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  1. I need some advice (Maybe compassion?)

    Now this entirely depends on whether or not your dream university has a dormitory system, but most four-year institutions in the States do. If your family wants to move out of your city, could you not sign a room and board contract with your dream university? They can move off to Orange County, and you can stay at your university? I'm off to university this August, and that's exactly what I'm doing. The downside here is that room and board costs considerably more than just studies and living off-campus. This can be overcome though with financial aid from the Federal Government. I can't stress this enough, please please please make sure you file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It opens for 2018 in October 2017 and the deadline is in March of 2018, but it would be a good idea to check it out now. Also, 99.99% of universities offer their own need-based and academic scholarships. Be sure to do research on your dream university's financial aid opportunities, and perhaps call their admissions office for more information. The College Board also offers interesting third party scholarship contests from philanthropists and organizations across the country. It's a little daunting to look through all of their choices, but you'll probably find a diamond that you're well suited to winning. There are more resources than these that I rattled off, and the smaller awards can really add up over time. I would talk to your academic counselor and head down to your student services offices sometime soon, they're here to serve you and can really shine some light on your options. After all, I'm no expert. If this impossible, and you decide to stay with your family, there are always other universities. If the friend connection is the reason this is your dream school, you will make tons of new friends wherever you go. You do you. Friends come second to the academics and fit of the university. I had my heart set on a certain college when I was touring last summer. After doing more research, weighing the opportunities and experiences that several universities would give me, I found that another one would provide me with a better start to my life. Even if you're looking at your dream university from an objective view, there is an ocean of options out there. There's one that will fit perfectly for you. Whether that be at your dream university, or at another one that's closer to your family. EDIT: americorp.gov is a great opportunity to raise money for college expenses. They recruit you to work community service projects for the summer, and by the end you are awarded with a $3000 grant to use for room and board, books, tuition, etc.