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  1. Thank you guys, the community looks very friendly here I'm pretty sure I'll have a good time ! What games are you talking about ? Where can I find them ? I'll make sure I give it a shot but first I really need to complete reborn evolved which I find really difficult, espcially with my mindset... I'm really perfectionnist and I hate to lose a single battle. I'm getting very upset and I feel the need to start all over again... x) I really want to try a Nuzlocke even if I know it will be impossible very hard. Do you have any suggestions ? I read the "extra" section about Nuzlocke but I can't make a decision whether or not I want to consider wild pokemons as an area encounter... what do you think ? Do you guys play Nuzlocke ?
  2. Oh... I feel so bad now, I'm so f. stupid sometimes. Thanks for you answer, this is exactly what I needed, you helped a lot
  3. Hi Cherub ! Thanks for the ice cream (and making me hungry by the way ... ) All right but if I begin now I assume even if there are changes to dialogues they won't be massive right ? I mean, if I start working on it, at least the big part will be done Do you know how can I do it properly ? I guess I have to find the text file, then what do I do ? I create a second one where I translate ? Do I have to save it somewhere in particular ? Is there a character number limit for each sentence ? For official translation such as item description and pokedex entries, wich pokemon version should I reffer to ? Or perhaps Ame invented new pokedex entries for copyright purposes I don't know, meaning that I have to translate every pokedex entry ? I'm sorry I know it's a lot of questions to answer but I really want to do it seriously and properly.
  4. Hello ! My name is Victor but you can just call me CqTed ! So as you can see in the title i'm a French dude ! I discovered this game a few days ago and I absolutely enjoyed it : the story, the characters, the humour, the difficulty, the pokemons available, the "common-candy" cool mechanic, the city design, in short, everything. So first of all, thank you for your hard work ! The reason I signed up to the forum is pretty simple. See, I'd like to make my contribution to this big and amazing project. I was surfing on YouTube searching for a let's play of the game in french you know. And I just couldn't find much. I believe the fact that the game is in english may prevent french players from getting into the game and fully enjoy it and I find this really sad to be honest... So this is why I wanted to ask you if you were interested in working on a translation ? I would work on it on my free time. I know I can do a good job translating the game in french. And even if you can find mistakes in this text ("Hello. -Sorry for bad english") , I understand english better than I speak it. So translating into french is way easier for me than writing in english. I'm really excited about it. I don't know much about coding and so on, but if it isn't too hard for you to replace the english texts by the french ones and to give the choice to the players between the two languages, then I really hope you will agree. I can't wait to see your answer ! Have a good day everyone ! Cqted.