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  1. MobiusFlip

    Which Reborn gym leader was unintended?

    Oh, huh. I could have sworn I saw something on the old website about Adrienn, before Fairy was announced. I guess not though, that does make the most sense. Although in that case I'm curious if the coral ward gym was present in earlier episodes and if so who its gym leader was intended to be.
  2. As far as I've been able to tell, most of the big stuff in Reborn (area locations, gym leaders, Meteor bases, etc.) has been planned from the beginning. I don't remember when exactly the Fairy type was announced, but I know it was well after the start of Reborn - at least after Episode 5, probably later. So, at some point, there was a plan for Reborn that involved just 17 gym leaders. Which of the current leaders wasn't originally intended to be in the game? Adrienn seems like the obvious answer, but I think xe was originally a Dragon-type specialist and xyr gym shows up too early for xem not to have been intended. And Saphira's gym is displayed prominently enough on the map and she's woven into the story enough that I think she was intended from the start too. So, who's the extra leader?
  3. MobiusFlip

    Living Weapon/Tool Team?

    I had an idea recently about building a team of Pokemon that are like living weapons or tools, but I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which ones should be on it. To give a better idea of what I mean, the ones I've decided on so far are: Haxorus (Axe) Aegislash (Sword/Shield) Clawitzer (Cannon) Magmortar (Cannon) Gallade (Sword) Dhelmise (Anchor) Bastiodon (Shield) Possible contenders to be added to the team are: Scolipede (Spear) Vikavolt (Spear) Chesnaught (Hammer/Armor) Any advice or suggestions on new Pokemon to add would be appreciated.
  4. MobiusFlip

    Rate my Steel monoteam

    Currently doing a Steel monotype run myself actually, and I'm at about the same point. Most of my team has a pretty serious speed disadvantage, so I relied almost entirely on a Bronzong with Trick Room for the Samson fight - I'd recommend that pretty highly. An Escavalier would be a good addition as well, if you don't mind the atrocious speed. As for the ones you already have, I'd recommend swapping out Iron Head on Aggron for Iron Defense, especially if it has the Heavy Metal ability. Mirror Shot is kind of redundant on your Magneton if you already have Flash Cannon, so I'd say to swap it for Magnet Rise or Metal Sound. There's no need for Earth Power on your Dugtrio, so maybe Night Slash or Sucker Punch would be good instead (or Iron Defense or Stealth Rock, if the tutors for those are reachable). Otherwise, looks pretty good.
  5. MobiusFlip

    Can ice stones be found when mining?

