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  1. This sound strange for me too, I tried many times to beat Victoria, and I was hit several times by knock off. But only once I lost my item
  2. Thanks for the warning, a player gift me a life orb with the trading. I don't have the lost item in my bag and I'm shure I never traded it. I lost lucky egg and life orb in different battles against different trainer, but both used knock off on my pokemon. Once with one of the corin rouge's alter-ego, once with Victoria's mienshao in devon corp
  3. No way, it's rare, sometimes happends, sometimes not
  4. there aren't in my bag and it's a battle against two different trainers
  5. I don't know if it was a bug or something else, but sometimes if the move knock off hit one of my objects, I lost it forever... This happends with a lucky egg and a life orb.
  6. ok, pm me when are not busy any more
  7. I think it's randomly, but I wil try gain
  8. Sometimes it happends also with windows
  9. Hi! I don't know if it's properly a bug. I run pokemon reborn with wine on a linux so, every time I make an online battle, after few minutes, the connection stop and I get only a waiting... message. Both of us never click out of the window.
  10. Same problem Game.rxdata
  11. Is there anyone for an online match?
  12. Hi! I can't find the group on facebook, is it a secret group?