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  1. Not sure if you were aware, but lesbians do in fact exist outside of tumblr. My favorite thing about Rejuvenation are the characters and their interactions. There are too many good characters to count, but my favorite is Venam. Other favorites of mine include Nim, Aelita, Tesla, Amber, Marianette and Florin.
  2. Go to the police office in the Judicial District, the sidequest continues there.
  3. Wow Jan, I can't believe you finished version 10 in two days even though you deleted everything. Nice work!
  4. Damn, I can't believe Rejuvenation is canceled. :// Now that version 10's release date has been pushed back to never, I might as well just tell you all what happens: Melia tries to revive Venam with a true love's kiss, then she goes to jail for kissing a statue. The end.
  5. It's weird that Titania is my favorite Reborn character, but Saki is my least favorite Rejuv character. I suppose Steel-leaders can be rather polarizing  *badum tiss*

  6. I'd kill for Melia's hair tbh
  7. Elite 8 and Champion suggestions

    Tesla and Karen have already been confirmed to be members of the Elite 8, so they're easy. Dylan's also a safe bet, since at the end of the Missing Children sidequest he mentions that he's a strong battler and that he has gotten a position not many others have. Since we've already fought the Water-leader, it'd only make sense if he was an Elite 8 member. Figuring out the other five is tricky, and I'm almost certain we haven't met them all yet anyways. There are a few good guesses though. Crescent is a likely candidate, considering we've only seen her use one type of Pokémon. There aren't any clear ties between her and the Pokémon League, but her strength is definitely Elite 8 class, if not stronger. I don't think she's the Champion though, since the Champion would probably have more variety in their Pokémon-types. Speaking of the Champion, the most likely candidate is Alexandra/April/Krystal, given the foreshadowing in the train with her and Venam. There are a few characters I'm sure aren't in the Elite 8 though. Damien definitely isn't an Elite 8 member, since according to Huey he's the Dark-type Gym Leader. (Although he also has a Latios? Oh well, I'm sure there's an explanation for that.) Melia for sure isn't one, since she's was trying to become the Normal-type leader at the start of the game. Why would she need to become a Gym Leader if she was already an Elite 8 member? Kanon obviously isn't one either, as he; 1. Doesn't have any Pokémon, and 2. Didn't exist in this time until recently. I suppose he could become an Elite 8 member later, although we have had no reason to believe that all eight spots aren't filled already. The white-haired fellow we meet in Valor Mountain could certainly be an Elite 8 member, though it's impossible to say either way vOv.
  8. Elite 4 and the Champion of Reborn

    Adrienn said that since Lin beat Ame, she's technically the champion. In all likelihood, we'll fight Lin after taking down the Elite 4. As for the Elite 4 themselves, Heather and El have already been confirmed. Anna hasn't been outright stated to be an Elite 4 member, but Gossip Gardevoir says Anna has a high ranking League position when interviewing her. Right now Bennett holds the remaining slot, and according to Ame he was strong enough to get in... Somehow. I'm fairly sure Laura will get her spot back though, simply because of symbolism. Each of the other three member has owned one of the Crystal Keys at one point at another, and represent the concepts they embody. Heather currently owns the Ruby Ring, and has certainly been through her fair share of pain. El owns the Emerald Key (Its name is slipping my mind right now.) and represents faith, for obvious reasons. Anna used to own the Amethyst Pendant, and represents the beyond, due to being able to see things that aren't there. Bennett has never owned the Sapphire Bracelets, and though his obsessive crush on Luna could be interpreted as representing love, it's a stretch. Laura, on the other hand, has owned the Sapphire Bracelets, and she definitely feels love for her family. There's also field effect, as has already been pointed out. The flower garden field seems almost tailor-made for Laura, while Bennett has no field that specifically suits him. So my guesses for the Elite Four are; Laura (Grass), Heather (Flying), El (Normal) and Anna (Psychic) in that order. The champion is of course Lin, who specializes in Dragon-types, although I doubt she'll use exclusively dragons. She'll probably branch into other types at least a little.
  9. Character age

    The MC is probably younger than eighteen, considering they still need to travel with their mom. (Or maybe they wanted to go on a cruise with their mom, idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Melia's age is hard to pin down due to time-stuff, although I think I agree with walpurgis that she's probably around 15 when you first meet her in Gearen and 18 after the time stuff. Venam is probably 16 or 17, it'd be weird if she was much older than Melia was when we first met her. Aelita seems to be slightly younger than the rest of the group, so maybe 15 years old. Idk about Ren, maybe 17 or 18? It doesn't seem like he lives at home anymore, so he's probably at least old enough to live by himself. Zetta is most likely biologically in his twenties, although he must be chronologically younger than Melia obviously. (Unless there are even more time-shenanigans going on there, I wouldn't be surprised tbh.) Madame X is 4 months old obviously.
  10. Rune is a college student. Madelis is like 40. Why would they be the same person lol
  11. [Ep17 spoilers]


    When you are about to deal the finishing blow to Amaria's last Pokémon after an excruciatingly long and difficult battle and the game decides to crash...


    Kill me now.

  12. Pokemon Crystonite

    This actually looks really interesting, good luck! I think this has a lot of potential! And Zumi's sprites also look amazing!
  13. The random starter machine is staying, only the jackpot starters are getting removed. Alex literally said so in the post you yourself quoted.
  14. [THEORY] Adult Lin is a computer program

    This was a really good theory! It seems pretty plausible to be honest. And let's not forget that in Shade's gym, we see a vision of adult Lin getting sliced to pieces. But after the Water Sewage Treatment, Shade says only two of people in the visions would actually die for realizies. Since Corey and Kiki are dead, this means Amaria and Lin lives. We already saw the vision about Amaria come true, which means the only vision that hasn't happened yet is Lin's. It seems likely to me that Titania will confront Lin in the desert, and use her Aegislash to slice Lin into pieces. But if the adult Lin isn't the true Lin, then the true Lin would still be alive, and Shade wouldn't have been lying when he said only two of the people in the visions actually die. So that's my take on it. Titania will fight adult Lin in the desert, and she will succeed in killing her. But since the real Lin is still alive, it wouldn't help much. (Also, I don't think time freezes for the people near the meteor, it just moves way slower than on the outside, which is why Adrienn was able to see the girl.)