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  1. I know this is a little bit out of the topic, but im looking for 6iv pokemon if you have any
  2. got both bagon and gibble, looking for a 6iv shelder
  3. Send me a message !
  4. LF:6IV Shellder! Offering: 6iv pokemons or shinies. Send me a message !
  5. I could trade it with a 6iv Froakie or some shinies , send me a message !
  6. Looking for a 6iv Shelder !!
  7. Sorry my bad, I ment I was looking for a perfect Iv shelder !
  8. what are you looking for? I can offer a 6iv Froakie, shinies or some rare pokemons with no ivs !
  9. Looking for a Shellder!
  10. looking for perfect pokemons.
  11. Nop, just simple Deinos
  12. I can offer shinies, some pokemons with also 6ivs and some rare pokemons !
  13. allright thank you all! :)
  14. So which one is the best choice for raising special attack only ?