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  1. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Beta has begun bitches! The brave bug-catchers who've been selected to better v11's stability and balance have been bothered by their invites already. If you haven't been bothered by an invite, don't be beleaguered! Bitter as it may be, there will be other betas in the future. Besides, a better-balanced release will be less bewildering and broken to play. But before I bounce, bemember to believe in beta-chan!
  2. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    melia fucking dies
  3. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    let's get really ahead of the curve and start speculating on v13 y'all
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    Favorite Season

    My favorite should be obvious. That's right, it's summer.
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    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    I'm pretty sure Melia just wanted an excuse to give her girlfriend a cute haircut. Also, I like all the options but I voted for blue!
  6. Hello, it’s ya [insert gender here] Winter, back at it again with the theory shit. A few days ago I made a theory about Reborn’s Elite Four, and how we will fight them. There were a few things I wanted to include in that post, but since those things weren’t directly related to the main theory I decided to leave them out, and save them for a separate theory. That’s this theory right here, specifically it’s about Anna and the prophecy told to us by Miss Direction. To recap, the prophecy describes a future where we do not exist, where Fern becomes hero of Reborn instead of us with the help of, among others, Anna and a woman in a red and black suit. At the end of the prophecy it’s mentioned that Anna makes a wish on Nostra, which leads to the mystery lady disappearing, and the timeline with us in it being created. Multiple people have made theories about that prophecy already, and while that prophecy probably is important, I believe it’s only one part of the puzzle. Let’s not forget that Miss Direction isn’t the only character with the ability the predict the future. The first of these characters we met as early as Episode 3; the talking Gothitelle that runs the Beryl Library. When we return to the city after defeating Ciel this Gothitelle says that ”You will meet the void. It will embrace you. This much is inevitable. What happens after that, however… That, not even Arceus must know.” That certainly sounds like a future where we don’t exist. But why would Gothitelle know this to begin with? Sure, Gothitelle’s Pokédex entries mentions that it can predict the future, but if that were true why wouldn’t Gothitelle know what happens after we disappear? Is it possible there is some other reason Gothitelle knows what will happen to us? An NPC in the library mentions that Gothitelle’s past is unknown, because they don’t like to talk about it. What if the reason Gothitelle doesn’t talk about their past, and doesn’t say much about our future is because our future IS their past. Let me explain: We know that our timeline was created by Anna’s wish in a previous timeline, and that this wish made the mystery lady disappear. What if this wish also somehow sent a young Gothita, Anna’s own Pokémon, back in time? This Gothita then created the Beryl Library, and filled it with information that might one day be useful for preventing the horrible fate that happened to Gothitelle’s original timeline. We already know that this Gothitelle knows more than a regular Gothitelle could. For one they can talk, a trait shared by fellow Psychic-type Gossip Gardevoir. In Gossip Gardevoir’s interview with Anna, the latter says she finds the former familiar. (Possibly due to Anna being Radomus’s daughter) We already know that Anna can communicate with Nostra and Nomos, with Nostra being implied to be a real Jirachi. It’s possible Anna can talk to all of her Pokémon, and that Gothitelle might have learned to talk to other humans as well. Gossip Gardevoir’s ability to speak might have something to do with Anna as well. Possibly the most important piece of information in the Beryl Library is the Field Effect Read-Out for the New World Field, obtained by pressing colored books in the same order as the one listed in ”Light’s End”. Now, why would this even exist? Florinia invented the Field Notes Dex not too long ago, so any Field Effect Read-Outs must have been created recently. How could there possibly be a Read-Out for the New World Field, unless someone in our timeline has already witnessed the creation of a New World? Considering the Read-Out is found in Beryl Library the only explanation is that Gothitelle is that someone. In the previous timeline, the one described in the prophecy, Lin (Or possibly someone else) succeeded in their plan to create a New World. As a last resort Anna made a wish upon Jirachi that lead to Anna’s Gothita being sent