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  1. Where you found Reborn from

    I once saw my brother play it and at first I was like "dude why are you playing a pokémon game, that's really chilidish" (Boy was I wrong). So after a while I was bored and looked it up and started playing it, he told me it was pretty hard and I love me a challenge. I quickly noticed that this wasn't your average Pokémon game and got hooked on the story. I've Been playing ever since and love the community here.
  2. Supervised tests.

    I believe Ame picks the people out herself, so you probably can't sign up at all. Also playtesting isn't as much fun as you think it is. The earliest you can play the game is when the community release comes, which will (hopefully) be in around 4 weeks.
  3. In my opinion the whole "research doesn't exist yet" idea sounds great. You could implement drastically different mechanics and maybe let the plot resolve around you being one of the first explorers collecting data on pokémon. Maybe pokémon "join" you rather than that you capture them or some primitive form of pokéballs are around (maybe steampunk style). I don't know what an evil team would be or how you would collect badges/some sort of "boss fights" which give you a goal to achieve. But there is a lot of potential and the art style of the 30's (or 20's, I like them more) is majestic and beautiful. Someone, please make this happen!
  4. Level Cap Workaround?

    Ow, well I wasted a lot of time grinding then...
  5. Level Cap Workaround?

    So, I could give you the Dark Souls argument and say "git gud", but I don't think you're completely wrong. First off, I absolutely adore difficult games and as such adore Reborn too, but I have to be honest when I say I have used litterly 0 common candies in my playthrough. The main reason for this is that I save before a gym/major fight and if I fail I just quick restart the game. (Some people might say that's cheating, but I always play greedy and as a result I got the max amount of money now... oops). I do see how people can overlevel their pokémon though and think the common candies were a great solution for that. Personnally I wouldn't have trouble downleveling a pokémon since, in a way, it actually is an improvement. sadly you feel differently about this which leads to my second point; The reason why there is a level cap in the first place is to make the game fair. (Don't go ranting yet, let me explain). All gym battles are 6 vs 6 and the level cap ensures that your pokémon are around the same level as the leaders, you could argue that the leaders have the field effect advantage, but then again you have the advantage that you can try over again, learn their tactics and pokémon while adapting to them. I like anylizing games and, while not perfect, I think this game is pretty fair (I'll talk about some flaws later on). When regarding pacing I don't see a major flaw either except for the episode with aya, I nearly had to use a common candy there. As a matter of fact Reborn does a better job of pacing then the main core series. Take gen4 for example, you're quite op at the start but when getting to the E4 you're easily underleveled, this doesn't make them difficult as they aren't the hardest enemy's (Yes, even cynthia can be beaten easily when underleveld) so it isn't the biggest problem, but just the fact that I never had to use a common candy and only needed to train a couple of times (with the exception of training a new caught underleveld pokémon) I can confidently say Reborn is definitely well-paced. But this is where perhaps the biggest flaw in the game occurs: training, or rather grinding. It is only at agate circus that you find your first npc which you can keep fighting to train your pokémon. This is past the half way mark of the game, which means that for the majority of the game you have to train using wild pokémon and that can be a pain. Introducing trainable npc's early on in the game wouldn't be a bad idea or even difficult to implement. Ame could've for instance made one of the aqua/magma gang members a trainable npc. So this is where I have to agree with you. Now to another point you made. You say you want to play with your favourite pokémon and not to be forced to play with those you don't like. Well, you're absolutely right here, but again I don't feel like this is the case as I also only play with pokémon I like. But, hey, maybe I just like more or "better" pokémon than you do. But still I don't believe that there is any set of six pokémon with which you can't beat anyone, except perhaps a team full of caterpie, in which case it's your own fault. I mean, just look at the runs on the forums that have been completed on this game, I bet every monotype has been done and some other insane runs on top of that. So no matter what your top 6 favourite pokémon are, I think you can make it work in a fair manner. You have to keep in mind that this game is not just an rpg, but also a strategy game. You can't just go in with you arcanine and have 4 fire moves and expect to win with that. You have to think about move pools, all the abilities, how the synergy between you're party members works and what items to use. The game is not unfair by implementing the level cap system, it's tricky but not unfair. I also could've come with the argument that you need to "rotate" pokémon or use pokémon you normally wouldn't use otherwise, but seeing your post I sense that this isn't your playstyle (and neither is mine). Finnaly and most importantly this is my personal opinion and review of the mechanics, I'm not trying to shoot you down or proof you wrong, I'm simply trying to make you look at things differently, so you can understand things from other's and perhaps Ame's point of view and see why the mechanics are the way they are. If you (or anyone else) has something to add on to this, or if someone doesn't agree with me I'd gladly here your opinion. Also I'm impressed if you read all that, I may have written a bit more than I was planning too... oops.
  6. Redemption League Season 3

    I dare anyone to put cosmog in their team.
  7. Anyone else has this "problem"?

    I tried rejuvenation, but the characters didn't seem interesting or thought out. Then I played full moon but the story was to linear. Next up was desolation which seemed promising, but, eventhough I didn't see anyting wrong with it, i craved reborn again. I also tried insurgence at some point, but that was just too easy and since I like difficult games i quickly stopped playing. (There is also pokemon hollow, but that has only 1 episode so I can't say much about that). Long story short, I haven't completed any other fangame and desolation was the only one i enjoyed (maybe I should get back to that). Reborn is imo still far more superior and with episode 17 coming out very soon I'm filled with joy. So no, you're not alone in this.
  8. Is Music Suggestions Allowed?

