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  1. Millianne157

    On the Hunt

    Anyone working on a fully updated guide for E17 to pokemon, items, TM, fields effects, stones, crystals, etc.
  2. Millianne157

    Field Effects

    I'm not sure I managed to collect all the field effects and now I have completed E17 can I still go back and find all of them or are some unavailable? If they are anyone willing to tell me which so I can get help implementing them into my game, if not wish me happy hunting
  3. If you download 10, how do you get the content from "where love lies?" can you use one as a patch or do you have to play them separat??
  4. Millianne157

    Super Rod help!

    hey bud. I think the reason your not getting any help, is the fact that the file you posted isn't working Try to fix it and then post another topic for better luck
  5. Millianne157

    Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!

    Thanks that's nice of you
  6. Millianne157

    Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!

    Yeah I realized that now thanks for understanding
  7. Millianne157

    Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!

    Hey now I have traded away a little over 100 mons and around half of them went to one person TK, who traded tangelas. This made me change my mind and I'm stoping the giveaway now! The idea with this was to distribute my shinies to different people. So I'm just gonna trade the rest away at random times from now on. Thanks for understanding I have being a person going back on a promise, but this is just not the way I want to do this
  8. Millianne157

    Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!

    Giving away between 300/400 shinies continuously from now until I run out
  9. Millianne157

    Huge Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!!

    lol I meant March I'll change it at once thanks for the heads up
  10. Millianne157

    Huge Shiny Giveaway Right NOW!!!

    Hi guys and galls some time ago I finished my shiny living dex and do the fact that I wanted my shinies to have at least decent iv's A LOT of rejects occurred Now time to give them away on March 6th I will be giving away roughly 400 shiny mons through wondertrade starting a 21.00 CET Hope everyone who gets one they are pleased with will leave me a comment or send a pm Hope that as many of you as possible gets to pick up at least 1
  11. Millianne157

    Miss placed Mega Stones

    Hi, after I updated to E17 the mega stones I acquired in E16 is still in the item pocket and not the crystals pocket like the rest? and some are duplicates. Would be very nice if someone would delete the duplicates and move the other megastones to the right pocket. My save file is to big to upload so any help how to solve that would also be appreciated thanks in advance
  12. Millianne157

    trading requests

    hey pal I'll help you out just pm a when you are ready to trade Don't need anything in return, just some random mons. Just completed my living shiny dex so go lots of rejects so already go you mons ready
  13. Millianne157

    looking for a jangmo-o

    My game stands at 1142h and 32m all of my shinies are obtained through breeding with the shiny charm to get better iv ones Ant vanitas I can wait until I can get a legit one but thanks anyway
  14. Millianne157

    looking for a jangmo-o

    ow ok, thaks that makes sense I'm not that bothered then
  15. Millianne157

    looking for a jangmo-o

    I have completed my shiny living dex with all the available pokemon so far, but someone told me you could get a jangmo-o egg in teknike ridge?? So if anyone can trade me one so I can breed for a shiny and be one step closer to fully completed shiny living dex that would be so nice Thanks in advance, I can give any shiny in return, wanted all my shinies with good iv's so have bunch of rejects