back in time and the mystery lady disappearing, creating a new timeline with us in it. Speaking of that mystery lady, I should probably talk about her huh? It’s seems most people assume she hasn’t appeared in the game, given how there’s no one that fits her description and the prophecy says she disappears anyways. But are we sure she disappeared for good? Why would this woman be mentioned if she wasn’t going to be important to the plot? And then there’s also Amethyst saying that we’ve met all the characters in the story already, so it’s not like she’s going to show up later and be someone we’ve never met before. This leaves only option open, that we have met her already. But who is she? The only things we know about her is that: She wears black and red, she’s taciturn and she’s a woman. Well, there is one character that hits two of those points. You’ve probably realized who considering I put their name in the title of this thread, it’s Shade. Yup, the Entity himself(?) is the mystery lady we’ve all been speculating over. While this might seem like a crackpot theory, I’m convinced this is the case. Just think about it, Shade’s color scheme consists entirely of Red and Black. (Well, his teeth are white I suppose. Actually, it’s gonna be confusing to refer to Shade as ’he’ in this theory, I’m going to use they/them pronouns when referring to Shade for the rest of this post.) Not to mention, they’re the most quiet character we know, speaking in so many ellipses they give Red a run for his money. The main problem with this theory is that Shade is a boy ghost. At least this is what we’re lead to believe since Anna refers to them as ”Mr. Shadow”, and everyone else uses male pronouns for them. But honestly I kind of doubt anyone has asked Shade directly what their gender is, they could be a woman for all we know. So Shade is black and red, is taciturn and maybe a woman. All of these things could be coincidences, but there is much more evidence to be considered. Let’s circle back to Anna, she’s one of the only characters with a known connection to Shade, and just so happens to also have a connection to the mystery woman. We know that Shade was the one that recommended Anna and Noel to the league, but it’s never really explained why. If we assume that in Shade’s original timeline Lin succeeded in her plans, it’d make sense for Shade to try to keep the Amethyst Pendant safe by making Anna a member of the Elite Four. Furthermore, it’s implied that Shade helped Luna escape from El, which could be both to protect Luna and to keep the Emerald Brooch away from El. Remember when I said there were multiple characters in Reborn that can predict the future? Shade is the last of these, and unlike Miss Direction and Gothitelle there really isn’t a reasonable explanation to Shade’s future vision abilities. Yet their predictions have been the most accurate; Kiki’s death and Amaria’s suicide attempt happened exactly as Shade predicted them. From the way I see it, the most likely explanation for Shade knowing what will happen in the future is because they are from the future. They are from a doomed timeline where Lin wins, and was sent back in time by Anna’s wish and somehow lost their body. Since then, they’ve done everything they can to prevent such a future from happening again. In fact, Shade has been watching over and protecting us from the very beginning. In E17 redone intro, they appears in front of Ame to notify her that the train is gonna crash. This makes Ame react and she manages to push herself and the MC out the window, saving our lives. If it wasn’t for Shade, Ame wouldn’t have reacted fast enough and we would have perished. Without us in Reborn City, things would have played out just like in the prophecy, without us to compare himself to Fern would have become a hero himself. But once again, he would have lost. Actually, it’s probably not a coincidence that Team Meteor happened to bomb the train station just as we were pulling in, but that’s has it’s own implications… A theory for another time I guess! TL;DR: In the previous timeline, Team Meteor won. Anna made a wish on Nostra that lead to us being brought into existence, and Anna’s Gothita and the mystery lady being sent back in time. Gothita became the Gothitelle that runs the Beryl Library. The mystery lady lost her body and became Shade. Since then Shade has been watching over us and doing everything they can to prevent Lin from achieving her goal again. So yeah, don’t count out a side character with barely any lines. They could end up being one of the most important characters in the entire story ~ /Winter
  7. Winter

    Original Leaders or Their Reserves hit Harder?

    I find Kiki to be one of the easiest leaders. While Samson isn't exactly hard either, he's a lot more challenging than Kiki for me. Corey is a very hard leader for being so early. Aya's not that bad if you're prepared, but she can still be tough. I'm gonna go with Corey for this one though.
