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  1. UnicornJesus

    I'm looking for some pokemon

    Awaiting request, quote me when you're ready
  2. UnicornJesus

    I'm looking for some pokemon

    Okay, ID is UnicornJesus
  3. UnicornJesus

    Looking for a Togekpi and/or Larvesta

    Hello! I can. Just say your trade nickname and any potential charateristics you might like in larvesta, and I can trade you! I can trade you a togepi too btw.
  4. UnicornJesus

    I'm looking for some pokemon

    Hey @Eco ! I'm able to breed you a Gastly. How do you want the IV's? And, if you don't mind, I'd like the Eevee
  5. UnicornJesus

    Script error

    I think it's lag; are you using many things at the same time? Try to shut them down and try to go in Online Play again, and tell me if it works.
  6. UnicornJesus


    Hey! First of all, I know the Item Guide says where 2 Electirizers are: I already got the one from the LIghthouse, but I need another one because of the Elekid sidequest; the other electirizer is supposed to be in the room right of the fixed stairs (when you fix them). I went inside that room, but I found no electirizer. Anyone care to help this scrub out? Thx
  7. UnicornJesus


    Thank you so much!
  8. UnicornJesus


    Ok, I'm ready! Is 4 IV good enough? Or want to wait a bit longer for a 5 IV one? There's no problem for me
  9. UnicornJesus


    I'm just finishing breeding you one. I'll tag you once I'm done, sorry for the hold up..
  10. UnicornJesus


    Oh, you're right, sorry about that. I forget it a lot ..
  11. UnicornJesus


    Is a litten ok in return?
  12. UnicornJesus

    Pinsir-Heracross event

    Can you printscreen to show us what the problem is? It would help a lot
  13. UnicornJesus


    Hi @StarryDreamerKitten. Are you still on? If you wouldn't mind I would like a ferrothorn. Anything specific you want in return? Thanks in advance
  14. UnicornJesus


    @devinthheaven just a tip, don't post three times in a row without someone posting between; edit your post if you want to say something else
  15. UnicornJesus

    fun fact

    Gz man! Keep up the good work ^^