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  1. With the addition of gen 7 content in E17 I'd like to know if moves and pokemons that got improved in Sun and Moon will also be upgraded in E17, for example Leech Life now has 80 power, Dodrio had its speed boosted by 10 points, and Flygon now learns Dragon Dance at level 1.
  2. Help with my team (Please)

    In my opinion you should have more than 6 pokemons available for you team, so you could catch an earth type, a steel type, and a psychic type. Noibat is still too weak to keep in your team and Serperior might not do much damage in this gym. In the wasteland you can also catch NidoranM and NidoranF, which might me good additions since both Nidoking and Nidoqueen learn Earth Power.
  3. Water monotype help

    About Lombre, I'm sure you can still catch it at the lake in Whispy Path but I don't know the conditions for the event ( if there are any ). And if you have the patience for it, you can breed a Seel with Stockpile to try stalling, since Dewgong learns Aqua Ring. You could also breed a Seel with Sleep Talk for a RestTalk set, but I'm not sure if you can obtain Leftovers at this stage of the game. And can't you also catch a Wooper? Not only Quagsire is Ground/Water, but Wooper can learn Recover and Stockpile through breeding. Sorry about the messy answer, it's been some time since I last played Rejuvenation.
  4. Larvesta

    Which egg you will receive is already decide when you start a new game, so soft-reseting won't do you any good. you are better off trading with someone.
  5. How do I slather honey on the yellow tree in Nectar Forest? When I stand in front of the tree there isn't any kind of option to apply the honey and, when I use it from my bag, it says "There appears to be nothing here..."
  6. You can find Oranguru in Hulu Meadow, inside Terajuma Jungle. It's quite rare, so good luck.
  7. Is Audino available in V9? The Pokedex says Audino location is in Route 7 and Route 8 but I haven't managed to find any. The pokemon that I found, both on grass and tall grass, were