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  1. Surf south along the river at route 3, there is another hiding on the land on the west side before you reach route 2.
  2. Found One under a bed in the cells in Blacksteeple Castle. (Far right)
  3. Reborn and Rejuvenation are designed to be challenging. Trying to defeat the gym leaders who are armed with high powered moves with mediocre Pokemon and moves is part of that challenge. A player has to be innovate and intelligent. Dishing out decent moves to a player early on takes away a lot of the difficulty. Oh I love your custom moves.
  4. Volcanion crash

    I managed to find a way around this. I removed the audio folder completely, played through the section involving the Volcanion and then reinstated the audio file afterwards. Most peculiar.
  5. Pokemon Riddles

    Second batch of Pokemon riddles to amuse or annoy you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEKgLnAKhWk
  6. Volcanion crash

    Hi guys hoping you can help. I am at the point in the game where you are in the generator room in Xen base. As soon as I encounter the Volcanion the game crashes. I found this problem in the forums and the fix is to implement the patch (v10). I am a Mac user so the only way I can apply the patch (as far as I know) is to replace all the files in my game files with those in the patch, which I have done. However the game still crashes at the same point. The only problem I can see is that I am saved in the generator room and am trapped in there and cannot return to a Poke Centre to apply the patch. My Rxdata file is attached. Game.rxdata Game.rxdata
  7. Pokemon Riddles

    You are quite right, I made a mistake on that one.
  8. Pokemon Riddles

    Twiddling your fingers waiting for the next Reborn update. Fear not I have made some Pokemon riddles to help pass the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sLN6Y6S2es
  9. Pokemon Full Moon

    Does anyone know how to evolve Chajabug to Vikavolt in this game? Is it a simple matter of levelling up or is there some other mechanic required?
  10. Pokemon Full Moon

    I was wondering about Fennekin. It appeared where the hiker was blocking your path to a cave (sorry can't remember the name), but when I went back after the hiker had moved (to rescue Orchedy), Fennekin had gone. Is it a day or night occurrence perhaps?
  11. Putting the Z back in Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I can't say I'm a fan of Z moves. We already have gems to give moves a one time boost and choice items also, why the need to give moves a super boost? Where is the skill in winning with a virtual 1HKO? More importantly it will make the continuation of my Nuzlocke all the more difficult.
  12. Ask your E16 question [SPOILERS]

    Did you manage to find a way in to the pool? I can see a door and a guy standing by the pool, so presumably there must be a way in.