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  1. ChromSmasher_xX

    Despair is Fun. A Madoka RP(IC). Paradaisu.

    Rika giggles and follows Junko. she summons her weapon, as she continued walking. "i wonder what could be in that huge tree.. a witch perhaps? or a familiar?" she wondered to herself
  2. ChromSmasher_xX

    Mythos S2 Sign Up Thread

  3. ChromSmasher_xX

    What do you look like?

    Hewwo Inuki
  4. ChromSmasher_xX


  5. ChromSmasher_xX

    back to the basics V: white flag [day 1]

    Is there slots open, if yes im in uwu nyaa~
  6. it was fun whilst it lasted
  7. good thing that no one died, from the remaininf im a bit sus of jace and dive too, idk about bean i ant really read his posts kek
  8. mfw i missed your streams again sigh

    1. Amethyst


      there was again tonight !!!  its ok... someday......

  9. you see, i wouldn't have said anything about Astra if he was the doctor. and anyway, as i said before, if he flips town then you all know who to go for next. [Vote] Astra
  10. ChromSmasher_xX

    Despair is Fun. A Madoka RP(IC). Paradaisu.

    Rika stepped into the glimmer, she knew that she could be putting herself in danger but she had to take the risk. if this was indeed the portal that will take them to the witch, then it wont do to have others enter before she did.
  11. Well, if Astra flips town, you can always lynch me the next day, but believe me im just a townie trying to help
  12. ah i see, well i wont explecitly say whats my role but, ive recieved information that Astra is mafia. you're free to not trust me but, you wont regret it, lets lynch Astra today and if he flips town then you can vote me, how does that sound? [Vote] Astra
  13. A-ali i-im not s-scary i-idiot also why am i being voted for, i was just wondering about something which Amber explained to me so thanks for that. though i don't see why you're trying to bandwagon me, i get Ali placed a random vote which is fine, but you @LykosHand on what grounds are you basing your accusation
  14. i thought Ben would flip mafia hmm, well i dont see anyone super scummy, but there are some people who can go either way, hmm i think i'll place a random vote for now, until- hold on, if nhann killed Ben and died then did mafia not make a kill :thonk: