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  1. Oh, wow okay! Thank you so much! I guess my reaction was one of "Special Snowflake Syndrome." Haha, thanks again for clearing this up!
  2. So I started another save file today, and as of four hours, I've collected eight shinnies. Um, what? So I've read on the forums that the rate for shiny encounters comes out to be about 1/700. Is this true that the rate is really indeed 1/700? I have no way of pinpointing how many encounters I've had; but if I had to ballpark it, I shouldn't have over 1000 encounters. I've included screenshots of the mons and my playtime in the spoiler below. I'm just super surprised???
  3. I'm unsure about Reborn's mechanics, though I do know that names change nothing about the Pokemon in the cannon versions. It would probably be safe to assume that names also change nothing about a Pokemon in Reborn. Hope this helps clear that up!
  4. Oh my gosh thank you so much guys for the help! Also, 45 is indeed the level limit for this gym. Evolving Growlithe is actually a great idea. I don't know why, but I'm always a little paranoid about evolving mons with stones because I'm afraid I will end up losing certain moves. Which is totally dumb because I can just lookup the learnsets. I'll level her up once more so that she learns outrage and then I'll pop that stone. I'm always open to boxing the Woodo (wow I'm kind of cold?). I don't think I did an Espurr event, though I have a couple I just randomly caught sitting in boxes. Thank you so much! Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely by hopping back on that boat. I actually have a shiny *gasp* level 25~ Woobat in a box. I may bring it out for this battle? Either that or I'll just straight grind through leveling Noibat up. I'm honestly not sure what would be less work at this point? Training up that Woobat from scratch, or putting in the effort and tears to push Noibat over the hump. For sure though, I will be getting that Magnemite. Klang has been underwhelming outside of field effects. I'll also grab that Bunnelby, it's just a shame that it gets all gross after level 20. I have to admit that I probably won't pick up a Skorupi, since Drapion is technically the "Ogre Scorpion" Pokémon. Just, nope nope nope nope. Thank you guys so much again! Once I've trained up the edits (and possibly taken more suggestions if more kind folks offer them) I'll post my results, and another team screenshot of the finished piece! -UPDATE- I just completed the gym battle, and while a little hectic, it was over in a flash! I also can't stress enough how much of a help Meowstic was in that battle. I didn't know that pure focus applied to psychic as well? Thank you again to both of you for all the help! Below should be a picture of my new current team.
  5. Hey everyone, I've run into a bit of a predicament here. Right now I'm barely making it from battle to battle with this team setup. Most of my victories have come from Emboar just steamrolling everything, but I recognize I can't rely on him to do all of my dirty work? I'd like to ask you guys what your suggestions are for a drastic change in composition, keep in mind that I'm fairly limited in my choices. I've made it to Apophyll beach and am getting ready to face Leader Kiki. This means that I'm unable to breed for IVs, EV train, or do anything that a trainer with adequate resources is able to. So without wasting any more time, let me pour out all of my thoughts. [TL;DR I'm looking to replace four of my Pokémon: Klang, Arbok, Growlithe, Sudowoodo. I would like to keep two: Emboar and Noibat.] I recognize the glaring ground weakness, but these are the only mons I have trained to level. Ground also hasn't been giving me to much trouble in my quest, but I have the feeling that's about to change really soon. I feel really good about keeping Noibat. She's a positive (timid) nature, and I've raised her since she was basically a baby back in the Opal Ward. While EXTREMELY weak and under-leveled, I'm waiting until the day she evolves into a Noivern. Though, that doesn't mean I can't box her until I've arrived at a more stable place in the story. Moving on to the expendable members of my party: Arbok seemed to work really well for me earlier in the game, but is starting to plateau in power. Even though he's reliable, it means nothing when he can barely one for one trade an enemy. The same story is similar with Klang. Klang started out as a gimmick so I could skate by during the gym battle with Shade. It's worked quite well for me until now, as I'm foreseeing another plateau in its future. I'm looking to be rid of Klang as well. Sudowoodo has worked greatly for me in the role of "Defensive Tank"; he takes hits well and is good at dishing them out. The problem with Sudo is that as I progress further and further, he's going to be run over by his common weaknesses. Lastly, Growlithe has been a bit of an oddball for me. She's actually been putting in a ton of work for me recently as a special attacker. Basically, all I'm doing is clicking Heat Wave and watching them drop. Aside from all of that, having two fire types really makes me cringe. Coming as a competitive battler in the "cannon" games, I'm looking for that perfect alignment. The balance between types, attacking strengths, bulk, and speed is paramount to me. To wrap up, I thought a little "too much information" would be helpful as insight into my decision making. I really appreciate any feedback/criticism you have for my lineup, as it would help me immensely. Thank you! (Also I'm not sure if I correctly uploaded a picture of my team, I've never done something like this before so excuse my greenness around the edges.)
  6. That's pretty crazy. 0.o I'm glad you were correct! Yeah I've made a lot of double accounts before and it's just. Uncomfortable and awkward as heck. Okay, thank you again. I did indeed report my own post, lmao. We'll see what happens. Thank you so much! I'll check out that League, though I'm no where near competitive. I take it that it's on the Showdown server? We would be challenging gym leaders with our teams? I have some experience with singles, so I might give it a go. I don't know if this information is useful, but my Showdown is 'Actual Avery'. Awesome! Forensic would creep me out a little bit, but I would still be hyped. It's so cool to meet someone with my same interests here! Most of my experience in science has been with the environment and plant life, so I'm really looking forward to branching out!
  7. A. DECADE. Okay, thank you so much. I was a little worried I accidentally made two accounts by the same name? I tend to have bad luck with that.
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much! Now I don't have to feel bad about botching up my sets.
  9. Heya, it's Avery! I'm a prospective Biology student, and will be attending university later this year once I finish my last semester of Snooze Fest. Moving on to the important stuff: I've been playing Pokémon since I was a wee pup (9) with Diamond Version, all the way to Moon. A year or two ago I started researching fan games, and picked this one up. I only logged about 3 hours on that copy before got a new computer and Reborn was shelved. Unfortunately, it was never "deshelved" and was lost to memory. That brings us to a couple of months ago where I was thinking about how much I liked playing it, and wanted to download it again and start afresh. The only problem was that I couldn't remember Reborn's name (embarrassing, I know), so there was no way of finding it back. Except Shofu just uploaded Reborn part 74 yesterday and I was like "Oh. My. God. This is it.", and with that stroke of luck I'm back here. It was, very frustrating looking for this off and on since September. xD I'm looking forward to getting into the community here if you'll have me! Also, a couple of quick questions if I'm allowed to ask them here? Are the EV reset berries in the game? I'm terrible at EV training and mess up quite frequently. And is the account I created in-game for online features different than my forums account? I'm assuming it is.