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  1. Heyyy. "Chrysolia Spring" isn't mentioned anywhere! When you first reach it, you can grab a mighty powerful, 50+ level Camerupt, plus a few evolved forms of the elemental monkey pokemons. Like Simipour and Simisear. For which, you also say they need stones to evolve! Why waste a stone when you can catch them as is, just like that? Where is Chrysolia spring? In Chrysolia Forest, highest pathway, before the house that the fat man trades with you, up north. A tree blocks the path but upon approaching, it disappears! When you get surf, you can return later to explore deeper! Oh my god and i love hot springs! They are not for old timers, only!
  2. Rocket FTW! All the way from the first two generations, to the remakes (especially Soul Silver and Heart Gold), Rockets are the bosses!
  3. For those who avoided tampering with files or inserting that great mod (for pokegear app), there is a way to control the weather, after all! After continuous trial and error, waiting and observations, i finally met with success! Tonight, i scooped up and finished collecting, all weather based event pokemon! And i noticed some things that i will write down in detail, just in case, because why not? a. Changing days directly, indeed doesn't work. You have to set the time at 11:59:59 pm for the day to change by itself in game, so you can have a chance for weather to change, as well. b. You CAN get windy weather, after all. Its animation, is almost identical to thunderstorm (or rain?), minus the flashing. I got the eevee and the tree doesn't disappear, unless there is wind. c. Pokemon needing rain can appear in thunderstorm, too and vice versa. Pokemon needing wind can appear in rain, too and vice versa. Exception is eevee, access to the cave of which is wind-exclusive. d. When you are outdoors and have one type of weather, any change to the clock past that point and in that place, will keep the animation of that weather intact (until you go indoors or go to the nearest next area). Usually, the effect is gone, though. Sometimes, fairly rarely, it lingers. e. Likewise, when you just got a new weather and change place, while the animation of the new place shows a different weather, sometimes the effect is the same from the freshly gotten new weather started before. f. Best thing to do before changing the clock, is to go indoors. Change the clock, then go outdoors to check the weather... It is the weather you need, go where you must to do your thing. It isn't? Rinse and repeat. g. To get a different weather for day, like sunlight, change to 11:59:55 am, then step right outside before it gets 12 exactly. If it isn't the weather you need, change pm to am while outdoors, get back indoors, set clock to 11:59:55 am again and step outside. I tried this personally and i was successful. To shed light in something else, though, i said before that "during the first time the correct weather appears, the corresponding pokemon don't". I was wrong. I completely forgot the badge restriction thing, for a number of them! Unless, numel, blitzle, electrike and others, don't actually need one... That's all! I am a proud owner of all weather event pokemon, right now! I finally managed to finished a really tedious task.
  4. Thanks! Now, time to recalculate my team members, lol!
  5. The Phantom of Inferno. Dance in the Vampire Bund. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Elfen Lied. Fate Zero / Fate Stay Night / Fate Unlimited Bladeworks / Fate Heaven's Feel (this one is incoming, not yet out). Naruto Shippuuden (i can't stress enough, with obligatory and strict, Fillers' embargo). Berserk. Claymore. Dragonball Z. Fairy Tail. Scrapped Princess. The Flowers of Evil. The world god only knows. Vampire Hunter D (2 movies and there is an anime coming, i think?). Death Note. That list would be 10x times bigger, but i had to choose my most favorite ones, so that's that... It goes without saying, that Pokemon is one of them, too! But i have lots of episodes to watch, in order to be up to date! I stopped watching somewhere in the 3/4 of the Johto season, ages ago, that is...
  6. I would choose Heart Gold and Soul Silver, had IV/EV mechanisms been the same, exactly as in gen 2... But they weren't, so i chose Crystal, instead.
  7. Ouch... Even Ghosts deal normal damage to Steels, now... While single type steels don't seem much worse (since they usually have high defenses, anyway...), other commonplace ones, with types weak against either Ghost or Dark, are seriously in for quite the nasty surprise... Suddenly, that Bronzong won't be so bulky at all, that Metagross won't seem much like a pseudo-legendary, etc... Thankfully, they don't seem to have changed anything else, or did they?
  8. I remember from the old days, that Steel types were resistant to Dark attacks, but here, i see that your Steelix and Magnemites and lots of other tough customers, receive normal damage from bites, cruches and the rest, even if their secondary type isn't weak to Dark types... I also remember poison being super effective for bugs, but i might be wrong on that one... Is there any change in game balance overall? And if yes, why did they nerf steel types so much? Dark attacks are found everywhere!
  9. By reading them guides, i came across one (or two, was it?) situation, that says; "You can access this area/item through strength glitch, instead of getting surf"... Well, i am not trying to be cheesy and cheap, but please, would someone be so kind, as to explain that to me? I mean, how it works, exactly?
  10. Thanks, will try on day, then! Edit: Yes, it worked, clear day it is! And a shiny, it was!
  11. Okay... I got rain in the wasteland... I talked to the man with glasses indoors. I talked to everyone there in the entire region, actually... I explored everything (minus the tauros ride and beldum area)... I reached the fountain... But it was empty... I visited at another time, it wasn't there, either... Please, help? What hour and weather exactly, are required, for that squirtle to appear? I have seen the video and i know the correct location, but other than that, no luck...
  12. I found this one myself through mining... It has a deep red, scarlet color. Just save before a vein, especially a "ludicrous one" (some veins throw rare items more readily), or even better, in a far away area (hard to access, too) with many nodes inside preferably, save game and try, until you are satisfied with the loot. I got all mine-able fossils and all 17 plates, even though it took me quite some time...
  13. I haven't resorted to the mod yet, but from my observations (and other players' feedback), weather generally in this episode is bugged and many times, malfunctioning. What happened to me and i noticed... 1. First time you get a weather that has pokemon events tied to it, no pokemon appear where and when they should. Only the NEXT time same weather happens, they appear normally as they should. 2. Some weather conditions have other ones fused inside, as well. When i had rain, i met Drifloon, which is said to require windy weather. When i had thunderstorm, i met pokemon that needed only rain. 3. Some weather conditions never seem to appear, like, ever, at all (windy). Or other ones, are very, very rare (sunlight). I got one sunlight during starting the game anew and i have yet to see some; i really need it, too. Sometimes you can have the weather change, if you set your PC clock at 23:59. But after one or two changes, game gets stuck in same weather for days. Also, sometimes, weather can change at midday (12:00).
  14. Okay, done! It was Route 1, after all, but only during night. It wasn't very rare there on route 1, but maybe, it was very rare on the other areas that pokedex and guide lists it in... Some pokemon like Parasect for example, are somewhat common in the South Aventurine woods, while they are so rare in areas such as Azurine Island, that are almost impossible to meet early.
  15. After beating Ditto Arceus and leaving the Citae d' Astrea ruins, someone named "???" said something like "Come play again"... Spoil me! Just spill the info! Don't keep me in the dark! Who is ??? and what is amiss, right there?