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  1. TFW you get an A on a group project but you do none of the work As for that scene with Melia on the bridge, I see what you mean. After all, with proper development, it could have been great. However, Melia doesn't change past this point. In fact, this is a trope that's used in a lot of media (particularly in anime) that I wish wasn't as overused: Character 1: I'm sad. Character 2: Stop being sad. Character 1: Okay! I think that particular scene would have been much more effective after a more heated part of the story. As it is, there's no reason for it to be there. You could cut it out and it would make no difference. You're correct when you say it's not as bad as I everyone says, but for me, it's my least favorite scene in the game. That's just my two cents, though. EDIT: I forgot! For the side quests to Crawli, I find that Cofagrigus works wonders. Thanks to it's great defense, Curse, Will-O-Wisp, and Mummy ability, it can dick with a lot of mons in this area. It especially came in handy in my most recent romp through the game at the Conkeldurr, as it could cripple everything around it.
  2. Filthy Casual


    I have to say, looking at your team, it looks quite STRONK. A good amount of balance with that team, and pretty good power, as well. Having said that, I can see where you're struggling.
  3. Filthy Casual


  4. Filthy Casual

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Funny you ask that. I suggest checking out his Twitter.
  5. I have been looking forward to this part for a long time. When I first played this game, I thought the Terajuma arc was really cool. Then, however, I played it a second time. Now, it's easily my least favorite and most nonsensical part in the game. I'll give more thoughts down the line when you hit certain parts, but this is going to be nothing short of a treat.
  6. Filthy Casual

    Favourite Starter In Each Gen?

    Gen 1 This one's interesting. When I first played through Red, I began my journey with Blastoise. I still love that thing, and have a soft spot for it, but as of late, I've become extremely fond of Venusaur. It has a fun type, good bulk, and an awesome mega. Gen 2 I'll be frank with you; I don't care about any of the starters in this gen that much. I guess I'll say Typhlosion, as it's design is at least neat (or at least when it's flames are up). Gen 3 No question for me here: Swampert. This is my all time favorite Pokemon. Great type, great bulk, great attack, great level up moves, great mega; this thing has a lot going for it. Hell, it's even one of the most dominant starters to ever solo a region. Swampert is phenomenal. Gen 4 Again, most of the starters I don't care for at all. Torterra is just boring, and Empoleon, while cool, takes a while to get going. However, I do have to talk about Infernape. Generally, I hate fast fire type sweepers, but I'll make an exception for Infernape, as hot damn, this thing is versatile. Gen 5 Let's get straight to the point; the answer for me is Emboar. Yes, it's ugly, but it doesn't matter to me as long as it's fun to use. You haven't witnessed the destruction an Emboar can cause until you've used one with Reckless. Gen 6 A very solid set of starters here. However, for me, I'm going to go with Chesnaught. Greninja and Delphox are still fantastic, but I love tanky mons, and Chesnaught access to moves such as Spiky Shield and Leech Seed won me over immediately. Gen 7 So at first, I wanted to say none of them, but then I remembered Decidueye exists, so I guess I'll say that one...? Okay, I don't really like any of them in gen 7, but I dislike Decidueye the least.
  7. Filthy Casual

    Shadow Salandit and Inner Carotos mountain

    Narcissa is a bit past the point where you can catch Salandit. Are you sure you don't mean you just beat Keta? If you meant that instead of Narcissa, check under the waterfall?
  8. Filthy Casual

    Looking For A Few Pokekmon

    The one I can give you is Lunatone.
  9. Filthy Casual

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    I'm in awe that it's almost over. As such, though, who are you all thinking of bringing to the E4 now that it's almost over? For me, I'm sticking to my team in my signature. Almost all of them have been extremely helpful throughout the game. The only one who hasn't been as helpful is my final edition who I just added. Even Beartic has come in clutch on multiple occasions (particularly in E18).
  10. Filthy Casual

    Team building help

    In Reborn, when you catch it as a Fletchling, it sucks sucks. It doesn't get the moves that make it a beast until later. However, when it does get those moves, hot damn, Talonflame's powerful. Gale Wings (assuming Talonflame has full health) gives it priority on flying moves. It's fast as it is, anyway, so it can help.
  11. Filthy Casual

    Team building help

    I have some suggestions for you:
  12. Filthy Casual

    Add item to save file

    As soon as you get Surf, you can find a Link Heart. Go to Sheridan, head to the daycare, and surf left to where the Heracross is. It should be in one of the flowers. Having said that, I won't be helping you put in a Dragon Pulse TM. You'll need to do that yourself. EDIT: You restarted your game? So you decided to not fight Valerie? I also saw your team; only three mons? Yeah, it looks like it could be a fairy mono, but then I checked your PC and saw a Liepard, Seviper egg, Pancham, Munna, and even the Shadow Meowth, which you can purify at this point if you wish. There's plenty you can use to win, and you definitely don't need the Dragon Pulse TM or the Link Heart. You got that far without them the first time.
  13. Filthy Casual

    I need help again...

    So here's the thing: you're not actually trapped whatsoever. If you go to talk to Valerie directly, she'll take you back. However, I looked at your team and noticed your levels were low AF. As such, I decided to grind for you, as well as catch two team members. Luckily, I was able to win. If you wish to attempt it, here's how I did it: As you can see from the description, it still took a while to win. As such, I've decided to include the saves of both before the fight and after the fight. It's up to you if you want to attempt this. Just make sure to rename each file to Game.rxdata when you download them. Before.rxdata After.rxdata
  14. Filthy Casual

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    You say that until it cuddles it's way through the hell holes that are Zero Isle South and Destiny Tower lol
  15. Whats Pokemon Clockwork 

    1. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      It's a relatively new but pretty damn fun fan game. It's up to three gyms so far, but should receive an update soon. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend checking out the website to see it's the kind of game you want to check out.



    2. GriffinO1


      Cool, I’ll check it out soon. How often does it update?

    3. GriffinO1


      Also will there be more Generations added.