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  1. Shiny change?

    I noticed that some of the gender specific shinies were removed in E 17 is there a reason for this?? EX Nuzleaf and Torchic
  2. [Not a bug]Daycare Pokemon help

    I released the pokemon I bought in 7th street not knowing they were going to be relevant, could someone please help me add them back to my file?? Also my game file is to large to post?? what do I do then??
  3. Please Help edit my file!!

    But also it didn't work because the OT was wrong could you please change that ?? Game 1.rxdata
  4. Please Help edit my file!!

    Thank you soooooo much And also thanks so much for the VERY nice additions you made
  5. Please Help edit my file!!

    I Didn't know that the daycare pokemon would be important please add them to my file Game.rxdata
  6. How do I get this TM?

    Still stuck
  7. How do I get this TM?

    nice tanks and also what's up with the cave that says: the stones seems to shimmer with light?
  8. How do I get this TM?

    How do I get up there??
  9. Why ?

    Oh... Oki
  10. Pokerus

    I'm EV training for the first time, can anyone please explain to me how exactly pokerus works? I know how it affects EV-training, but how do I obtain it? and how do I spread it?
  11. Why ?

    Why did hyper potion and ultra potion swap values?? So when I changed to E17 suddenly all mu hyper potions healed 120 and ultra potion 200 Is this a glitch or on purpose?
  12. PBS files

    Nice tanks and if that is true then you are one of the lucky once that gets to play the game early (or unlucky once depending on how many bugs where in the version when you started playing it, coming from a person that likes the game to run as smooth as possible thanks Ame for the extra steps taken to clear out more bugs :D)
  13. PBS files

    Do you guys think that the tradition of making the pbs files for reborn free and accessible will continue for E17?? Would be nice to have the already built in z-move mechanics
  14. i need help with meh ralts problem

    I would say EV training it it much more important than IV's anyway
  15. Can someone do me a rpgxmaker favor for this game?

    what you could do is ask people to trade you exp.shares if you get 6 it basically does the same thing does't work exactly like the gen 6 mechanics, but all of your members gains exp I honestly this that is both easier and safer than messing with game, and then you can use that for E17 as well not needing to change the code for that as well