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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to put this but isn't qwilfish too op for the early game? Xd i beat the 1st gym on intense mode with just a lvl16 intimidation bad iv (good def plus nature) not well ev trained (just random ev most of them hp and spd cuz i train it on the ev trainig place till lvl8) qwilfish with minimize spike poison sting and rollout plus call that rise acurcy (learn it after beat te 3rd pkm beat the others with tackle xd) after that on the next event The recreation of the forest event i beat all the trainers with the qwilfish just give them two oran berrys for the last trainer don't know if is too op or i was just lucky xd (or unlucky was kind of bored but fun at the same time, first time using qwilfish)
  2. i don't like Scarlet either but is because the type of character she is. i don't think that Scarlet betray come out of nothing and that the character changed dramatically (when i read team cresent objetive i instantly related it a bit to Scarlet and when she side with crecent to be honest, i expected it), she always was a depresive/weak character maybe was "happy" but always feel like a "fake smile" because she always end her dialoges with negative things about herself also she has a good contrast with Ava (this may make us like Ava even more and hate Scarlet more xd) where Scarlet is negative and weak Ava is positive and strong (example, at the very beginning when both are runing on the beach) maybe Scarlet need more personal scens to empatise more with her (like the scene with Ava on her room in the ship or when she ask you if you think that what scarlet do was right) maybe use the cliche of the princess that need to be rescued with a wild pokemon attacking her or a grunt from one of the teams (this while make me hate her more xd but maybe help to feel her like someone that need to be protected and not just someone weak that is complainig about herself) Also about team cresent objetive when you related it to the dialogue at the beginning (when you start a new game) i think that is awesome, made me think a lot of things xd in animation there is a concept called anticipation and is not only used to the animation itself but to the story too, you anticipate the important things so they don't feel like they come out of nothing, i think that desolation have it and i like how is implemented but maybe need a little more like when you tell the team cresent objetive maybe you can put npc that speak of a perfect dream world or that they are happy when having a good dream like a random thing so people will have dreams related to the game in some part of their mind and when they are at this point of the game they will feel it familiar (hope it make sense sorry for my bad english ._.), also you let the player know about darkai perfection, the stone, and team creasent objetive in almost the same dialoge, (plus some shiv backstory but since they are different things i kind of like the two stories at the same scene) this make darkrai perfection lost protagonism and make it feel a bit like a tool argument to justify the other argument, if you speak first of perfect darkrai in a previous scene (maybe something that only the player see but not the protagonist, a scene of a character speaking of it or read it on a book or wathever that you like and feel that fit more the game) the player while have time to think about it and process the info and after some gaming when they get to the dialoge that tells team cresent objetive the player while relate the two things by themselves and while make more sense to them About the hard of the gym leaders i like to have to give it more than one try xd (maybe a dificult choise like rebon or rej have easy,normal,hard (really don't know how to say this in english so hope it make sense._.)) for the fire gym leader we have wooper(water and earth) aviable that was a very good pokemon to defeat them, maybe add a weak fight wild pokemon that people can catch on that rute where we figth tristan? i use the froslass (ghost type) with hail(buy it wiht credits) and blizard(don't remember where i get it xd), and we have the rock smach tm with 75 that lower def ._. Well this is just my opinion hope it was useful, at least one part xd (and readablee xd really sorry for all the grammatical mistake) also i have a problem with my save file, I had a script crash when i was healing my team and when i load the game i'm unable to move ;u; help thanks xd
  3. i breed a igglybuff and give it to her
  4. Ok then here they are ^^
  5. Well i didn't get your approval on the mons i ask for but i did them anyway xD (just the front view to see if i get approval) if is not fine for me to do them then just ignore please ^^;
  6. Can i do Ho oh and crobat? ^^
  7. If there is a free turn to a battle i will be online for like 4 or more hours ^^
  8. Ok, i'm waiting for trade. ID Arkiel Thank you!
  9. then can i have the slowpoke? you prefer a female or a male goomy?
  10. Hi ^^ Would you be interested on 5iv goomy/maril/magikarp/gastly? i also have shinys but they don't have good ivs
  11. Sing me too ^^
  12. Female, thanks
  13. Sure! ^^ will be waiting for trade, ID Arkiel
  14. They still haven't answered so you can choose ^^ Females 14/22/31/31/31/31 31/13/29/31/31/31 8/30/31/31/31/31 adamant 31/17/15/31/31/31 Males 31/31/31/31/31/0 adamant 31/17/31/31/31/0 18/17/15/31/31/31 Sorry for the delay