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  1. I found it. I went and talked to Maxwell, listened to his speech, then went back to the Circus and found the stack of applications.
  2. Do you have to pick a certain city renovation for the circus application to appear. I've scoured the place and cannot locate.
  3. Link to video clip showing the chain you need to follow from the Spoink in Coral Ward to obtaining Klefki. Pokemon Reborn Spoink Quest, Klefki
  4. Just a quick video clip to show how to get hold of the elusive razor claw. Pokemon Reborn, Razor Claw, Audinite
  5. I have created a walkthrough, or rather swimthrough, for the underwater exploration of Azurine Lake. Hopefully I have included how to obtain most of the various treasure. Pokemon Reborn Underwater Cities, Mudkip, Diamond Ring and more
  6. I have prepared a walkthrough of the tricky Chrysolia Springs Puzzle. Pokemon Reborn Chrysolia Springs Puzzle
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I've seen Lostelle's excellent content in the past, but not much lately. I'll post a couple which hopefully some may find helpful.
  8. I have prepared a few walkthroughs on my youtube channel. (Chrysolia Springs, Underwater Cities and so on). Is it ok to post links to them on here or is it considered too much of a spoiler.
  9. Did you manage to find a way in to the pool? I can see a door and a guy standing by the pool, so presumably there must be a way in.
  10. I was hoping that there might have been something like the Lapras that only appears on a certain day. Oh well.
  11. I found my way into a very well hidden ice cave. It involved mounting a Taurus, heading up into North Aventurine Woods, into an ice cave, through an ice puzzle, surfing, diving to an underwater cave and then into this ice cave. The only thing I can find in there is a deepseescale. It seems that Amethyst has gone to plenty of trouble to create all of this. It seems that there should be something more down here. Has anyone any clues?
  12. Thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.
  13. I managed to complete my Nuzlocke run up to the end of Episode 15, saved the game in the Agate big top and uploaded Episode 16. I was expecting the download to continue from where I left off. However for some reason my computer downloaded Episode 16 as a separate folder to my Episode 15 file. (I am using a Mac and Wine). No matter how I tried I was unable to import saved data from my Episode 15 run into the new upload, the only option I had was to start a new game. To cut a long story short, I inadvertently managed to delete my saved data from Episode 15, which was a disaster. Subsequently I have been able to recover my last saved file. (copy attached). Is there any way that I can download Episode 16 and incorporate my previous data so that I can continue from where I left off? Much as I love the game I don't really want to have to play through from the beginning to get to where I left off. 1 - DaiLaughing - 250h 1m - 13 badges.rxdata.zip
  14. A Nuzlocke can be competed. I have managed to get to the end of Episode 15, (see Doneonriver on youtube). You have to know the game inside out to have any hope, plus you have to be quite liberal with pokemon captures. I allowed myself to obtain all event pokemon. I would say a monotype challenge in itself would be very difficult, most of the gyms require training dedicated teams to defeat. I wish you luck nevertheless.
  15. I completely removed the battle animations folder, but it made little difference. I'll try going to options and disabling as you suggested. I have found however that the game is playable so long as you wait for the script to catch up in between making moves, you just need a little patience. Tried the disabling battle animations from the options, worked a treat, thank you.