    Title pretty much says it all. Looking to evolve my Sandshrew, currently I'm right before Aya and I have access to a few mining rocks in Byxbysion Grotto.
  6. Creepy Crawly Chitinous Creatures - Episode 3 I was about to step into the gym, but then I had an idea. There aren’t many Bug/Ground type Pokemon - only two, actually - but they would be a big help against an Electric-type gym. And while I didn’t see any spots that looked like a good place for a Nincada, there was a tree in the courtyard garden that looked like a perfect hiding place for a Burmy. A few minutes and a couple Headbutts later, and I found out I was right. I named my seventh main Pokemon Clastic, in anticipation of the form she’ll evolve into. With that done, it was off to the Gym. I’d train Clastic up there before fighting the Leader. But as I was about to open the door, she came running out, almost knocking me over. “Oh, hihi, Cada! Were you coming to challenge my gym?” “Yeah, I was…” “I’d love to battle you, but it’s gonna have to wait; we’ve got trouble! I just got a report from Ame about the bombing at Grandview Station! They caught the perp’, and not only was he not working alone, but there’s a whole team!” Oh. Well, this was new. And I had a suspicion about where this was going next… “He said that the next place they were going to blow up was the power plant-- MY gym! Nobody booms things without me, least of all MY things! So I’m going to hop over there and teach them a lesson! One of my friends is going to come help, too, so I’ve gotta run~” She ran off, but only got a few steps away before whirling around just as quickly. “I know! Why don’t you come, too? Meet us at the Mosswater Factory. It’s right by the train tracks! See you there~” Well, okay then. My team did need a little more training, and I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to deal some damage to a team that would do something like this. I got enough of that kind of thing from Plasma growing up in Unova. I got to the factory just in time to see Julia blow up the door. I heard footsteps behind me, and turned around to see the douche from before standing next to someone else who looked pretty similar. Florinia, I found out shortly. She happened to be Fern’s sister, and she seemed a little… overly clinical, but not bad. Fern acted like what had happened back when we battled was no big deal; I still had my reservations, but I decided to keep quiet at least a little longer. That turned out to be a pretty good idea, because I got paired up with Fern to explore the factory. At least he made a decent enough battle partner. The building was full of grunts, but we breezed past them without too much trouble. Again, it reminded me of how Team Plasma had been, back when they were active. Maybe the higher-ups would pull something, but the grunts knew when they’d been beaten and held off afterwards without too much trouble. After a detour for some explosives that turned out to be unnecessary, we walked into the factory control room. A man with a red glasslike eyepatch stood at the controls - probably a team admin, I guessed at a glance. “You! Are you the one in charge here?” Julia shouted. The admin stepped forwards, raising the eyebrow of his good eye. “And if I am?” “We’re gonna blow your face off for what you did to Grandview Station!” “Amusing. Tell me, what power do you think you have to do so?” Two Gym Leaders and a box of high-powered explosives, I thought but didn’t say out loud. “Just who do you think you are, anyway?!” “You know already. We are Team Meteor. And we do not relent. Don’t think you got through this place on your own ability. We had no intention of defeating you. Our purpose here is forfeit already. But it was necessary to let you in, so that you could attend a demonstration.” I frowned. Again, stuff I’d heard from Team Plasma. Say you didn’t intend to defeat whoever’s trying to stop you, that you already did what you needed to, and if they win, they feel like it’s a hollow victory. If not, they’re even more humiliated. But if they really wanted to let us in, they wouldn’t have filled the place with grunts. This was just damage control. “Let us in?” Julia asked, incredulous. “Did you really think you hacked our security so easily? Foolish. I ordered our operators to slow you down long enough to delete all mission critical data from our systems. But it seems we overestimated your strength. Time was ample. We grew tired of waiting. Now, enough talk. Aster.” A grunt that had been standing at the side of the room stood at attention. “Yes, boss!” “Eclipse.” The grunt next to him followed suit. “Yeah?” “Deal with the small fries. I can handle the gym leaders.” Damage control, I thought. I didn’t miss that the admin hadn’t ever said what sort of “demonstration” we were attending. All that talk was probably just to make us think we hadn’t accomplished anything. As far as I was concerned, it just meant they were scared. “Hmph. If you say so,” the second grunt replied, turning to Fern and I. “For Team Meteor!” her partner shouted, and the battle begun. It didn’t last long. Their Pokemon were Rock-types, but mine were faster and Fern’s were Grass-types. And in the time it took for us to beat them, the Gym Leaders had soundly defeated the admin, just like I was expecting. I smiled a little, but the expression quickly fell away as Julia turned to us with a huge grin and told us to start running. The factory exploded just as we made it outside. “Well, that’s a wrap! Gooooo team!” “Uh huh,” Fern replied unenthusiastically. “If you’re done with your pyrotechnics, I’m gettin’ out of here. I can’t just dawdle around all day, unlike Cada. Peace!” So much for our first meeting not being a big deal. He just officially reclaimed his status as “top douche.” “Way to sour the mood…” Julia pouted. “That is one of his few veritable competencies,” Florinia replied. “Nonetheless, Obsidia requires further investigation. I will attend to that now.” “Okay~ Thank you for your help! I know you’ve been really busy since our graduation, but it’s nice to get to hang out~ Just like old times, right?” “And equally destructive, correct. However, sentimentalities remain counter-productive.” She turned to me. “Cada, did you observe terrain-variant effects during the operation?” I nodded. “Yeah, I did. Capacitor’s Electroweb got a power boost because of the factory.” “Then you should already be aware of some aspects of Field Effects. Recently many trainers have been documenting the specific attributes of each environment. As such, I have created an application to catalogue these attributes and effects. Please allow me to install the beta version into your Pokegear.” I handed the device over, and Florinia slid a memory stick in for a few seconds. before handing it back to me. “A small population has already begun recording data for this application. Currently, only data on