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  1. Bam the 25th

    Despair is Fun. A Madoka RP(IC). Paradaisu.

    Rika used this chance and backed away a little, hiding behind a nearby bush, keeping a close eye on her surroundings. after some thought she decided to stay hidden for now.
  2. Bam the 25th

    The Maltese Talonflame Chapter 1: The Cerise Letter

    "Aster didnt seem like the type to waste his time" said Adara, as Serra pulled out her Xtransceiver and called the guy. "Hm he doesnt seem to be replying, someone should go to that forest and see what Aster is up to," she then looked at Jeanne and said "are you up for rescuing that boy? who knows what lurks within that forest, two heads are better than one i'd say"
  3. Bam the 25th

    The Maltese Talonflame Chapter 1: The Cerise Letter

    Adara stayed silent like the good girl she is. she listened carefully as daniel explained how important that file was. team rocked could be more dangerous than any of them ever thought
  4. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    bruh, i asked for the detective role, and i got it, but i forgot to use my night action
  5. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    i mean i was the detective, i had the ability to investigate someone that night also you said you were doing it for the memes :3
  6. Bam the 25th

    7th Street

    I'm not Ame but, its because the people who restored reborn have no idea that the 7th street exists
  7. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    Also i find Andracass' pressuring to vote bean 'for the memes' odd and suspicious. its true that he is random, but he still drops hints and significant posts often so we shouldnt entirely skip what he says. 'because he's bean' shouldnt be an excuse in most cases pressure vote [Vote] Andracass
  8. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    Actually i got the detective role but i forgot to send a night action LOL whoops
  9. @purplecicada Hi i herd u liek to mod, welcome to the mod team you've been a great memeber in the server and you're a great person to talk to, glad you joined us to help manage the group. we expect great things from you :fufu:
  10. Bam the 25th

    Birb mafia (Epilogue)

    Soso shhhh, that was a typo
  11. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    "Let's that the bodyguard or doc or someone protects L'belle if she is being truthful. " But @DigitalAmber Michel is a boyo
  12. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    >sry venus are you implying that you are related to venus' death?
  13. Bam the 25th

    Birb mafia (Epilogue)

    @Seal flicked out of existence because he didnt post rip. The vigilante swore to avange his falled comrades, and end the mafia. he searched deep in the forest until he finally came face to face with the ninja. he readied his gun and aimed. the ninja wasnt fast enough and as the bullet pierced his head he thought about what he wasnt mafia Ross is dead he was the dead birb/ninja since the mmafia have been eliminated the Town wins list of players: Venus; doctor Nicki: vigilante Alaris: watcher Dive->Seal: city birb Caimie: spicy birb L'Belle: gutsy birb Filthy: edgy birb Archeric: angel Mr Kightly: lyncher Cataline: tracker Bok Choi: diaper birb Sosobean: janitor Cassandra: roleblocker/drunk birb Lia: silencer Amber-> Dragonknight: oracle Captain Breakfast: plain birb Ross: ninja
  14. Bam the 25th

    confusion mafia [day 3]

    J-jace its too big :lewd: I'm in :^)