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  1. Online username: Istvan Timezone: gmt +1 Availability: random, if you see me online, pm me Rules/Field effect: no fields effect or random
  2. This sound strange for me too, I tried many times to beat Victoria, and I was hit several times by knock off. But only once I lost my item
  3. Thanks for the warning, a player gift me a life orb with the trading. I don't have the lost item in my bag and I'm shure I never traded it. I lost lucky egg and life orb in different battles against different trainer, but both used knock off on my pokemon. Once with one of the corin rouge's alter-ego, once with Victoria's mienshao in devon corp
  4. No way, it's rare, sometimes happends, sometimes not Now I've got another ife orb, but not the lucky egg
  5. there aren't in my bag and it's a battle against two different trainers
  6. I don't know if it was a bug or something else, but sometimes if the move knock off hit one of my objects, I lost it forever... This happends with a lucky egg and a life orb.
  7. ok, pm me when are not busy any more
  8. I think it's randomly, but I wil try gain
  9. Sometimes it happends also with windows
  10. Hi! I don't know if it's properly a bug. I run pokemon reborn with wine on a linux so, every time I make an online battle, after few minutes, the connection stop and I get only a waiting... message. Both of us never click out of the window.
  11. Same problem Game.rxdata
  12. Is there anyone for an online match?
  13. Hi! I can't find the group on facebook, is it a secret group?