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  1. Ame has confirmed leaders' new pokemons? Where can I see it?
  2. I was thinking about which pokemon in the seventh gen would be great for gym leaders. It goes as following: Julia: maybe Charchabug, but nothing very special here Florinia nothing special there either Corey -Sallazle would be pretty destructive for Corey, because of its insane speed and the fact that it can literally poison everything Shelly -Golisopod would definitely be perfect for her, because of her rain strategy. It would become a nightmare for a lot of chalengers Shade -Mimikyu, because of his fairy typing that protects it from dark-types. Its Ability is insane and it is soooooo cute! Kiki Anything special here Aya -As for Corey, maybe a Sallazle -A Toxapex would be a great tank for her Noel -Komala, with its Comatose ability, would be a good pokemon for Noel Randomus Nothing that is not already made better by one of his actual pokemon, except marbe the Alolan Raichu Luna -The only dark-type except Silvally and Guzzlord is Incineroar, which is actually pretty nice Samson -Kommo-o would definitely be great for him, since it has the Soundproof ability, and he actually fights in a field that boosts sound-based moves Terra -Mudsdale is insane with Stamina Charlotte Nothing very special Ciel -Minior, with Shell Smash and a White Herb, would be good, moreover I think Earthquake can get stronger on the Big Top (against electric and rock) Adrienn -As for Shade, a Mimikyu Since the other leaders did not came out yet, I did not put them here. If you have any other suggestion, don't hesitate to put it in the comments!
  3. Well, the topic title explains it well, but I will say it again: what is rank (I am a "Knight"), and what are its effect?
  4. Alright, I understood, you are against giving pokemon. But what about dlc sidequests?
  5. I was thinking about it: don't you think that Pokemon Reborn should have an event mode, with the internet connexion, which would be for distributing gifts, announced on this website, at all the three or four weeks? This would include rare pokemon or items, or even some DLC (sidequests or new parts of map), and would be accessible acording of the number of badges. If a staff member reads this, could you give me your opinion about this?
  6. So, I was playing Pokémon White 2, battling the league at the rematch, I went to Shauntal and she began to talk about a chalenger who faced the elite four before, named Looker, who had a Croagunk. Why was he there? Was he just a normal trainer before becoming an inspector (and losing his Croagunk...)?
  7. I confirm that it works. I have an around 30 pokémon team and I have trained half of them after the end of ep.16, under lvl 50.
  8. With the new Nitendo Switch, do you think Pokken Tournament will get a sequel on it? If yes, what are your expectations? Here's mine: -A REAL story mode (not just tournaments with dialogue in-between) -More pokemon: -Power: -Incineroar -Golisopod -Heracross -Electivire -Standard: -Gallade -Hawlucha -Ampharos -Silvally -Technique: -Rotom -Porygon-Z -Alakazam -Hydreigon -Speed: -Zoroark -Braviary -Greninja -Tapu Koko So, do I miss some? Other things to add?
  9. Which format has it to be?
  10. I want to change certain musics for the game, but even after changing the name, the game won't recognize it (it recognize the original when I put them back in the correct file). What did I do wrong? (BTW It's a PC)
  11. Ok thanks a lot
  12. Can I find a focus sash early in the game? I would want to beat Solaris in a new playtrough with Endeavor-Quick Attack Rattata.
  13. OK right thamks
  14. I was wondering: Do I absolutely have to make a genocide of wild pokémon to do EV training or is there another way in the game?