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  1. Millianne157

    Amulet Coin

    Found it thanks mate
  2. Millianne157

    Amulet Coin

    How do I get/find one I've looked through my bag so many times so if anyone knows how to get one that would be much apreciated
  3. Millianne157

    Lost TMs

    I don't know about TM29 but I think you can go back and get it after you've finished the quest as for TM17 You need to win 7 games in a row, best way to this, is to save after every win and reset until you've got 7 in a row (so after fist win save, try again if you win save, if you lose reset etc)
  4. Millianne157

    How to evolve Alolan Pokemon?

    look at on the hunt, and you can find the specific places or time to evolve you're mons
  5. Hey the V10 download is currently down Can anyone send me the PBS files and a working download thread?
  6. Does anyone know how long this game is meant to be?? Wanna try to pic it up when it's nearing completion. How many gyms/pokemon are available pr date?
  7. Millianne157

    Will E19 really be the last episode??

    Hopefully not that long remember that Ame said that she has already coded in many of the events in the maps so those just need to be triggered and all the work with the reboot for the AI was done this episode But probably gonna take some time regardless, Ame deserves a rest after two consecutive episodes and to make sure she is happy with the last episode. Quality over waiting time But do you think there will be reborn updates when there are new gens coming along?
  8. Millianne157

    Will E19 really be the last episode??

    Looking at the content of E17 and E18 will E19 really be the last episode? If that's the case there is so much that need to be implemented; all the legendaries and ultra beasts (hopefully a gratifying method and reason to collect them) A conclusion the story and all the lose threads should be accounted for. We need the last gym the Elite 4 and probably a champion Do you guys really think that will fit in one last grand episode or do you think there will be extra episodes or prequel? ps. Ame if you read this a legit answer wold also be nice
  9. Millianne157

    save file?

    What do you need it for? just curios
  10. Millianne157

    On the Hunt

    Anyone working on a fully updated guide for E17 to pokemon, items, TM, fields effects, stones, crystals, etc.
  11. Millianne157

    Field Effects

    I'm not sure I managed to collect all the field effects and now I have completed E17 can I still go back and find all of them or are some unavailable? If they are anyone willing to tell me which so I can get help implementing them into my game, if not wish me happy hunting
  12. If you download 10, how do you get the content from "where love lies?" can you use one as a patch or do you have to play them separat??
  13. Millianne157

    Rock Climb???

    When you've finished E17 can you use rock climb?? I thought you couldn't, but I've seen several post indicating that they managed to get to places requiring rock climb. So is it possible or not?? and if yes, how?
  14. Millianne157

    Shiny hatching

    Nice work I'm currently working on my own shiny living dex, and I have hatched some leftover shinies if anyone is interested pm me if interested This is what's available:
  15. Millianne157

    [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    Requested Pokemon : Ditto Gender(Male or Female) : doesn't matter Item(c/o Lightseeker/luis) : doesn't matter Ability : doesn't matter Nature :doesn't matter IV Spread: The ideal would be 6 perfect iv's, but 5 would also be okay Shininess(Normal or Shiny) : doesn't matter With or without Egg Moves: doesn't matter Other Egg Moves(please specify) : doesn't matter Special(Art or Sprite) : doesn't matter Offered Pokemon : Noibat, Wingull, Foongus, Exeggcute, Tentacool, Staryu, Chinchou, Wailmer, Shellos, Stunky, Skuntank, Chimchar, Beedrill, Burmy, Sewaddle, Ursaring, Kecleon, Bouffalant, Muk, Arbok, Spheal, Cubchoo, Mightyena, Inkay, Houndour, Gravler Gender(Male or Female) : varied Item : on request Ability : varied Nature : varied IV Spread: varied, nothing special/ bad Shininess(Normal or Shiny) : Shiny Egg Moves : no I have never done this before and not really sure if this is a fair trade but anyway I offer one or more of these shines with items on request, hope this is fair Online ID : Milli157