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  1. Sidequests are great. Some of them are even more enjoyable than main story itself! It's not a problem that there are way too many of them, or well hidden... Anyway, modern gamers always watch "full-plays" and various game footage, almost as frequently as playing the game itself! Honestly, what i liked most about ep16, was all the underwater action/exploration and the sea caves' spelunking! Truth be said, though, a system like Rejuvenation's task board (the one you get the sidequests from) and the NPCs to give you directions, would be really handy.
  2. Smoochum can be met relatively early, inside the cave, underneath Shade's gym. Also, it being a baby, gets you a guaranteed 3 perfect IVs... Add to it the fact it has decent speed and special attack, as well as interesting typing and there you go, a powerhouse that can do much! It even learns mean look, so as to avoid the AI switching pokemon and foiling your move! Soft reset until you get a great stats one; is what i did. You can't go wrong with Jynx in any way, you can't jinx it at all.
  3. This profile pic is better than earlier^^ :D 

  4. Pokemon Metal (legit mon) and pokemon Uranium (fakemon basically), are interesting games.
  5. Something to make your life even easier... Baby pokemon met in the wild, always come with 3 perfect IVs and if you are lucky, you can get 1, or in rare cases, 2 more perfect IVs, upon catching them. Evolve them to be breedable and there you go; nice little piles of perfect stats, to be inherited more easily by the offspring!
  6. Hmmm, well. IVs and EVs aren't visible like in Reborn and other fangames... Legendaries are common... Protagonist is locked into a girl and even force-feeds you a boyfriend story wise... You have to change clock all the time in order to progress in story... Some characters look and behave hilarious(ly)... It's good, but the competition and the comparison against other fangames, is really steep.
  7. *Bows politely* "Thank you very much for your hard work".
  8. Keep soft resetting the game and remember to press Alt for speed-up. When i started game at fresh release of V9, i went through ALL 4 jackpot pokemon in only two evenings. Jangmo-o is terrible though, it levels up slowly and is stuck up with same couple of moves, for a while... Riolu works really well, especially with counter. Unless you are an Eevee fan. Or can't wait until you meet Ralts in the game naturally later...
  9. Nice proflle pic :P^^

  10. Geralt of Rivia Epic time. After playing the Witcher (especially 1 Director's Cut), no other video-game character cut it for my standards, ever again! Then, Garrett, the Master Thief... From the "THIEF" series (first person looter, stealth, one of a kind genre). Only the original 3 titles, of course.
  11. Lavender Tower (gen 1) Cinnabar Island (gen 1) Goldenrod City (gen 2) Mt. Silver (gen 2) the place where Groudon is (don't remember it much, i really HATED gen 3 and i played it midway through) the place where Giratina and Shayimin could be found (gen 4, Platinum) the haunted mansion in which that electric ghost house devices pokemon can be found (gen 4) I didn't play gen 5 I didn't play gen 6 I don't plan to play gen 7, unless only inside fangame(s)
  12. Arbok, Meowth and Ratticate, amazed me quite well and totally unexpectedly, at that... Arbok with BlackSludge, Glare and Wrap (against strong enemies) is great, meowth can astonish/stun those annoying pokemon like Rain Dance Illumise (effectively putting them out of business), while Ratticate is strong and his fangs chip away quite the length of a health-bar...
  13. Why not "drop your standards" and find something more "readily available" to go after, for yourself? It is always nice to aim high and strive with motivation towards a goal... But if this endeavor takes its toll on you and drops you down, it isn't worth the sacrifices at all; especially when the objective simply cannot be met... Try using the resources you already have at or near your reach and your disposal. Try something new, explore your abilities/limits, "gamble" a bit. Don't take everything too seriously, life is short and passes by you quickly!
  14. Uranium is good, but too easy and the final bit of content (including legendary trio, pirate haven etc), takes too long to be done. Insurgence would be interesting, but it is incomplete. Suze tweeted some time ago that it will be done slightly before 2020... Even though gamers are waiting on 1.2 ever since 2016. Still, no gen7, regrettably... "Metal" is good, but it also will never feature 7th gen. At least, it is a completed game! Full Moon seems to be slightly interesting, but nothing like Reborn... Or Rejuvenation... The obligatory lock into a female player isn't too appealing to pokemon fans, either (especially since other fangames offer all gender choices). But hey, at least it features 7th gen! Desolation is quite good, but still way too early into making... And that is all i have been through. Only ones i bothered to beat fully, are: Uranium and Reborn. With completed pokedex up to their current version, of course! Next up is Rejuvenation for 100% completion.
  15. Welcome! Yes, this is correct. Someone who plays Reborn can't simply play any other fangame, right after it... I come from the same direction. Reborn was a pokemon transcendental experience, it is leagues above your average canon game, or even fangame. However, you are NOT late at all; on the contrary, your timing was precise, since Reborn is as of yet incomplete, still getting new content/updates and next episode come, gen 7 is going to be added! You should also give Rejuvenation a try. You can find it here: Its developer was inspired by Reborn and it has the same difficulty; even a HARDER one for the absolute masochists (like me)! Don't forget to use online and ask for trades, if you want something in Reborn... Or challenge someone to battle, after breeding a team! Have fun!!!