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  1. 15 days is close enough, ok?

    New intro? Does that mean that IF we want to experience it we have to restart the game?
  2. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Hello everyone, as the title says!
  3. hello guys, im looking for a 6iv scyther !
  4. Yash's Giveaways/Trades!

    I m looking for a 6iv dratini, send me a message !
  5. Yash's Giveaways/Trades!

    I know this is a little bit out of the topic, but im looking for 6iv pokemon if you have any
  6. KuroItachi's trading thread

    got both bagon and gibble, looking for a 6iv shelder
  7. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Send me a message !
  8. Elliot's Trading Thread

    LF:6IV Shellder! Offering: 6iv pokemons or shinies. Send me a message !
  9. Elliot's Trading Thread

    I could trade it with a 6iv Froakie or some shinies , send me a message !
  10. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Looking for a 6iv Shelder !!
  11. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Sorry my bad, I ment I was looking for a perfect Iv shelder !
  12. Who wants a perfect I.V ralts

    what are you looking for? I can offer a 6iv Froakie, shinies or some rare pokemons with no ivs !
  13. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Looking for a Shellder!
  14. Elliot's Trading Thread

    looking for perfect pokemons.
  15. Elliot's Trading Thread

    Nop, just simple Deinos