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  1. I remove my vote on Jace, because using my ability i gained information that confirmes Mafia cannot win as long as Alistair is alive, i wasnt told if my ability could give wrong or entirely correct answers though for now [unvote] jace
  2. I apologise for not being active here, i caugh a cold and things have been hectic irl I agree with Alisair's reasoning. you can make the dead say whatever you want, and its way too convenient that L'Belle would bus his last surviving partner its even more absurd that Alistair would kill his own allies. Jace, in your attempt to make Alistair suspicious, you have done goofed. Omae wa mou shindeiru! [Vote] Jace Stormkirk
  3. Sorry for not posting, exams are getting very near and im studying most of the time i'll vote for [lynch] Nano because he's suspicious from what ive seen, i'll contribute better next phase hopefully
  4. Soso whats your plan?
  5. Drak why did you die, now i'll be an easy target for mafia am i next on their list? i can already see the light
  6. I see we dont really have much to go off of so [Vote] Newt
  7. Hewwo Awistair, Mewwy Chwistmas uwu

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alistair
    3. Newt
    4. IkeSmasher_xX


      IwI wiwish ywyowouwu awa mewerrywy chriwistmas awand awa hawappywy newew ywyeweawar towo newet

  8. IkeSmasher_xX

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    "- Extract the rar in your game folder." can i extract it in ur mom instead jk thats a good mod Az, some battles make me want to kms but its fun
  9. Oh i didnt see he voted Jace-- aand its back to voting seal. I'm not sure but im inclined to trust you @Hooky so lets lynch the seal [Vote] Seal
  10. I see some people accusing me my comments being unhelpful and me not talking much in general is nothing new, ive always bean like dis. i dont know for sure but im inclined to trust @Hooky, he seems geniune about his vote for seal
  11. IkeSmasher_xX

    Pokemon Reborn Winter Party Tournament!

    alright then Greninja Togekiss Togekiss Tyranitar Ferrothorn Volcarona
  12. IkeSmasher_xX

    [Hats] The Hattening 2018

    Thanks mom
  13. IkeSmasher_xX

    [Hats] The Hattening 2018

    Hat me mommy
  14. I nominate @purplecicada for the uhh, awards she's nominated in