    So Ame uses mostly music from GlitchXCity if not her own. So I doubt she'll put this in the actual game. But I do believe there is a mod that allows you to modify the games music. I don't have the link (sorry), but you'll probably find it very easily on the forums.
  9. Pokemon Hollow - Chapter 1

    So I haven't gotten very far in the game yet, but I did get an impression of it and have a few things to say. Firstly I really like the idea of having the choice between all different types of pokémon as your starter, but some tweaking may be needed. For instance I love Togekiss, but Togepi just simply sucks. I saw that for some pokémon, like abra, you gave them egg moves to make them useful. Unfortunately for Togepi the only attacking move (If you can even call it that) is metronome and as you can imagine this can pay of terrible in trainer battles or when you're trying to catch a pokémon. So maybe consider giving togepi an egg move as well, even if it's just peck. I liked the custom sprites too, even though there weren't a lot of them (as far as I have seen). You definetly have your own style and you should keep up the good work. The mapping was a bit empty though and at times simply random (I mean there's a rock insinde a building). So I think you can improve on that point as well. The intro of the story was perhaps a bit unnecessary, in my opinion it would be much more fun to encounter the villains without knowing of their existence beforehand, making the whole deal a bit more mysterious. This is just my personal opinion so take that any way you like. At last I haven't had an encounter with a hollow ghost yet but the concept sounds amazing. I've never been a fan of fakémon, unless it's only like a handful, but I do like altered forms of pokémon. Maybe I'm just weird like that? In conclusion, Don't take my critique too harsly as this is just the first episode and perhaps your first game. you're just starting out and finding your way in what you want, I feel like you have a passion for this and can learn a lot in a short amount of time. try tweaking some stuff, take risks. If it doesn't work get rid of it and if it does don't change it. I'm looking forward to play more of this and wish you the best of luck on chapter 2.
  10. Pokémon battle system revamp

    Alright, so I love the pokémon games but there is one issue I have with them. Eventhough the battle system is highly based on strategy I feel like it lacks skill. Let me explain: You have a wide variety of pokémon to choose from with all of them having their ups and downs, so creating a good team for every situation and knowing when to use what may be challenging, but that's about it. When you're in a battle you choose what happens and that will indeed happen, of course there are some RNG Gods to meddle with your plans but that's just luck-based and in my opinion undeserved. So I thought, what if the battle system was reworked in such a way that dealing an amount of damage, missing, critting, etc. isn't based on RNG but rather on skill and how well you perform. Unfortunately, such mechanic is hard to imagine in a pokémon game. At first I thought of something like Pokkén, which sounds great at first but it would just make the game to slow-paced as every battle takes forever to beat, also implementing all pokémon in a real-time fighting style might not work with certain abilities (think of: Speed boost and more) and also some attacks like priority attacks will be hard to add on to the game. So I came up with another concept, with if your moves were based on some sort of mini event, like in the Mario & Luigi games, if any of you have played that. It would make the game more skill based, but the problem here is that it would be boring to have the same "event" for every move, and creating a unique event for every move would be too complicated and to difficult to remember for the player. On the plus side this could have a ways of partially blocking the foes attack by using one of your moves against theirs, for example if your pokémon knows water cannon and your opponent uses flamethrower you have the option to perform a water cannon event and if you execute it well enough you'll take less damage. So yeah, all of my ideas aren't perfect and probably won't work. That's why I came to these forums and ask you all if you have an idea for a new battle system mechanic. I'd love to hear everything you have to say . Tl;dr: Do you have an idea for a Pokémon battle mechanic which is more skill based instead of luck based.
  11. Team before Agate Circus

    You might have some problem with ciel, but I think you can still "struggle" your way through her.

    In my opinion I don't like the designs of Ultra Lunala and Ultra Solgaleo. They look fine on the box art but when they were shown in 3d in the trailer it felt (to me) like a downgrade. Maybe I just need to get used to it but to mee the black armour feels out of place instead of a fusion. On top of that, as many others already pointed out, it feels like a rip-off of BW2. Not only am I disappointed with them, I'm also disappointed with the trailer itself, it answered none of the questions we wanted answers to. Are there trials or gyms? Will there be Mega Evolution (prob not)? Will there be new alola forms (prob yes)? And to end it I'm also unsatisfied with the name, but that's just a matter of taste so I'm not judging them for that. Well... that was quite a rant and I might sound like a hater, but I will say that I'll keep an open mind, after all we haven't seen much of lunala and solgaleo and perhaps Gamefreak thought it was a better idea to slowly give us information, afraid of people already theorizing about plots or anything. All that aside I do think making a continuation (or whatever this game will be) on SM is a better idea than gen4 remakes eventhough I'd love to play them more. Another remake would be too soon and if they kept waiting wit SM continuations we would get a Pokémon Z situation.

    You should be able to go into your pc at this point in the game, so maybe you've got some other pokemon lying around in there that can do the job.