly witthled her down using spiritomb while Arceus couldn't touch me anymore with judgement. Of course there are many flaws with this method; it's fairly rare to get a spiritomb in the game and you have to be lucky with Arceus's typing also pp-stalling takes a while but I figured it was faster than finding, catching and training a pokemon with perish song, destiny bond, etc..
  9. If you want to you can skip the fight by siding with El, but honestly that feels wrong to do. Besides he's not as difficult as Solaris' Garchomp.
  10. I don't get why people think they're so strong they both have a 4 times weakness an some other weaknesses on top of that, (Hydreigon was great in gen 5 but now hes not that good anymore). In my opinion Metagross is the best of them all with no 4 times weakness and a lot of resistances, on top of that he was also given a mega. Yet still you rarely see a villain with a metagross. I know this doesn't answer your question but this annoys me. further I do agree that they are too common.
  11. You can get a skrelp in renovated Reborn by diving in the light house. If you still don't know what I'm talking about try looking up where to find Oshawott, skrelp should be in the grass in the same place.
  12. There can be a woman in front of the broken gym in coral ward who references the fall of reborn by using the intro of avatar:the last airbender. strangely enough she showed up in my first playthrough but didn't in my second even though both of them started in episode 1. It might be a rare "event" that happens in only some savefiles but I don't know why that would be the case. I wonder if anyone else came across her?
  13. Tbh I just wrecked him with geodude. I didn't think he was tough at all.
  14. You could also go for a mamoswine, this does leave you with a big weakness against water. Arcanine can learn thunder fang, though I'm not sure if that will help. I just thought I'd give you another option
  15. Personally a flash fire Growlithe/Arcanine has done a lot for me and she's pretty early obtainable. Mawile is also a great pokémon, don't let her basestats decieve you because she actually won most my badges. Roserade is another great pokemon, but you can only get it with harsh sunlight, although that shouldn't be a problem if you change the date a few times.