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  1. 2nd Corrupted Pokeball

    i think is a bug cuz the corrupted pokeball is now a key item, before the last chapter it wasn't a key item (i think it was a pokeball, i mean it was in the pokeball bag menu)
  2. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    i have a shiny larvitar as the one you request but nature is impish, i can add a heart scale tho ^^
  3. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    I will relase my batch in some minutes maybe less! ^^
  4. That ditto... help pls..

    i destiny bonded it with banette xd
  5. Stuck in the jungle

    You can also try to post it here
  6. Reborn Shiny Pokemon Nicknames

    Some of the shinys i use in Reborn are called: banette - Sharak noivern - Mianim drapion - Krenk whinsicott - Merii i don't have a shiny aggron but have a normal one called Riath
  7. Thanks! well at first i wasn't sure if i was able to manage it either ^^; i also like the white/arceus version you did :3
  8. Hope these are better ^^
  9. here are the necrozma i did Would be better if the colors were simetrical? also a not so colorfull test Also here is a little trick to "paint" necrozma faster and easy
  10. Sure i would like to see your version too ^^ maybe is better than mine xd
  11. is fine if i claim Necrozma? i want to try a rainbow one xd
  12. Pyrous Mountain Help

    Can you post your save file? maybe this way other people can see if is a bug or if you are missing something ^^
  13. Reborn's Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon

    just noticed that most of the pokemons i like less are from gen 5 xd
  14. [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    You can just order the png file ^^ also for a recolor of a existing sprite is just a 4iv mon pm you, thank for the request ^^