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  2. I loved the design of weezing and meowth, ever since the anime days and gen 1... Needless to say, those perform horribly in games. Weezing was completely useless, too, until it got levitate. I also love Exeggutor much and it has powerful attacks and interesting movepool; but the damn thing is so weak (defensively) to its typing, that it is a risk to use it at all times! From gen 2, i loved the design of pokemon such as houndoom, pineco, delibird or that sea urchin, but they are pretty weak and rarely used in competitive and metagame. Gen 3, i got to love Mightyena, Ludicolo, Glalie; needless to say, they are very weak, too. In gen 4, everything got powered up (new evolutions etc), so things were pretty much balanced all around. I didn't like any new designs, other than those of a few legendaries, such as Shayimin and Darkrai... Maybe Shayimin is weak, but Darkrai doesn't count, since it performs mostly okay. Gen 5, i never played the damned thing. I always hated this generation the most. About gen 6, as far as i know, it hasn't been emulated (yet), so it was obvious that i wouldn't have played it. But i liked Braixen and it isn't as strong (or durable, or type resilient) as other starters...
  3. Hidden ability pokemon are as common as normal ability ones. Give them a capsule and you can even freely rotate between all their legit abilities. Shiny Rate here in Reborn is very generous. I stopped collecting shinies as soon as i filled my third box of them.
  4. Forgetting something? Like, say, "Rock Climb"?
  5. My special attacker (deino), got 30 attack (besides the other 5 perfect IVs). I won't bother breeding away for days upon days, for something so trivial, as 0 IV attack. Besides, confusion has been nerfed anyway, fewer chances to get hit... If i ever make a trick room combo or Gyro Ballers, i might consider a 0 IV speed, though...
  6. No! On the contrary! Semi-legit, from the point of a newcomer, i meant! You are a benefactor, for sharing rares! But i don't like those who hacked the other ones in (those who are inaccessible in all versions)... I myself am very strict about available pokemon... I refused to adopt pokemon (from trades) that are unobtainable in the availability list.
  7. Had the same thing going and discussed before. Pseudo legendaries aren't officially in the game yet, except for Beldum and Goomy. I had one Dark Material traded to me and that's that, but it doesn't count as a legit pokemon. Basically, the non-legit pokemon at the moment, are: Scyther, Dratini, Skarmory, Larvitar, Bagon, Gible, Ferroseed, Deino, Fletchling and Honedge (plus all legendaries and mythicals, obviously) Anyone having those, either hacked them in, or got an egg out of someone who did that. The semi-legit, are: Gastly, Magikarp Those two were in previous episodes of the game and many people owning them, do so "legally".
  8. No. In that picture, inside game (ep 16 at least), there is a bookcase instead of desk+pc and you can't even approach it, as there is a dropped book right in front. If somehow the pic is legit, though, it can be simply the place to get a gen 7 starter from next episode (leaked early image or something; but where are the rest two, then?)!
  9. Remember the first factory you blow up, in Peridot Ward? The one with the hidden ability capsule outside? The one you raid together with Julia, Florinia and Fern? After restoring the town, a market is there, in its stead.
  10. It has 5 stalls and only 3 are opened; the same 3 that have a sign to read next to them... What about the other 2 ones? Will they ever get a vendor/merchant there?
  11. Teddiursa works. The incomplete wiki of Reborn is pretty accurate and you can use it, for obtaining it. Wingul can be found wild in Apophyl Beach, Panpour and Pansear can be found wild in Chrysolia springs (as well as their evos), budew needs sun or clear weather and wishmur is inside a house in Peridot and needs Pokesnax.
  12. Hey! There IS a way to return to Reborn City, after going to Agate, but before beating Ciel! Following the ice caves down south, you can reach the place with the life orb, do the strength glitch and slide down, to where the route 1 (tauros/pinsir) forest is! Needs surf, though (and i think, waterfall, too).
  13. Until Reborn graces us with next episode release, i would really appreciate someone hinting me towards other fangames, that either contain 7th gen already, or plan to add it later, just like Reborn. Preferably with visible IV/EV; unlike Full/New moon...
  14. Certainly. Filling the pokedex, even the regional one only, isn't something easy, or quick, to achieve. It's the most difficult thing (and time consuming) to do, in any pokemon game.