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  1. Dai Laughing

    Point Scoring Reborn Challenge

    For those of you twiddling their thumbs I have come with a point scoring challenge mode for Reborn. Certain battles are designated as point scoring. Gym battles, rival battles and so forth. The idea is that the lower the players Pokemon are in terms of level the more points are scored. penalty points are incurred for Pokemon faints and usage of healing items. I have posted a link to the first episode on my Youtube Chanel.
  2. Dai Laughing

    Ep17 Zorua?

    I went up there as you have described and Corey was up there and promptly jumped off the roof. Does this trigger a hide and seek with Corey at this stage of the game?
  3. Dai Laughing

    Pokemon Full Moon

    Does anyone know how to evolve Chajabug to Vikavolt in this game? Is it a simple matter of levelling up or is there some other mechanic required?
  4. Dai Laughing

    Pokemon Full Moon

    I was wondering about Fennekin. It appeared where the hiker was blocking your path to a cave (sorry can't remember the name), but when I went back after the hiker had moved (to rescue Orchedy), Fennekin had gone. Is it a day or night occurrence perhaps?
  5. Dai Laughing

    Putting the Z back in Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I can't say I'm a fan of Z moves. We already have gems to give moves a one time boost and choice items also, why the need to give moves a super boost? Where is the skill in winning with a virtual 1HKO? More importantly it will make the continuation of my Nuzlocke all the more difficult.
  6. Dai Laughing

    Ask your E16 question [SPOILERS]

    Did you manage to find a way in to the pool? I can see a door and a guy standing by the pool, so presumably there must be a way in.