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  1. MobiusFlip

    Starter Choices

    Charmander is the best early on (up until around Corey imo) because of Dragon Rage, and Charizard is definitely not bad later on either.
  2. MobiusFlip

    Reborn EP18 Sidequest checklist (SPOILERS)

    Hiker sidequest is also the only way to access the area where you can catch wild Snivy, and the reward for the Aggron sidequest is actually Aggronite rather than Medichamite (if you didn't pick up Aggronite earlier in E17 or if you start a new file in E18)
  3. MobiusFlip

    [E18 Spoilers] LF some belts

    Got it, thanks!
  4. MobiusFlip

    Reborn EP18 Sidequest checklist (SPOILERS)

  5. MobiusFlip

    Ep18 Gym leader help

    My strategy was pretty simple: Mega Aggron with Iron Defense and Heavy Slam (other moves didn't end up being important). Use Iron Defense three times, healing in between once or twice if you need to, then use an X Attack and spam Heavy Slam. Your second pokemon can help draw some attacks away, but more often than not he just uses Rock Slide so you don't need to worry about Aggron fainting. Should work decently well with most bulky Steel-types or anything else that resists Rock moves if you're willing to use some X Defenses.
  6. MobiusFlip

    Team Prediction Reborn

    So, let's see... Hardy has a Gigalith, and is almost definitely going to have a mega pokemon to use. Gym leaders do reuse pokemon, but I don't think they typically reuse prominent ones - Tyranitar is possible but unlikely given Luna. So his mega is either Aerodactyl or Aggron. I'd bet on Aerodactyl, but I'm also thinking he might have a Minior, and that might make Aggron the better choice to avoid that much overlapping weakness. He'll probably have a Lycanroc as well. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else he might have, but I think Rhyperior, Golem-A, and another fossil pokemon are all good bets (probably not Cradily, Armaldo, Archeops, or Aurorus, but maybe). Saphira won't be in this episode, but I think her team is easier to nail down. It's almost certain she won't have Garchomp, Salamence, or Hydreigon, since those are all aces of prominent trainers (Solaris, Heather, Lin). She does definitely have a Dragonite, and probably has a Haxorus and Goodra given the amount of pseudolegends foregone. Kommo-o is possible but not certain since Cal uses one. Beyond that I'd guess that her mega Pokemon is Charizard, Ampharos, or Sceptile (Charizard seems most likely - it's the most dragon-ish of the three and Arclight already has a mega Ampharos), and beyond that... probably Flygon, maybe Tyrantrum.
  7. MobiusFlip

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    There's also Oshawott and Litten, as far as I can tell. They're kind of weird because it's possible to get them both, but unless I missed something you can only do that by taking advantage of the fact that each appears in two limited events rather than one (the first when you choose your starter, the second when you complete the job applications sidequest for Magma/Aqua). But unless there's some way to get both of them from events other than the starter choice regardless of what gang you join, I think another event for them still needs to be added in.
  8. MobiusFlip

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    Avalugg, Cloyster, Huntail, Gorebyss... looks like we're getting a new area of Ametrine (maybe not the Dratini room) or another similar place.
  9. MobiusFlip

    E18 Obtainability Updates [Spoilers]

    Vullaby's the most confusing one so far, I wouldn't expect any new areas to have wild Vullabies instead of Mandibuzzes. So that's probably not a typical "new area, new wild pokemon" thing. Either it's been added earlier in the game, or there's some sort of repeatable event involving it, or possibly there's some kind of pokemon nursery area? Some new area that specifically has a lot of low-level pokemon, maybe a few of the previous Mystery Egg-only ones like Azurill or Gastly. Could be a decent way to make them obtainable without having to add too many new events or letting us skip straight to level 80-90 versions.
  10. MobiusFlip

    Where to go next?

    Visit Titania and Amaria's mansion, and be sure to be ready for a battle.
  11. MobiusFlip

    Found something about Teknite Ridge

    That's possible. The exact thing that happened was that I got into a double battle (had Taka with me) with a Braviary and a different Pokemon that I don't remember. None of my Pokemon had Tailwind, and I don't think any of Taka's do either. The wild Braviary used Whirlwind, and the move missed, so the battle continued, but both wild Pokemon got knocked out later in the same round. When the battle ended, the wind had picked up. It's possible that the other wild Pokemon used Tailwind and I missed it, but I didn't think anything in the area could retain Tailwind at their levels.
  12. In part of Teknite Ridge, the move Tailwind must be used in battle to let you jump longer distances between rock pillars. But actually, as I just found out today, using the move Whirlwind in battle has the same effect. Which means it's possible, if you're willing to spend enough time, to find a wild Braviary and wait for it to use Whirlwind instead of bringing along any Pokemon with Tailwind yourself. Anyone know if any other moves besides these two have the same effect?
  13. MobiusFlip

    Which Reborn gym leader was unintended?

    Oh, huh. I could have sworn I saw something on the old website about Adrienn, before Fairy was announced. I guess not though, that does make the most sense. Although in that case I'm curious if the coral ward gym was present in earlier episodes and if so who its gym leader was intended to be.
  14. As far as I've been able to tell, most of the big stuff in Reborn (area locations, gym leaders, Meteor bases, etc.) has been planned from the beginning. I don't remember when exactly the Fairy type was announced, but I know it was well after the start of Reborn - at least after Episode 5, probably later. So, at some point, there was a plan for Reborn that involved just 17 gym leaders. Which of the current leaders wasn't originally intended to be in the game? Adrienn seems like the obvious answer, but I think xe was originally a Dragon-type specialist and xyr gym shows up too early for xem not to have been intended. And Saphira's gym is displayed prominently enough on the map and she's woven into the story enough that I think she was intended from the start too. So, who's the extra leader?