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  1. With the new Nitendo Switch, do you think Pokken Tournament will get a sequel on it? If yes, what are your expectations? Here's mine: -A REAL story mode (not just tournaments with dialogue in-between) -More pokemon: -Power: -Incineroar -Golisopod -Heracross -Electivire -Standard: -Gallade -Hawlucha -Ampharos -Silvally -Technique: -Rotom -Porygon-Z -Alakazam -Hydreigon -Speed: -Zoroark -Braviary -Greninja -Tapu Koko So, do I miss some? Other things to add?
  2. Which format has it to be?
  3. I want to change certain musics for the game, but even after changing the name, the game won't recognize it (it recognize the original when I put them back in the correct file). What did I do wrong? (BTW It's a PC)
  4. Ok thanks a lot
  5. Can I find a focus sash early in the game? I would want to beat Solaris in a new playtrough with Endeavor-Quick Attack Rattata.
  6. OK right thamks
  7. I was wondering: Do I absolutely have to make a genocide of wild pokémon to do EV training or is there another way in the game?
  8. Well, the title says it all, but what is exactly community reputation and how can it upgrade?
  9. Well, I have a lot of pokémon for specialised battle, as the gym leaders, but I also have an ace team (formed by my Charizard, Luxray, Victreebell, Heracross, Metagross and Clawitzer), wich is balanced and strong enough to take on most of my ennemies in the major storyline..
  10. So, do anyone have the same problem as me:
  11. OK thanks for correcting me