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  1. GS BALL

    Help how to play snes roms

    To play roms, you need an emulator. The emulator is free, the roms are subject to copyright laws. Be careful whenever discussing those; lately, they are synonym to piracy and certain companies, crack down even on places that merely discuss such things.
  2. GS BALL

    Balm shroom , need help

    Reverting to older episodes, ever since episode 17 release, is now impossible... Mostly, due to graphics overhaul and new mechanisms incorporated to gameplay...
  3. GS BALL

    Extremely poor design

    You don't even need to change teams constantly. I myself have always breezed through the game, up until and episode 16 content (adrienn the fairy leader), with like 10-12 pokemon max (2 full teams). After episode 17, game feels easier, especially Gym Leaders and key battles, who don't even itemize (spamming recovery medicine) so heavily as before. And some gen 7 pokemon are weaker, than generation 6 or previous ones, whenever used by opponents. Don't be afraid to use mediocre pokemon, too. Go after decent IVs (or even better, get into breeding 5 perfect IV pokemon coupled with egg moves), train EV sets properly and you can go through every battle, with little concern. The real challenge likes in those "gauntlets", though... Also, employee cheap tricks (like fake out?), to stop enemies from setting up (like shelly's rain dance). Remember to use your fields well (set ablaze, melt the snow, etc) and go after certain abilities (like Hippopotas with instant sandstorm, perfect against Noel, especially with one or two rock pokemon thrown in and the item for prolonging weather equipped on it). Don't forget your items, held ones or otherwise and you 'll do well.
  4. GS BALL

    Squirtle Disappeared? 😮

    Maybe the weather changed? Or, did you try to enter/exit the nearest cave, just in case?
  5. GS BALL

    Zeraora is OP

  6. GS BALL

    Corey is back?!

    Pre restoration Reborn, you meet his ghost on Beryl rooftop (place that has Helioptile on sunny days), during nights with clear weather. But only after beating Shelly. Great asset against Shade, too.
  7. GS BALL

    Its really hard to find a good Ditto -> Need help

    Why not get Ironfaar's additional options mod, use the debug menu and edit your Ditto to have good stats?