  8. The Elite Four yo! Who are they? Where will we fight them? I don’t know but I have a pretty good idea, so let’s get on with it. First of all, why are the Elite Four significant? They’re a Pokémon staple, so of course there’d be an Elite Four in Reborn as well, but what is the story purpose for them as a whole, not just as individuals? I don’t believe you have to look very hard to find the answer, in fact, you just have to look at the games logo. You might have noticed how the Crystal Keys tend to shift hands a lot, and that they just so happen to end up in the hands of Elite Four members very often. Heather had the Ruby Ring at the beginning of the game, and got it back in Ametrine City. Elias currently has the Emerald Brooch, and Laura used to own the Sapphire Bracelets long before the events of game. Even Anna, though she technically hasn’t been confirmed to be an Elite Four member yet, used to own the Amethyst Pendant. In fact, Heather’s mom used to be an Elite Four member too, and she also had the Ruby Ring. I might be misremembering here, but Laura got the Sapphire Bracelets from her dad, who I believe was also a member of the Elite Four. But back to Heather, Laura, El and Anna. As we all know, the Crystal Keys aren’t just ordinary keys, they each represent a concept. Pain for Ruby, love for Sapphire, faith for Emerald and the beyond for Amethyst. While it might be a coincidence, the Keys appear to seek out people that embody or represent those concepts. For example, the Sapphire Bracelets found their way to Amaria, who is madly in love with Titania, despite the feeling unfortunately not being mutual. Not coincidentally, the Elite Four also happen to embody the concepts of their respective Crystal Keys: Heather has suffered the most pain of any character. (And that’s saying a lot) Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father became jaded because of it. Then she finds out her father is a member of the same organization she’s been fighting against, right before he kills himself. Immediately after that she’s captured by an evil doctor, who causes her both emotional and VERY physical pain. When she’s finally adopted by someone who seems to actually care for her, it turns out he’s just an even bigger asshole who locks her in a shed. YIKES. El embodies faith more than anyone, to the point that his faith supposedly restored his vision. We know he puts his faith above anything; above his status, above Team Meteor, above his own daughter. Anna is a seer of the unseen, in fact this is even what Shade calls her. She’s one of the only characters with a known connection to Shade at all. She sees things no else does, (Except for Lin apparently.) and these visions reflect the truest parts of people. She can also talk to Nomos and Nostra, and got physically ill when her pendant was taken from her. No other character embodies the beyond better than Anna, not even Shade. While this is all well and good, it leads us to the elephant in the room, Laura. Specifically, she’s not a member of the Elite Four anymore and her replacement Bennett has never even held the Sapphire Bracelets. In addition, neither of them particularly embody the concept of love. Laura obviously feels love for her family, but so does her sisters and we don’t see them being Elite Four members. The closest thing Bennett has to love is his stalker-ish obsession with Luna, which is a big ’do not want’. Hell, he doesn’t even seem to care about his mother much, not even saying goodbye before going off with a stranger to join a cult. (I suppose his obsession with Luna could represent a corrupted version of love, similar to how El has a very corrupted version of faith, but meh) I don’t really have an answer to how either Laura or Bennett are supposed to embody love, I’m kind of at a loss here. So does this break the theory? I don’t think so, the game isn’t finished yet so there’s still time for things to change. But since this is a theory about the Elite Four I guess I should mention that I do believe Laura will get her position back, for reasons I’ll get into later, but I’m not 100% sure yet. So there you have it, I believe the Elite Four will consist of Heather, Laura, El and Anna. That’s not exactly a groundbreaking theory though, Heather and El have already been confirmed to be Elite Four members, and Anna has been heavily implied by Noel when we first meet him at the orphanage, and by Gossip Gardevoir in her interview with Anna. But I wouldn’t be writing this if that was the entire theory. I don’t think who we will fight is as interesting a question as for HOW we will be fighting them. That’s right, I’m gonna be speculating on the last few boss-fights in Reborn, and the ending of the game as a whole. Admittedly, this is where the theory