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      A community-wide Spoiler Lock is in effect for Reborn's Episode 17 until 1/1/18.   Please make sure any content/discussion regarding a new episode is enclosed in spoiler tags until that time. Also be mindful of your topic titles, since they show up on the forum index. For instance instead of "Help beating Adrienn" title it "Help beating new leader"   Thank you for being courteous to your other users!


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  1. Unleasing the Psychic Terrain!

    Well, if Aya's going to fight on this field, it promises to be a very, very painfull fight.
  2. What are the cutest pokemon to you personally?

    Since I love cats so much, Meowth, the Alolan Meowth and Litten (especially when the player character takes it in their arms) have all gotten my heart. However, I find Riolu and all of the base forms of the pseudo-legendaries are cute either (moreover, their final form are very nice). Zorua and Ralts are also cute. ... Oh no, wait, there is one more: How could I have forgotten this little guy?