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  1. SJW ruin anything they touch, especially video games, field of expertise for which they display a special affinity towards. I still mourn over the whole Baldur's Gate case, myself, for instance...
  2. Should i battle Taka or not? Is it important to gain points with him, or with Shade and Anna instead?
  3. Save the game before getting Ditto. Keep a back up of that save elsewhere for safekeeping. Get the Ditto but don't save, unless you get a 31 IV one (at one or more stats). Duplicate your current saved game, rename it, open two instances of the game and trade with yourself (needs a second online account to be created by you). You have to alternate between windows so as it doesn't crush, keep in mind that one pokemon will be permanently lost and the one you want to keep, has to be "offered" up first. Lots of work, but this way, i got myself a full set of 31 IV dittos, plus 1 with zero to speed (for trick room user offspring or gyro ball ones). Alternatively, you can get a save file from someone else, who was kind enough to provide me with in my yesterday opened thread: And trade between it and yours. Don't remember to back up his, first, though.
  4. They change personality, to become better at battle. Real "fighters" get much more effective, brutal and/or relentless, after psychological damage and trauma(s), scars, troubling event over their shoulders. Why not pokemon, too? Same goes for "drugs". Professional athletes ingest "chemicals" and do drugs, specially designed for athletes. Becoming a battling machine or merely taking your body to its limits ALWAYS requires sacrifices, no?
  5. Save game before talking to him, right after confirming you have spare Heart Scale(s). Talk to him and choose a pokemon. If the new nature isn't the one you need/want, soft-reset and retry.
  6. Thanks! This is the one! You saved me from much time needlessly wasted, thanks a lot! I trust i am not cheating or something, since this is a normal in-game functionality (trading between yourself)?
  7. Well, i don't exactly have the required patience to go through another new run (i am already at 2/3 of my second play), for the sole reason of getting more Ditto(s)... So, i was wondering, if a kind soul could lend me their saved game, to the point of the game just before getting Ditto! I would be extra happy! Just a copy of that save file is enough! Thanks in advance! Needless to say, the only thing i will use that for, is for extracting Ditto(s) and only for personal use! I can't do Eugenics without well-able Dittos!
  8. It works like a charm! Thank you very much! This, together with save-game backups, is going to earn me the things i missed. From a complete set of Dittos with 31 IV, to the random pokemon (police eggs, starters, choice ones), i am seeing another start soon... If only i knew it sooner! It even has a beneficial twist... The second account you trade with, keeps its pokemon in place; the first account looses only the useless one! Dupe, in a sense, like good old, gen 2 cloning!
  9. Mmm, interesting, how so very interesting! This might be EXACTLY what i was looking for! One last question, please? How exactly you "set save A/B as game.exe"?
  10. But without trading, or online connectivity? Is that possible, somehow? I was thinking something like the functionality of Pokegen or something, but without the intent to cheat or dupe/clone pokemon/items, just merely transfer them from my one file to another, without bugging someone else to trade... Feasible, or not?
  11. 1. Noel 2. Charlotte Everyone else was irrelevant. Except for the non-stop battle of Blake and Fern, Solaris and orderly John.
  12. Arbok and Ratticate, from start all the way up to mid game, are THE, surprises! Meowth/Persian (with Fake Out), also! Trubbish will leave you with open mouth, especially with the aftermath ability. Geodude will rock you hard; so hard that first/second gen players will rub their eyes, especially if it has sturdy ability!
  13. Hmmm, since you mentioned citae d' astrea, if i visit it now (just before going to agate), will i be able to open any other door, besides red and purple? (i am asking pre-emptively, so as to avoid needless trip all the way down there)
  14. Sidequests, first and foremost. Using Itemfinder, to take up all hidden loot. Go back to each and every area and take them down to the last stinking cent! Pokedex. Especially if it is not your first time playing the game, a good idea is to fill the pokedex, at least with all obtainable pokemon up to that point (before Agate). Breeding. I think breeding is inaccessible at/during Agate events. Breed your team now! Catch elusive pokemon, weather/event ones, do all trades (with npcs), do some item hunting, collect all available stickers for the big pokemart in Obsidia, stock up on supplies, train a Golem and a Donphan both with earthquake and stuff like that. Catch the Beldum, Spiritomb, etc. Collect the incenses for breeding baby pokemon; there are eight you can get, before Agate, out of the nine.
  15. Vulpix: Agate Circus. Trade for (Quilfish?) Stunfisk? Tyrogue (repeatable): Route 1, scientific ranch, top floor outside. Midday clear weather for npc to appear. Trade for Dunsparce. Elekid/Magby: Trade for the items that evolve them in repaired Calcenon. (DON'T!) Ask someone else to trade them to you, or else you won't be able to evolve them! Trapinch: Chrysolia forest. Can't remember what the guy wanted, he is in the house that appears later. Castform: Obsidia ward house, next to railnet entrance. Trade for a Furret, evolved from Sentret, caught at Obsidia park! Piplup: Find a "Rare Candy" (not a Rare Candy) in 7th street. Finish the sidequest and give it to the bummer for Piplup. Mr. Mime JR: Get a Sunflora at Obsidia park, breed it for Sunkern. Trade sunkern at the old man, in the house right outside of the stairs leading to Lapis ward. Munchlax: Trade at Calcenon (for Wishcash?). Muna: Peridot ward, trade for Bibarel (evolve from Bidoof caught at first wild pokemon area). Darumaka: Catch Luvdisc and trade it to the weirdo in Apophyl academy. Escavalier/Accelgor (repeatable): Spinel town, in one of the buildings before the Center. Trade Karrablast/Shelmet for those.