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  1. Unleasing the Psychic Terrain!

    Well, if Aya's going to fight on this field, it promises to be a very, very painfull fight.
  2. Pokemon Wet Moat discussion topic

    Ok. Don't read if you don't want to cringe today.
  3. I was wondering how the final champion field (for the title defence) was going to be like, but I had an idea. I don't know if the staff already has this idea, but the player could choose his own field, at will, before the challenger arrives. For once the player would be the one torturing the challengers with his field... Also, will there be a fighting place like PWT in Black/White 2, where you could take part in tournaments again other characters of the game (Gym leaders, rivals, ex-villain, etc.) with a certain restriction for the pokemon (with random field for each fight, obviously)?
  4. Fern and the nuzleaf cage

    I never accepted Fern's offer. I prefer to die instead of saying (even just saying) that he's a better trainer and person than me.
  5. Best/Worst Shiny

    Nobody's talking about Charmender's family? I love the way the two mega Charizard have their color inverted (I also have an epic shiny Charizard on my current playthrough)!
  6. Is this normal?

    I'm somewhat jaleous... good find!
  7. After some advices from some users, I have decided to modify my psychic team on showdown (that and the fact that Mega-Metagross has been banned from monotype server). It goes as following: Victini Hasty nature @ Choice Scarf EVs: 180 ATT / 180 S.ATT / 148 SPE -Blue Flare -Bolt Strike -Dazzling Gleam -Psychic Gallade Jolly nature @ Razor Claw EVs: 4 HP / 252 ATT / 252 SPE -Close Combat -Psycho Cut -Night Slash -Leaf Blade Malamar Jolly nature @ Choice Scarf EVs: 88 ATT / 168 S.DEF / 252 SPE -Superpower -Psycho Cut -Night Slash -Rock Slide Gardevoir Timid nature @ Fairium Z EVs: 4 HP / 252 S.ATT / 252 SPE -Energy Ball -Focus Blast -Psychic -Moonblast Alakazam Timid nature @ Alakazite EVs: 4 HP / 252 S.ATT / 252 SPE -Dazzling Gleam -Energy Ball -Focus Blast -Psychic Deoxys (defense form) Calm nature @ Leftovers EVs: 4 HP / 252 DEF / 252 S.DEF -Stealth Rock -Recover -Seismic Toss -Toxik So, if you have some good suggestions, don't hesitate to tell it; I'm open to any constructive critic.
  8. What are the cutest pokemon to you personally?

    Since I love cats so much, Meowth, the Alolan Meowth and Litten (especially when the player character takes it in their arms) have all gotten my heart. However, I find Riolu and all of the base forms of the pseudo-legendaries are cute either (moreover, their final form are very nice). Zorua and Ralts are also cute. ... Oh no, wait, there is one more: How could I have forgotten this little guy?
  9. Rate my monotype Psychic

    I have made a psychic-centered team in Showdown a while ago. I win around half of the battles I make with it; can you help me to get it better (all IVs are perfect)? Alakazam ability: Magic Guard Item: Life Orb EVs: 252 S.ATT / 252 SPE / 4 HP Timid nature -Psychic -Dazzling Gleam -Shadow Ball -Focus Blast Delphox Ability: Blaze Item: Choice Specs EVs: 252 SPE / 252 S.ATT / 4 HP Modest nature -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Fire Blast -Grass Knot Gallade ability: Steadfast Item: Razor Claw EVs: 252 SPE / 252 ATT / 4 HP Jolly nature -Psyko Cut -Night Slash -Leaf Blade -Close Combat Gardevoir ability: Trace Item: Fairnium Z EVs: 252 S.ATT / 252 SPE / 4 S.DEF Timid nature -Moonbalst -Psychic -Shadow Ball -Focus Blast Malamar ability: Contrary Item: Choice Scarf EVs: 150 ATT / 252 S.DEF / 110 SPE Adamant nature -Superpower -Night Slash -Psycho Cut - (I forgot, sorry) Metagross Ability: Clear Body Item: Metagrossite EVs:252 ATT / 252 SPE / 4 HP Jolly Nature -Meteor Mash -Bullet Punch -Zen Headbutt -Earthquake I assure you that no one dark-type specialist has ever managed to defeat this team.
  10. Hardest Gymleaders

    For me, the most difficult was Serra, with her evasiveness strategy. However, Noel has been a lot trouble for me either. Julia got reckt by my Charmeleon's Dragon Rage. Shelly ate My Charizard and Skuntank's fire attacks on a fiery field (her bugs didn't survive it). Samson got beaten by his own field effect (hello Heracross with Guts and Close Combat). Ciel has been totally Metagrossed. Despite these, Reborn's leaders are pretty difficult in general.
  11. Mega for all starters?

    I was just thinking about it: what if Pokemon Reborn added a mega-evolution for every non-mega starter? It would balance the game a little bit (no one will say that Typhlosion is better than Mega-Charizard). If the cannon games add mega starters in the future, it would be relatively simple to just put them in the game. What do you think about it?
  12. Spolers: E!6 prophecy