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  1. um i dont know yet if you can or canot use rock climb but my scrafy has rock climb, i will try it this afternoon after i beat ep15, am at tintania house with the team, solaris, blake and ferm, i will post any information later about it.
  2. true, but i didnt found a post with tricks and stuff for newbie players of the game so i just randomly upload it so its save and recorded, (just like history of hoomans) still i been thinking making one of this topics and a notice that one to also there is a guy you can refigth any time in the starter area where you chose your first pokemon, the guy skin and the poekemons skin(shiny), pokemons lvl and dificulty, changes with your badges progres, i remember figthing the tmnt, the teenage mutant ninjas turtle. but i still think that method actualy helps more sice the pokemons are stage 3 evolved and gives you pokemons +3 ev, the money profits are bigger too. for the sake of recording and have anything usefull saved and know. well i only hope ep17 will be at end of 2017 and dosent take her to much time like past ep16 that was like 2 years wating fo it. i love the new atacks animation i hope she add more of them to.
  3. i was on my way to finish ep15 when i recently discover a cheese to get infinite money on the game, dont know if ti was inteded thou but i made a post about it, btw really cool game and history love them, but hate the RGN that is on the late stages of the game its anoying to lose against it and kind of fun win with it.
  4. well i recently start playing the game 2 monts ago and on my adventure discover a cheese for making infinite money since the intended challenge the game presents you its a diferent one, keep in mind that you cant and i repeat YOU CANT WASTE ANY VALUE ITEMS LIEKE REVIVE, it will be a waste using them also this is my first post i didnt know where to put it so i just put it here, now how does it work and where does the action happens? well nearly close to the end so i dont spoiler you anything, when you get to titania house for the second time after you came up the waterfall and you are given the HM02 fly, the tema meteor as always will figth you for the keys and you will have to batlle 3 consecutive times, the first time is with 2 meteors staff members, the second time is with fern and blake, the third time is with solaris and a meteor member, you want to only win the first and the second battle sice they will give you a total of 68,000+ money and if you lose you will only will lose at least 16,000+ you can repeat this as many times you want, it will also give tons of xp for your low lvl pokemons if you want to evolve some and give them some good evs, have fun and enjoy. my inglish is not to goo when is about writing so i apologyse if anything is wasnt correctly wroted in this post.