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  1. 15 days is close enough, ok?

    New intro? Does that mean that IF we want to experience it we have to restart the game?
  2. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    Requested Pokemon : Larvitar, Dratini (or a Helioptile) Gender(Male or Female) : - Item() : - Ability : - Nature : - IV Spread: 5iv + Shininess(Normal or Shiny) : normal With or without Egg Moves: what you can give Other Egg Moves(please specify) : - Offered Pokemon :Togepi 6IV
  3. Hey there! I need help, so i'm stuck here and the water won't go down, it normally does go down by this guy who comes from the left side but the thing is, i lost one time and when I came back the water was up, and there is noone to release the water from the left now, because it already happened I guess, so I can't move on.. Game.rxdata