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  1. The Lost Train??

    IIRC it has to be night and raining for the path to the train to appear, and windy for the path to the cave to appear
  2. Your occupation in Reborn City?

    I'd be a DJ in the Reborn Nightclub, living in the Lapis ward cause I'm making that bank
  3. Bored at work if anyone wants to chat

  4. E17 new pokemon guesses

    Off topic but I wonder how deprived of resources we're going to be in the desert. Since it's a huge arid area I can't imagine there will be Pokemon centers or marts readily available. That would add another layer of realism/difficulty. I'm hoping we get the safety goggles as well. As far as new pokemon, I'm expecting your typical desert mons to show up: Trapinch, Sandile, Diglett, Sandshrew, Cacnea, Maractus. Wild Vullaby would be cool. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get Gible as an event at the end of the episode after beating Titania. An event for Larvitar would be great as well. Since we have a steel and water leader coming up I don't think a T-Tar would be too overpowered at this point in the game
  5. Team Building Before Ep 17

    Hello Reborn Community! I was wondering if I could get some advice on my team heading into episode 17. I think my team is pretty well-balanced but I'm undecided on a 6th member to add. Here's what I'm using as of episode 16: Greninja Lv78: Protean, Hasty Nature, w/Life Orb -Surf -Dark Pulse -Gunk Shot -Water Shuriken/Grass Knot/Low Kick/Extrasensory Chosen as my starter, fills the role of primary water type and versatile mixed attacker Charizard Lv 78: Solar Power, Timid Nature, w/Leftovers -Heat Wave -Air Slash -Solar Beam -Sunny Day Love fire/flying typing, fills my fire type role and will probably be my mega Metagross Lv78: Clear Body, Adamant Nature, w/Wide Lens -Meteor Mash -Zen Headbutt -Bullet Punch -Hammer Arm Very strong physical attacker with many resistances Mamoswine Lv78: Thick Fat, Adamant Nature, w/Choice Band -Earthquake -Ice Fang -Ice Shard -Rock Tomb Another strong physical attacker, earthquake user and ice-type STAB Goodra Lv78: Gooey or Sap Sipper, Modest Nature, w/Leftovers -Dragon Pulse -Sludge Wave -Flamethrower -Muddy Water Bulky special attacker, its many resistances are beneficial to my team In my box, what I've used so far are: Ampharos, Gardevoir, Typhlosion, Scrafty, Staraptor. Ampharos would be first to come off the bench. For a sixth member I'm looking to possibly add a dedicated wall, another physical attacker, a grass type, or fairy type. Any feedback/suggestions are welcome!
  6. EV Training/IV Breeding Worth it for Story?

    Not a bad idea at all, I could just EV reset my team then EV train them the way I want without worrying about IVs. IV breeding in this game seems way more tedious than in the main series games due to lag and whatnot
  7. EV Training/IV Breeding Worth it for Story?

    Thanks for the input everyone! As I said I normally IV/EV for competitive battling but not for in game. Since Reborn is more difficult than normal I was wondering if IV/EVing would be more important. I've made it this far with balanced team building and move coverage, as well as using the guy in 7th street for specific natures. Besides I've gotten attached to the members of my team so I'm not in a hurry to replace them either!
  8. Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on the site. I've completed episode 16 and as we're nearing the end of the story I was wondering if it was worth IV breeding and EV training my team for in-game purposes. I am a competitive battler so I understand the benefits of each, just not sure if I want to spend the time and effort to do it for my in game team. I'm also wondering as battles become more difficult in the story if I would be at a terrible disadvantage if I decided not to IV/EV. Would love to get some constructive input on the matter!

  10. Favorite gens in order?

    1. Gen 2- It's a close call between my top 3 but I have to go with Gen 2. This is the Gen that got me started in Pokemon so the new mons introduced in Johto were my Gen 1. My friends and I grew up playing these games as kids. Gen 2 introduced so many of my favorite mons, such as Tyranitar, Sneasel, and Houndoom. And you still can't beat getting to travel back to the Kanto region and getting to battle Red for the first time. 2. Gen 4- Again close call between 4 and 6 for this spot. I first played Gen 4 around the time X and Y came out. I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Gen 3 at that point and I'm very glad I decided not to skip directly to X and Y. I absolutely love the music in this game, the Jubilife City music is my favorite track from any game. The story in this game was great, the design and history of the region, as well as introducing some awesome new mons like Empoleon. This is the gen that gave my beloved Sneasel an evolution into my favorite mon, Weavile! 3. Gen 6- Having been a longtime player when Gen 6 was released, I was instantly blown away by the new 3D graphics! I love that the Kalos region is based on France! The music in this game was once again fantastic. I love so many of the mons introduced in this gen: Greninja, Goodra, Aegislash, Trevenant, Florges, Sylveon, etc. 4. Gen 7- I love all the features Sun and Moon brought to the table, from even more graphical improvements to a more story-driven playthrough. Didn't leave quite the same impact on me as my previous 3 though. 5. Gen 3- This is the generation I probably spent the most time with due to playing these games at an age that was prime for video game playing. I spent a lot of time battling and trading with friends during this gen and I thought the sevii islands post game in FRLG was a nice addition. Some of my favorite Hoenn mons are Blaziken, Ludicolo, Breloom, Flygon, and Shiftry. Before ORAS I kinda forgot about the Hoenn region itself though, and the music in this game was far from my favorite. 6. Gen 1- I ranked this so low mostly because my first experience with Gen 1 was through Fire Red version. I have since gone back and played through the original Red and Yellow versions, but had I started with Gen 1 in the beginning I may have ranked it higher. 7. Gen 5- Admittedly this is the gen I completely skipped over during my time away from Pokemon, and as I mentioned when I came back to it I went right from 4 to 6. I've since familiarized myself with the mons introduced in this gen. Not a big fan of any of the starters. The only mon I really like from this gen is Excadrill.
  11. If you could make your own ability...

    Don't know if this was said already but I think it would be cool if there was a special version of Intimidate, called something like "Psych Out" or another word for doubting oneself