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  1. Hey everyone, im looking for good Ivs mainly! (If you have a perfect Iv Pokemon, I could offer you 2 pokemons instead of 1) :)
  2. I also searched in Pokedex about Solos, Carnicana, and Liwik, and these Pokemons doesn't exist, maybe you spelled something wrong !
  3. Okay let me grab my magicarp
  4. Got a magicarp if you want, Im interested in charmander
  5. Hello everyone, if anyone's interested in rare Pokemons such as the following let me know! 1.Froakie. (also got 1 with 6ivs)2.Mugby. 3.Magicarp.4.Feebas. 5.Squirtle.6.Abra.7.Elekid.8.Cyndaquil.9.Honedge.10.Chimecho.11.Abra.12.Absol. 13.Tyrunt. 14.Beldum. 15.Totodile. 16.Archen. 17.Larvesta. 18.Sandile 19.Totodile 20.Eevvee 21.Axew 22.Ghastly 23.Larvitar 24.Dratini 25.Gibble 26.Deino 27.Zorua 28.Bagon
  6. If anyone's interested in Larvitar, Deino, or Dratini I can trade both 3 of them, message me.
  7. Offering Froakies with 6iv and lots of rare!
  8. Is Aegislash working at least? Does it change it's form?
  9. Oh okay thanks, didn't know that..
  10. It's not evolving, already did defeat pokemons.
  11. In Greninjas ability it says defeating an opposing Pokémon strengthens the Pokémon's bond with its Trainer, and it becomes Ash-Greninja, how many Pokemons must be defeated?
  12. Oh big mistake, it says "owned" right next to the 185, sorry everyone!
  13. WOW 637 you say! Im so unlucky that my weather is stuck, it's been raining for like a month now
  14. How many Pokemon is the MAX you can see in EP 16? I have seen like 185 or something, but it's also rainy all the time, it's stuck! So I can't see any other Pokemons which come out on different weathers!
  15. EVS

    Thanks a lot, I don't know where to get Pokerus though