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  1. Where you found Reborn from

    I found Reborn through shofu's playthrough. I got very invested in the story and the challenge it presented. About 50+ episodes in I decided to download the game and play it for myself!
  2. Your tricks

    My Flash Fire Typhlosion pretty much solo'd Charlotte. At first my strategy was to Trick Room/Rain Dance with my Heatproof Bronzong and use Ampharos to set Electric Terrain to remove the field buffs, but they got blown away instantly on the first turn. By the time I sent out Typhlosion she didn't have anything that could hit it thanks to Flash Fire, so between the Flash Fire boosts, burning field and sun being up Typhlosion OKOED all her mons with Eruption even though it was resisted
  3. Shroomish with Bullet Seed

    Wonder trade fodder lol
  4. Shroomish with Bullet Seed

  5. Shroomish with Bullet Seed

    Sounds good, whenever you're ready
  6. Shroomish with Bullet Seed

    Hey! I just bred a ton of Shroomish with bullet seed with good IVs as well. I'll take the Togetic please. Username Banks416 and/or pm me!
  7. Frequent crashes on mac

    Glad I could help! It is kind of a bummer to not be able to play with them turned on but it's worth it in order to play the game and experience the story!
  8. Frequent crashes on mac

    Do you have battle animations on? I'm also playing on a mac and with them turned off the game runs fine.
  9. Shiny hatching

    This is the luckiest I have ever been while breeding. Was trying to get a Naive Froakie with 6 perfect IVs to run Gunk Shot, then this shiny gem popped out with 31s in everything but attack. So I changed its nature to Timid at the 7th street psychiatrist and now I'm running this beauty as a pure special attacker on my squad
  10. Breeding in between episodes and I managed to get a shiny Froakie with 5 perfect IVs.

    1. Paul25


      Nice! Keep up the good work :D 

  11. Goodra Moveset Options?

    I'm using mine as a special tank with the special attacking moveset @Alistair listed above. If you can slap an assault vest on it as well you're in great shape!
  12. I really need your help.

    I'm also playing Reborn on my Mac through Wine and I haven't had any serious problems. The only thing I can think of is if you have battle animations on or not, that caused some freezing and crashing for me but with them turned off the game runs fine. If that doesn't fix the problem then hopefully someone who is more tech savvy than I can give you better suggestions. Best of luck!
  13. What is your favorite pokeball in Reborn (and why)?

    1. Dusk Ball: design is cool, works thematically for dark and ghost types. 2. Dive Ball: again I like the design, looks great with water types 3. Net ball: Design, looks great with the types it helps capture (water/bug) Too bad we don't get the animations out of the poke balls. Those 3 balls have my favorite animations in the main series games, especially dark types emerging from the cloud of smoke from the dusk ball!
  14. Hey Howdy Hello

    Welcome to reborn!
  15. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Absolutely not haha. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life what color would it be?