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  1. Still dooing this, add torchic and yamask, also just finish training some pokes and want to try them
  2. 5iv

    then can i add 2 genderless pokes for the other 2?
  3. - HUEnd -Animefan666 -Seki108 -Mamine -Wolfox -Kontana -Arkiel Glaceon! love the desing and love ice type ^^
  4. Got one on the circus, pm me if you still need it ^^ anything on return is fine
  5. 5iv

    Loking for some females to breed ^^ also i want to enter the raffle if the trade is fair Thanks
  6. or you can trade it on the online system? i can give you a trapinch if you want
  7. night time
  8. Well you can search on the net a good startegy that fit you for pokemons you like, but i think the most important is to know what your opponet will do and for that you need to battle and see what usually people do in x situation with x pokemon and/or against x pokemon evs, ivs and nature are not really that necesary in the ingame cuz the characters don't have perfect pkmn in that metter, also a IA is really easy to read and know what will do next but if you fight with someone that have perfect iv, ev train and good nature their pokemons will be more strong than yours the 31 ev add 31 to that stat at lvl 100, 252 ev add 63 to that stat at any level and nature i think it add 25 (not sure) at any level, and they will probably have a item that incress their power/speed/def like life orb or asaault vest or that fit they strategy and make it stronger like a tank pokemon with leftover that use toxic/leech seed and protect/recover
  9. with an ability capsul
  10. maybe if you have a backup before of that, you can go to it, soft reset and ask someone that help you trade it?
  11. As the title say, have no idea on how to train them xd don't even know if the egg moves are good for them The pokes are goomy 31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Acid armor Poison tail budew 31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Extracensory Sleep Powder Synthesis Leaf Storm -can teach gigadrain with move tutor gastly 31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Disable Haze Perish song (nurfed the mega xd) Will o wisp All are focus sp atack rater than physic but they will not necesary be in the same team Any recomendations? thanks ^^