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  1. Would be a pretty good idea. A better idea, would be ideally, for the wiki to be filled; so as there wouldn't be any need to return back, like, ever...
  2. Next episode come, please, please, i beg you, just fix the weather, please??? I am stuck trying to get sunny weather for DAYS and nothing comes. Not even reverting to ep15 and changing days worked... I went through many months, changing manually days and not even once, sunny weather graced me. Seriously though, why does the weather has to be broken, always?
  3. What's the deal with it? After battling the thief and getting it in bag, does the quest continue elsewhere?
  4. So, i missed up on some content, because i rushed to finish episode 16. Returned to ep 15 and went on collecting and finishing sidequests. Problem is, i got a multitude of errors/bugs. Most common of which, flying into walls and getting stuck, certain sidequests resetting, enemies (defeated ones) disappearing, enemies (defeated ones) acting like fresh new ones (and initiating battle), 1 item in bag glitching and black screen in peridot ward after flying to lapis... Is there any workaround to those things? Did i glitch my game beyond repair or something?
  5. Yeah, that's the one that didn't work for me.
  6. Ah... So, reviving a fossil, costs 1000 pokedollars, then...
  7. I got myself a bunch. My mining business got so ludicrous, that i single handedly unearthed ALL fossils and odd keystone, minus Claw (fossil) and Old Amber. I wasted much time because in ep15, fly does not work outside city, to get to Spinel Museum, in order to get there. And the lazy bum of a doc, tells me to "come back much later". I enter/exit the door many times, but he always says the very same thing. I have a LONG list of pokemon waiting for revival and this !@#$ is taking his time and trolling me! How does this thing work here, exactly? Last time i revived a fossil, had been in Cinnabar gym and entering/exiting once, was enough to get it...
  8. Forgive me, one last question on this matter, if i may... Only the Reborn City itself changes and you loose items/quests etc.? Or the other areas, too (Bysbyxion, the forest, the jungle, beach/islands, circus, ice mountain etc)? Are the outside of the City itself areas, left in the same state as before?
  9. Without shiny charm, 100 hours gameplay and i filled an entire box, minus only 2 pokemon, with shinies. Counting out the same species appearing second (or third) time as a shiny, the shinies that self-destructed (goodbye, black graveler) or those i fainted with accidental critical (goodbye, black boldore, yellow cryogonal etc)... In the early areas, i found 10 shinies and i was wondering about the very same thing. It's pure luck. Most of them i find while farming to get levels and pick up items.
  10. Thanks... Lucky thing i came across the thread offering the files of previous episodes... This way, now, i will solve the weather issue, too. Time to collect those i missed. You saved me from a countless hours pointless replay!!!
  11. Guh. Ouch. Well, from those, i got the Drifloon only... Seems like i will have to start new play in later episode (but keeping the mons and items i have now and breeding myself some specially designed ones, for easier beating the game)... Thanks for the tips and the heads up! But seriously, that reborn wiki should had been completed already... From Bulbapedia and the legit/canon games, all the way to other fangames presenting a full bodied and complete wiki, you know beforehand just what you are doing and where to advance precisely. I appreciate a great deal members here being so friendly and helping, but... 100 hours playing the game later and i lost permanently a great deal of content, as it seems!
  12. Wow, gee, damn... From those items i lost, are there any truly useful and truly unobtainable, henceforth? And those quests, were ludicrous/rewarding?
  13. Wow. It's awesome. First thing, everything changes. But as always, i have questions... Are some pokemon permanently lost (wild encounters), past the point of Reborn City getting restored (clean waters)? I noticed there are hidden items everywhere anew and pokemon are mostly evolutions... So: 1. Are some pokemon not encountered in a place they were, before? Have i lost the chance to meet some pokemon permanently? 2. Are some items lost to me forever? Since i got the itemfinder late in the game and didn't return to find everything, before going to circus? 3. Or is everything okay and i can pick them up at my leisure, now?
  14. Phewww. I managed. Just used a bunch of TMs and held items for slight boost. Ciel though was even harder and that mega... I am very lucky to have some pokemon with natural 31 to their key IV plus few of them with decent, all around stats. Or else i would be stuck forever. This has to be the most difficult game i have ever played (but i enjoy it, at least up to now)... I don't even want to know, how that hardcore mod would be. I am going to have nightmares from all this struggling around, damn! Thank you very much for your offer, though, seriously, you are very kind, helping and friendly! (100 hours and still just finished the circus, sigh)
  15. Is that for real? How the hell am i supposed to beat the team meteor assault in Titania's house??? Not only double battles, but 12 pokemon, even? Where to begin... Moves like Blizzard, from enemies, hit always without fail. Their pokemon seem to have competitive IVs/EVs for some reason (my carefully raised ones are always outsped and outlived). And still no thunderbolt or ice beam TMs (plain old discharge and other cheap tactics)... I managed to reach Solaris, but he is backed up by a goon. The hell am i supposed to beat this battle...?