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  1. GS BALL

    SWM modular modpack [E18]

    This mod keeps getting better and better! Thank you, Waynolt! Especially the latest additions, like the Psychic reading of relationship points, even beats the need to enable debug menu (let alone all the time it saves you, from manually searching in the variables list)!
  2. GS BALL


    Surskit to Masquerain, eh? You don't say... Listen here and listen good! NEVER delete, or replace, a move included in its "By a prior evolution" move list (as with any other pokemon that has moves, exclusive to its earlier forms)... The move Relearner currently has a bug and you cannot Relearn "By a prior evolution" moves in the final form, even though you should be able to, even if you knew it until after evolving.
  3. GS BALL

    [not a bug]EP 18.1 Tynamo hunting problem

    The thunderstorm that appears just before going to the Orphanage to rescue the kids, is "fake". It has the visuals, but not the actual effects of this specific weather pattern, to the world of Reborn... People are outside (like in clear weather) instead of not appearing (in rain/thunder, less people/npcs are out there, the world seems to be more "empty"), etc. You will know for sure, if you beat the Orphanage quickly and it disappears (thunderstorm). At this point, this is for scenario purposes only and not an actual weather effect. Blitzle won't appear for you either, outside Julia's gym (also requires Thunderstorm).
  4. GS BALL

    Extreme Speed Dratini

    Confirmed. Waynolt's mod, among other things, contains an option that allows the move Relearner, to teach your pokemon any Egg move from its ENTIRE breed-only movepool; including egg moves that can only be bred over from previous generations. Extremespeed, as well as ALL other egg moves of any pokemon, marked with twin dagger symbol on Bulbapedia, can be "reminded" in Reborn.
  5. GS BALL

    Move Relearner won't teach old move...

    According to Bulbapedia, this is a bug... It even gives the Double-Edge Camerupt example. Moves known by a prior evolution, then forgotten, SHOULD qualify for move-Reminder.
  6. I evolved my Persian *after* getting Pay-Day. However, i deleted it in favor of Swift, to have an easier time against Shelly's battle... Now that i unlocked move Relearner and went to her to get back Pay-Day, it doesn't show up in the available moves. It's clearly a bug, because: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move_Reminder From Generation VI onward, the Move Reminder can also teach EGG MOVES and *SPECIAL MOVES IT HAD PREVIOUSLY FORGOTTEN*. (For example, if a player evolves a Numel that knows Double-Edge into a Camerupt, that Camerupt will have access to Double-Edge if it ever forgets the move, even though it does not normally learn it)
  7. GS BALL

    Looking for Data Chip

    You also find one in the Orphanage, during the break out mission. It's in the basement.
  8. There were some reports before, that certain pokemon, were unable to learn certain egg-moves, even though they should. What comes to mind readily, is Wish Fennekin. So, in this version, have movepools been corrected and fully ironed-out? Also, does Waynolt's mod, for the "Move-Relearner teaches egg-moves part", work around any issues that might still linger?
  9. GS BALL

    Question Kangaskhan movepool

    In highest probability, no earlier gens movepools will be available, in Reborn. It is canon gen 7. For some similar reason that Machop cannot learn Fissure that could learn in gen 1, because with hidden ability to never miss, it would be broken, in Reborn. Also, event movepools, like Pikachu with Fly/Surf, are certain to NEVER make it in Reborn. As well as event mons; like Extremespeed Dratini.
  10. GS BALL

    Anybody has the old Shade's Sprite?

    That's it! It's in there! Thank you very much! Hmmm? Amaria and Heather look much better, too! How do i extract those sprites, though...?
  11. GS BALL

    Any good dark/ghost types before Shelly?

    Beryl Ward at night: Shuppet, Pumpkaboo. If you are lucky and wind blows: Drifloon, next to Shade's gym. People say you can get Zorua before or after Shelly. I got it right after her, but those who made the videos, insist they did it before. You need to visit Beryl rooftop, during a clear night. Then chase Zorua. Mightyena can work, too, is pretty decent.
  12. GS BALL

    Pickup ability Pkmn,

    Opal Ward, Meowth. Rare during day, common during night. Peridot Ward, Teddiursa chase sidequest. Obsidia Ward, Lillipup chase sidequest. Beryl Ward, Meowth again. Also: Phanpy, Aipom (on trees with Headbutt), Bunnelby (i think it was moved inside the cave with Nidorina and that gen 7 mushroom thing). At night, Pumpkaboo, Graveyard. Lapis Ward, Aqua Gang alleyway: Alolan Meowth. Tanzan Lake, Dedenne. Pikipek, i think in Chrysolia Forest. Route 1, Linoone (can hold max revive, very rare). South adventurine woods, Pachirisu. Trade in Calcenon City, Munchlax.
  13. GS BALL

    Anybody has the old Shade's Sprite?

    you mean that train thing?
  14. GS BALL

    Anybody has the old Shade's Sprite?

    I don't know for sure either, lol. I just think it might be inside an older episode. Aya and Charlotte, though, were! By the way, here please, have a sample!