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  1. maor80

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    I started playing pokemon desolation it seemed so far this game is like gen 6 meta game chosen elektrike as my starter and added poochhyna since mighthyhyna have mega do you think i should use mightyna in my team? Which of the 18 starters i should pick so far thought either on mudkip chimchar or torchick who is the best starter to choose to my team?
  2. maor80

    Pokemon Hollow

    Can i download the game ?and what are the starters i forgot as i played it long ago
  3. Do you where i can find sunkren in pokemon reawakened? It will help me since i will be able to trade to it to dratini by in game trade
  4. maor80


    I tried to get larvesta and togepi in the game but even the mystery egg quest did not help and i am far from the point i can get togepi so if anyone wants to trade with reply here my username in the online play is maor88 if you will reply and will want to trade
  5. maor80

    Breeding growlhite

    If there is someone who tried to trade probopass to togepi egg i would want to trade since its seems it will take me very long time until i could get the egg so who will want trade my username in the online play is maor88
  6. maor80

    Breeding growlhite

    Would want to ask if togepi can be gotten only by the egg? if anyone will offer me togepi by trade i will give a good offer if anyone wants to trade reply here or send to me private masagge to my username maor80
  7. maor80

    Breeding growlhite

    Thank you i would want it will have timid nataure if possible
  8. maor80

    Breeding growlhite

    I got egg and tried to trade but i have bad luck since iwhen traded the egg i got egg which is mainly brown and bit yellow i think it could be staryu i hope i am wrong since i picked froakie and hoped for either to togepy or larvesta so if anyone want to trade just send a massge and if you want spific pokemon or by wonder trade since i dont want restart the game my username is maor88 in the game
  9. maor80

    Breeding growlhite

    I am playing pokemon reborn and got growlhite from beryl ward i tried breed her with ratata pancham and pansage but there is no egg yet i made sure they are males i didnt got ditto so it which i should pair with growlhite to have high chance for egg? Note i havent gotten to the 7th street and i would like to know how much time it will make until i can get egg
  10. maor80

    Pokemon Conspiracy (In Development)

    Can you help me i tried to find good electric type pokemon? i was even unlucky with the quest with the zorua so far tried 3 times and got houndour mudbray and shinx would hope to get batter pokemon than shinx otherwise i may regret i did not pikced mareep when i could
  11. maor80

    Pokemon Conspiracy (In Development)

    I checked out the massge i will head to the gym reach sakura s arena talk ot he metapod and will head to the final place where zuroa will be found would hope to get an electric type as i heard the egg can off 1 out 15 pokemon spices and as for now its what my team need i got jangmo o larvesta mudkip and gastly so my team is almost full
  12. maor80

    Pokemon Conspiracy (In Development)

    Can you tell me where i can find metapod or give a hint ? I allready found combee and porygon 2 in the forest and in the cyber cafe even reached cemark but didnt see metapod its the only pokemon i have not seen i allready know that psyduck are found in cermak forest if i am not wrong in the place s name
  13. maor80

    Pokemon Conspiracy (In Development)

    I tried once the quest in pokemon conspiracy when i should to find zorua but nothing happend even after to talking to any pokemon spirits if you can help me to know which pokemon to search to complete the quest it will help me
  14. maor80

    What can be from the egg

    I started over pokemon reborn and finished the policeman quest and i would want to know all of the possibele options of the pokemon egg you can get since i heard the egg is random and can be off 12 pokemon so i would want to know which pokemon i can get from the egg
  15. maor80

    Training spot

    Do you know where i can find shiny stone ? I trained a floate in my team and rached kakori vilage so you i need to know when i will the shiny stone and i got to kakori vilage if you asking where i am now