goes a little off the rails, so don’t take it too seriously. So, we all know that in E19 we will get the last badge from either Saphira or Hardy, then climb up Victory Road to challenge the Elite Four at the Pokémon League. (and some other stuff probably also happens or something) Well, that might not exactly be untrue, but I don’t believe it is the entire story. First of all, I believe that by the time we get to the Pokémon League, each member of the Elite Four will be in possession of their respective Crystal Keys. Heather and El already have theirs, and if Anna and Noel truly are Radomus’s children like has been theorized, Anna will probably get her Amethyst Pendant back from him. (Especially considering that if this is true, Radomus was the one who gave it her in the first place.) I’m not sure how Laura or Bennett would get their hands on the Sapphire Bracelets, but Bennett at least will definitely be looking for them given he’s a member of Team Meteor now. Second of all, I believe the order we will be facing the Elite Four in will be Heather, Laura/Bennett, El and finally Anna. Not only because Solaris introduces the Crystal Keys in that order when we first meet him. Heather makes sense to be first, while she’s certainly powerful I’m not sure that she’s as powerful as the other Elites. Given its Flying-type advantages, I believe she will be fought on the Mountain Field… which also happens to be the Field Effect in Beryl Cemetery. Oh geez. Second is up is either Laura or Bennett, and here’s where things get a little messy. As I said, I’m not entirely sure which of them we will fight, but the one thing I am sure of is that we will fight them on the Flower Garden Field. It’s a given that we’ll have a fight with Laura and a last rematch with Bennett sometime in these last two episodes, and I believe both of these battles will take place on the Flower Garden Field. As for which one of those battles will be part of the Elite Four challenge, my money is on Laura. While the Field does give some boosts to Bug-types, like strengthening Bug-type moves and making Swarm overpowered, most of its buffs are reserved for Grass-types. Grass-types are also able to use the field more effectively thanks to their wider access to the move Growth. Simply put, fighting Laura on this Field will be harder than fighting Bennett on it, and that’s why I believe Laura will be fought last as part of the Elite Four. That’s the only reason I believe Laura will get her position back really. I legitimately spent time analyzing Field Effects to figure out the plot. I spent a lot of effort on this theory, even if it turns out to be super wrong y’all better appreciate it the effort. Inb4 the answer is some third option like branching story paths where we fight Laura in one path and Bennett in another. maybe laura and bennett will fall in love and we’ll fight both of them in a double battle and that’s why they represent love (forgive me for being so cursed) Speaking of Field Effects, next up is El, and he’ll most likely be fought in the Holy Field. Not only does it fit El best thematically, it’s also serves Normal-types very well. Remember when it said things started to get messy before? you better remember it was literally one paragraph ago Well I lied because here’s where it starts to get REALLY messy. We know that the Champion, or at least the person we’ll fight in place of the Champion, is Lin. One or two Elite Four members are working under her at this point, which means she basically has control over one or two of the Keys. And since all the Keys are concentrated in one place, she’ll likely try and succeed in taking the Ruby Ring and the Amethyst Pendant, as well as the Sapphire Bracelets if she doesn’t have them already. When she’s got all the Keys she has no reason to stick around at the Pokémon League, and will likely high-tail it to meteor site. This is where the Holy Field comes in, the only place we know it exists is the Subseven Sanctum. El will likely fight us there to try to prevent us from stopping Lin. Remember the little girl crawling on the walls of Citae d’Arc Astrea? It’s been speculated that girl is the true version of Lin. Here is probably where we will get all the Lin backstory we’ve been craving. Anyways, with all the keys in hand Lin will open the door to the meteor. Now we finally get to our final Elite Four battle against Anna. Anna will most likely be fought on the Starlight Field, it gives big buffs to Psychic-types, and makes Jirachi absolutely busted. Now, given the Starlight Fields very nature as a space-based Field, it’s probably not a field that can be replicated on earth, unless it was around something that came from space, like a meteor. I’m not sure why exactly Anna would fight us here unless it’s revealed