the Electric Terrain is stored in the device. Please collect additional information with the help of other people, or by finding environmental read-outs that may have been extracted at various locations.” I nodded. “Wait, did you say Electric Terrain!?” Julia gasped. “Rini! That’s for MY gym! Are you trying to give Cada a lead on me?” “At any rate, I will report today’s proceedings to Ame. Farewell.” “Rini!!! If you’re gonna sass me, at least do it with some feeling!” Florinia was already walking away. “Siiiigh… She’s never been the same since… Well, nevermind! Thanks for your help today, Cada! You were great!” I smiled a little. “Um, sure. No problem.” “And now that my gym isn’t gonna randomly blow up, I’m gonna head back there now! Although if it did blow up that might be fun too… Whatever! See you soon, Cada!” Okay. Now to get my badge for real. Julia’s gym wasn’t too hard, but my team needed a little more training before actually facing Julia herself. Luckily, the Grand Hall had trainers who were always up for a battle, and it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get them to help me train my Pokemon for a while. I evolved Clastic into a Wormadam, raised all of my Pokemon up to at least level 17, and went to challenge Julia. The battle ended up being a lot easier than I’d expected. I lucked out - judging by how much damage it did, Clastic’s Hidden Power is Ground-type! After I made my way through Julia’s Minun, Voltorb, and Oricorio with Sonata and Capacitor, Clastic swept her other three Pokemon while barely taking any damage apart from a single Sonicboom from her Electrode. I walked out of the gym with a new badge and a TM after the first attempt. Victoria was waiting for me outside - apparently, Obsidia Ward was under attack by tentacle-like vines, and she wanted me to go and check it out. Well, say what you want about Reborn, but it’s definitely not boring. And now I know exactly where to head next.
  7. Creepy Crawly Chitinous Creatures - Episode 2 The first step was to get some more Pokemon. LD-50 was great, of course, but I could hardly take on a gym with just one Pokemon, especially with the Reborn League’s full-team policy. Luckily, specializing in Bug-types gives you a pretty big advantage: you can find new team members just about everywhere. In just a few minutes in the grass outside the Grand Hall, I caught my first two Pokemon in Reborn - a Spinarak I named Shelob, and a Bidoof. Not that I planned to use a Bidoof on my team, but the trees nearby looked like a perfect hiding spot for all sorts of Bug-types, and I needed to be able to Headbutt them. Even better, there were Trainers all over the place! Training up my Pokemon was going to be a breeze at this rate. Just the bridge around the Grand Hall had enough battles to get LD-50 to level 10 and Shelob to level 8. After that, I started looking around the Peridot ward, battling other Trainers as I went. It didn’t take long at all before I found a hidden garden inside an apartment complex, where I caught Psyche, the third main member of my team. After a little more training, I was walking around the lobby of one of the apartment buildings when I noticed a girl with a Kricketot that didn’t seem to be doing too well. I walked over, a little concerned. “Hey, is something wrong?” She turned to me, sighing. “My Kricketot hasn’t been doing well at all lately… It’s so lethargic. I don’t know what to do, so I called in someone to help.” Just then, a voice came from the door. “Um… Hello? Oh, oh!” My jaw almost hit the floor as I saw who it was. “Are you Shelly?” the girl asked. I’d done enough research on the Reborn league to know that yes, she was. Reborn’s own Bug-type gym leader! I waved to her, but she seemed to be too focused on the girl with the Kricketot to notice. “That’s me. It’s nice to meet you! Um… Is this the Pokemon you told me about?” “It’s my Kricketot. It really hasn’t been feeling well.” “Okay… Poor thing. Um, I know Bug Pokemon pretty well, so… Let me take a look?” I watched, looking to see what she was going to do. “Oh… Ummm, well, the good news is that your Kricketot isn’t sick! But, it is really lonely. I know how that goes, too. Does it get out much?” “No…” the other trainer replied a little hesitantly. “I get pretty busy and can’t take care of it as much as I should.” “I think that’s the problem… Ummm… I think it would be best for Kricketot if it was with an active Trainer.” “I see… If it’s what’s best for Kricketot, then… Excuse me, would you be willing to look after Kricketot?” I was still a little starstruck, and I blinked as the trainer suddenly turned to me. “Um. What? Um, I mean…” She was still talking. “I want to, but if it’s going to suffer, I shouldn’t keep it, and you look like a bright trainer. Will you keep Kricketot for me?” “Um, yeah! Of course.” “Thank you. Please take good care of Kricketot for me.” I nodded, and decided to name my new Pokemon Sonata as Shelly spoke again. “I think it’ll be just fine then! I guess I should get back to my gym, though. I can’t be away too long, hehe.” She started to walk away. “Um… Bye! It was nice to meet both of you! Feel free to stop by my gym whenever you’d like!” I was nodding along as she spoke, intending to do just that as soon as possible. I debated asking her for an autograph, but in the time it took me to consider, she was gone. Well, I’d probably see her again pretty soon, if I was serious about the whole League thing. And I definitely was. In the meantime, I had a new team member to start training up. Well. That was that. Time to get back to training and exploring the city. After wandering for a while longer, I found a building that was having a power outage, due to a Pokemon feeding from the electrical outlet - specifically a Joltik, which I named Capacitor and took on as the fifth member of my team. Finally, after training up the Bidoof I had captured earlier, I returned to the trees outside the Grand Hall. My suspicions weren’t mistaken - the trees were full of Pinecos and Combees! A female Combee I named Imperious became my sixth and final (for now) team member. As I walked around the Peridot ward one more time, I noticed a boy with green hair standing in front of a factory. I didn’t think he’d been there before. As I approached, I heard him muttering to himself. “Ugh, where are they? They said to meet at the old factory.” A look of realization flashed on his face. “Maybe they meant the other factory. They should’ve specified.” He turned, noticing me for the first time. “Hm?” “Um, hi-” “Hey, what are you looking at? Got a problem?” “What? No, I just-” “I hope not. You don’t know who you’re messing with. Name’s Fern. I’m the cool cat, and the top dog. Got it? Cuz I don’t think you do.” “Top douche, more like…” I mumbled to myself. “Get ready for a lesson in class!” I sighed, and sent out Sonata. His team went down easily - Grass and Dark types against a team of Bug types a couple levels higher. No contest at all. “Hah! Way to get lucky,” he said as his Rowlet got knocked out by Psyche’s Gust. I just rolled my eyes. He glared. “Whatever, man. Don’t have time for this. Unlike you, I have places to be, and people waiting for me. So what if you’re doing the Gym League challenge?” I blinked in surprise, before realizing I’d taken my trainer card out when he was paying me for the battle. “You don’t even have a badge yet? Talk about lame. Maybe you should go work on that. I, however, am required elsewhere. Later, loser!” I let out a long, slow breath. That was probably the biggest douche I’d met in the region so far, up to and including the guy who’d tried to mug me on the train tracks. But he did have a point. Tomorrow, I’d head to the gym to get my first badge.
