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  1. Does anyone know how to evolve Chajabug to Vikavolt in this game? Is it a simple matter of levelling up or is there some other mechanic required?
  2. I was wondering about Fennekin. It appeared where the hiker was blocking your path to a cave (sorry can't remember the name), but when I went back after the hiker had moved (to rescue Orchedy), Fennekin had gone. Is it a day or night occurrence perhaps?
  3. I can't say I'm a fan of Z moves. We already have gems to give moves a one time boost and choice items also, why the need to give moves a super boost? Where is the skill in winning with a virtual 1HKO? More importantly it will make the continuation of my Nuzlocke all the more difficult.
  4. Thanks, I must have forgotten the layout. I was hoping this was a new path to explore.
  5. That ladder you have in your screenshot was accessible via the cog to the left of the Grand Staircase. However as of Ep 16 that route is closed off. The cave on my screenshot I'm pretty sure has only appeared in Ep 16, so I assume it is now the way into Arc d'astrae. But I can find no way to get to it.
  6. Ah I see. I must have that as I started in Ep 15. I still can't access that cave entrance to Citee Arc d'Astree, more exploring required I think.
  7. And another cave where the 'crystals glitter with fissures'. I have no clue what this means.
  8. I was having a wander beneath the Grand Stairway having completed Episode 16, and noticed a cave I don't remember seeing before. Does anyone know how to get there and what is inside?
  9. Try this link, Pokemon Reborn Magma Gang Job Applications
  10. It appears that some people have been having difficulty in completing the Magma Gand job application quest, so I have prepared a video walkthrough to show you what to do. Pokemon Reborn Magma Gang Job Applications
  11. I have prepared a video clip walkthrough showing how to obtain Treecko in Episode 16. Pokemon Reborn Treecko Event
  12. I found it. I went and talked to Maxwell, listened to his speech, then went back to the Circus and found the stack of applications.
  13. Do you have to pick a certain city renovation for the circus application to appear. I've scoured the place and cannot locate.
  14. Link to video clip showing the chain you need to follow from the Spoink in Coral Ward to obtaining Klefki. Pokemon Reborn Spoink Quest, Klefki
  15. Just a quick video clip to show how to get hold of the elusive razor claw. Pokemon Reborn, Razor Claw, Audinite