she’s been secretly evil all along. (Which would be dumb) You would think stopping Lin would take priority. I do have a theory about this however. Yep, we’re doing a theory inside a theory, theoryception. Remember the prophecy by Miss Direction? She says that there will be a future where we don’t exist, where we would never have existed to begin with. In that same prophecy, it’s stated that the timeline with us in it was created by Anna wishing on a Jirachi. What if Anna is planning to stop Lin by making a wish on Nostra, not realizing that the wish would erase us from the timeline as well. (And presumably bring back the lady in black and red that was also mentioned in the prophecy.) Given the title of E18- Void-Kissed- it’s not a stretch to assume that episode is going to be centered on the future where we don’t exist. There we would learn the repercussions of wishing on a Jirachi. When we get to the meteor site we would be forced to battle Anna so she doesn’t make her wish and accidentally delete us. This isn’t necessarily the most likely explanation, but I feel it does make some sense. With the Elite Four defeated, there’s nothing left for us but to battle the Champion killer herself, Lin. This would likely be the hardest fight in Reborn, and a fight of such epic proportions requires an equally epic Field. This Field would be none other than the New World Field. With all the Crystal Keys and the power of the meteor, Lin would actually succeed in creating her New World, a world where everyone would be able to play with her forever… You might have noticed that in addition to boosting every Legendary and Mythical signature move, Hydreigon also excels on this Field. This isn’t the only evidence for Lin being fought on the New World Field however. You see, the way we get the New World Field Effect Read-Out (That’s a mouthful) is by pressing colored books in Beryl Library in a certain order. This order isn’t random, it’s the same order as the colors of the six pillars mentioned in the text ”Light’s End”. Light’s End last line says that ”The blackest beast lies at Light’s End”, the blackest beast in this context must refer to Lin, or possibly her Hydreigon, and Light’s End must refer to the New World where we fight her. In an epic fight for the fate of all worlds, we will defeat Lin once and for all. Maybe. So that’s the long and short of it, I was gonna write more but this theory got long enough already. I’m still probably gonna need a tl:dr huh? Anyways, there’s most certainly going to be some other stuff happening in between in all this, but unfortunately the Field Effects don’t have any clues about that. A lot of this theory will probably be proven wrong, but I’m feeling confident this time. If this theory does turn out to be true the Elite Four in Reborn might be the hardest one ever, because damn all these Fields are overpowered. TL;DR: The Elite Four will consist of Heather, either Laura or Bennett, El and Anna in that order. Each of them embodies one of the concepts represented by the Crystal Keys. They will each obtain their respective Crystal Keys before we fight them. Our League challenge will be interrupted by Lin taking the Keys. After we battle El and Anna, Lin will succeed in her plan to create a New World, and we will fight her there, saving the world probably. Please correct me if I got something wrong or missed anything. I tried my best to be thorough in my research, but maybe I missed some line of dialogue that proves PULSE Budew will be the final boss actually. I spent a lot more time on this theory than I probably should have. If you like this theory, please upvote it to validate my poor time-management skills. /Winter
  9. Winter

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Winter Showdown alt(s): iamnotadisaster Discord: Winter#1256 Availability*: Always (More or less) (GMT + 2) Favourite type(s): Fairy, Grass, Dragon, Water, Psychic Least favourite type(s): Electric, Rock, Fighting
  10. Winter

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Texen's hair is so much prettier now, I almost feel bad about it burning up. Almost. (And all the other ones are really good too)
  11. Go to the police office in the Judicial District, the sidequest continues there.
  12. You can turn it off in the options.
  13. Wow Jan, I can't believe you finished version 10 in two days even though you deleted everything. Nice work!
  14. It's weird that Titania is my favorite Reborn character, but Saki is my least favorite Rejuv character. I suppose Steel-leaders can be rather polarizing  *badum tiss*

  15. [Ep17 spoilers]


    When you are about to deal the finishing blow to Amaria's last Pokémon after an excruciatingly long and difficult battle and the game decides to crash...


    Kill me now.