  8. @Robin Xoxoxo, there are a few types besides Dragon where I'd have to use the "used by a main game gym leader/elite 4" allowance (Ice, Ghost, Fighting, and Rock to name a few), and I basically just decided to allow it for all types for consistency. It's not necessary, but I think it does add an interesting twist for a run where the rules aren't as restrictive but are still enough to make it interestingly different than normal. That's pretty much all I'm going for here. As for videos, my only hesitation would be that I can't figure out any way to have a story-based run with a video and voiceover format. As far as I can tell I'd basically have to be roleplaying or narrating out loud the whole time and that seems a little weird, especially if the dialogue I'd want for a character doesn't quite match what they say in the game. If I figure out a way to make that work or if I decide to do a non-story-based run for a different type, I'd be happy to do videos, but I don't really think it would work for this one.
  9. Creepy Crawly Chitinous Creatures - Episode 1 “Will call here. We’ve got your boarding passes.” I stepped up to the ticket counter, feeling only a little nervous. Goodbye, Castelia City; hello, Reborn! Or, well, more like ‘hello, six-hour train ride.’ Unova wasn’t exactly close by. Still, this was probably the last time I’d set foot in my home region for a while, and while I’d seen plenty about Reborn on the news, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would be to actually be there. I handed the man my boarding pass and he raised an eyebrow. “Another one for Reborn City, huh? They sure have been pushing that new league.” I flashed a smile. “Yeah, exactly. I mean, I’ve trained at Burgh’s gym a few times, but Reborn’s the place to do anything high-level…” I trailed off. He didn’t really seem particularly interested. “...And what was your name again?” “Cada,” I said. “Like ‘nincada,’ but without the nin.” He looked me over. “Then, just to be sure, for ‘Gender’ I should put…” “Other, thanks.” I smiled a little to myself. “...There, all set.” He handed me my pass. “Just between you, me, and the ol’ battered fence post, I hear Reborn City’s kind of a dump. Why anyone would wanna go there is beyond me. And yet, buncha you ambitious Trainer-type folk have been headin’ out in droves. But off you go now. Train’s leaving any minute.” I nodded and hurried to the train, hoping I could find a good seat. This ride was going to take a while. “Okay, thank you very much! I’ll see you when we get into the city.” I blinked awake, looking around for half a second before remembering where I was. I must have fallen asleep during the ride. We were already almost there - I could see the city skyline in the distance, past the expanse of desert. A woman with white hair had just finished talking to the passenger across the aisle from me, and she came over to sit across from me next. “All right, hello there! Your turn now; sorry for the wait.” “No problem at all.” I guess she hadn’t noticed I’d been asleep. “My name’s Ame. I’m the manager of the Reborn League. You were also looking to sign up for it, right?” “Yeah, I was. Anything I should know?” I was still half-asleep, but I got the gist of what she said next. There had been a series of catastrophes in the region, but the League was as strong as ever, and I should follow her after getting off the train to get a starter Pokemon. I was about to tell her I already had a Pokemon with me, when her expression changed. “Um.” She seemed to be looking at something behind me, but there was nothing there when I turned to look. “Something’s not right… Shouldn’t we be decelerating already?” I was about to say something, but the next thing I knew, I was being pushed out of the window of a moving train, and then everything went black. I barely followed the conversation that happened after I came to. Something about the train exploding, and one of the Gym Leaders showed up… I mumbled an answer to something she asked me, and then headed off to the Grand Hall in the distance. A girl named Victoria met me at the entrance and led me inside. Ame was standing behind a desk. “You’re here already. Good. And our part went as smoothly as could be hoped for.” Apparently, they’d already caught a suspect for the bombing. It didn’t take long for Ame to lead me upstairs, into a room with twenty-one Pokeballs laid out on three long tables. “These Pokemon are all set aside for new trainers to choose from. The tables go from top to bottom in order of Grass, Fire, Water, and the Pokemon are arranged from left to right in the order they were discovered. Go ahead. Take any one you like.” By now, I’d managed to mostly recover. “Um, actually… I brought a Pokemon with me. I was sort of hoping I could start with her?” I sent out LD-50, my Venipede. Ame gave me a surprised look, but nodded, and I headed back downstairs. Victoria went up next. While I waited for her, someone in purple… everything came up to me. “Heyyy, you’re cute.” I blinked, surprised at the sudden comment. “Um… thanks?” Apparently, his name was Cain, and he was here to challenge the Reborn League too. He was a little… forwards, but he seemed pretty nice. “Sooo, whaddya say to a battle, Cada?” I nodded. “Yeah, sure! Sounds fun.” It didn’t take long for LD-50 to beat his Nidoran. Defense Curl-boosted Rollouts were a technique I’d practiced at Burgh’s gym back in Castelia City, and they tended to work pretty well. We’d just barely healed up our Pokemon when Victoria returned, and challenged me to another battle. This one was even easier - just what happens when you set a Fire-type against a Rock-type move. By the time that was done, Ame had our gear ready - a Pokedex, Pokegear, and running shoes. Victoria gave me some Pokeballs as well, but she was gone before I had much of a chance to say anything to her. I’d been in the Reborn region for maybe fifteen minutes, and I’d already been thrown from a moving, exploding train, won two battles, and met a Gym Leader. This was going to be interesting.
  10. MobiusFlip

