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  1. 2nd Corrupted Pokeball

    i think is a bug cuz the corrupted pokeball is now a key item, before the last chapter it wasn't a key item (i think it was a pokeball, i mean it was in the pokeball bag menu)
  2. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    i have a shiny larvitar as the one you request but nature is impish, i can add a heart scale tho ^^
  3. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    I will relase my batch in some minutes maybe less! ^^
  4. That ditto... help pls..

    i destiny bonded it with banette xd
  5. Stuck in the jungle

    You can also try to post it here
  6. Reborn Shiny Pokemon Nicknames

    Some of the shinys i use in Reborn are called: banette - Sharak noivern - Mianim drapion - Krenk whinsicott - Merii i don't have a shiny aggron but have a normal one called Riath
  7. Thanks! well at first i wasn't sure if i was able to manage it either ^^; i also like the white/arceus version you did :3
  8. Hope these are better ^^
  9. here are the necrozma i did Would be better if the colors were simetrical? also a not so colorfull test Also here is a little trick to "paint" necrozma faster and easy
  10. Sure i would like to see your version too ^^ maybe is better than mine xd
  11. is fine if i claim Necrozma? i want to try a rainbow one xd
  12. Pyrous Mountain Help

    Can you post your save file? maybe this way other people can see if is a bug or if you are missing something ^^
  13. My theory on Anna

    i think that would be fun if we have to fight E4 twice like some gym leaders (aka poison) a corrupted E4 taken by team meteor and then a more legitinm E4 well El already used his influence to make Banette take the place of Laura at E4 so we can assume that team meteor/El has strong influence on the E4 and now that Ame is death their influence is probably bigger now the first time we fight a E4 were Lin is the champion and El and bannete as elite four members(don't know the other 2) and a vicrory road filled with team meteor members, a E4 no one accept but everyone is afraid of do something so some gym leaders ask for help to the main character and since the main character is becoming a popular "hero" and (at that ponit) will have all gym badges, the other characters will ask them to beat them as official E4 battle and make a symbolic defeat of them to lower their influence, not team meteor end tho, this just make lin more angry and kill the main character? xd then Anna save us but we stay "sleep" some time, during this time team meteor get powerfull. and then after defeating for real team meteor in a epic battle at the edge were they wake up arceus don't know how to convince everyone that the main character is the real champion then we have to battle again a more legitim E4 yes crazy theory xd maybe cuz i'm sleepy sorry for the bad english ^^;
  14. Reborn's Top 5 Worst Pokemon

    just noticed that most of the pokemons i like less are from gen 5 xd