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  1. I have no idea why, but it works now even the newest savefile... Nevertheless, I upload it, in case you'd still like to take a look at it. Game.rxdata
  2. On e15 everything is working fine. I've also tried several different savefiles, but none of them worked. I guess, I must have done something at some point that corrupted the file and every savefile that has been created since, is corrupted as well...
  3. Hi, I recently downloaded e16 and wanted to load my old save file from e15, but everytime I start the game, I get the two error messages, thet the start screen appears and after pressing 'enter' some more error messages pop up and then the game gets closed. I've tried several different save files and also changed the selected menu frames (although I didn't use frame 27 nor 28), but it's always the same. Is there anything I can do to continue playing from my old save file or do I have to start a new game? Thanks