    Who do you think deserves an evolution in future?

    Dunsparce, definitely. Stunfisk could do with an evolution as well, but mostly Dunsparce.
  11. @xPhinGaming I don't actually have any clue how to use debug mode, so... not going to do that. Besides, Charizard and Sceptile both mega-evolve into Dragon-types, so I could start with Charmander or Treecko. (And for the Ice, Electric, Rock, Bug, and Normal runs, I do have a mod that lets me change my starter to any pokemon I want.)
  12. MobiusFlip

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Just found out this existed last night
  13. @Lek I wouldn't mind doing Dragon again, if only to actually post stuff on it this time. Probably not right away, since I just finished it, but maybe in a few rounds!
  14. The first monotype (Bug) has officially started! Original Introduction Post: Creepy Crawly Chitinous Creatures - Bug-type Run Allowed non-Bug types: Flygon, Drapion, Gliscor
  15. MobiusFlip

    What you want in gen8

    New forms is closest, but what I really want is something like the way Wormadam works - the same pokemon can have slightly different stats, movesets, and secondary typings depending on where or how you evolve it. (Reborn kind of has this with Alolan Raichu, Exeggutor, and Marowak, but since there's not a way to pick which one of those you want in official pokemon games, I'm still saying Wormadam's the only real example we have.) This would probably work best with just entirely new pokemon, though. There might be a few existing ones it could work for (maybe Poliwrath's secondary type could be Fighting, Dark, or Steel depending on where it evolves, or something like that), but it would be a lot easier to just do it on new ones.