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  1. Alterations in game's intro?

    Well, it's just me... But i assumed the reason behind changes in character creation, were pretty much the same, behind changing of Ame's appearance, as well... If the glove fits...
  2. Alterations in game's intro?

    Going back to ep 9 in order to fetch me some Gengar and Gyarados, made me notice some things... Like changing of character creation and Ame's sprite. It is a matter of personal taste, yet i preferred the much simpler choices there, although i have to admit it never hurts to have some variety and more options, anyway... But why was Ame's outfit changed? Old one was great, more like a dress (extravagant looking one at that, too), showing more skin, much more lady-like... Even the hairdo was much more catchy... While later episodes portray a much more simplistic look, with trousers, plain, generic, monotonous in colors, etc... Was there any reason for this type of change? And more importantly, is there any way to switch inside modern episodes the older sprite of Ame in New Game's start?
  3. About Meteors (e16 spoiler)

    Sigmund is twisted, but predictable... And even reasonable/understandable, at times... Sirius is mysterious, both both him and Solaris seem to be handle-able. Lin is the type of character to give you goosebumps. Let alone, she gives off the "aura" of a "prophet", or even better, of a super-creep, who watches everyone and knows everything. Even Alma in F.E.A.R. series was much less disturbing than her.
  4. Goodra

    Tried getting rain weather and hitting 50 level in a wild battle, outdoors?
  5. Police egg rewards theory?

    An older thread supports the theory that the egg type, is determined by which pokemon you picked for starter up. I myself have gone through the game at least 3 times (this is the fourth) fully and some more up to a certain point... Yet all the time, i seem to get Shroomish, without fail! Never, anything else. Can such a theory be actually plausible, since there are 18 starters, as well as 18 possible egg types, as rewards for that quest? I myself have always, without fail, picked Fennekin at start. Anyone else who observed and can verify?
  6. Wrong pairing of chromosomes. Development of gender dysphoria. Hormones imbalance. The rest (can't list because might be perceived as offensive) can be known as an outcome of google search (on those fields), as well as research on older medical manuals (especially of american origin, psychiatric department). Studying biology also might provide some lesser insight concerning (on chromosomes, specifically, as well as hormones).
  7. Pirate Captain Names

    Le Chuck. Guybrush (Threepwood). Jack. Morgan. Bartholomew (also contains mew!). Blackbeard, Redbeard, Bluebeard (this one was no captain but...).
  8. Klang was always "catchable in wild". Railnet.
  9. About Meteors (e16 spoiler)

    She knows perfectly well who we are and what we are doing. This makes this particular character much more uneasy to be with, in the same in-game sequences. I don't like her the least bit. My No1 most hated in-game character ever.
  10. We Will Be Arriving At Our Destination Shortly

    Not yet possible. Testing phases aren't done, yet. Game isn't released for ace members first, yet. We have some more time, until then...
  11. Anyone have 5ivs Ditto? Xd

    Do you want the entire set, just to be safe? 7 pokemon, all in all.
  12. Anyone have 5ivs Ditto? Xd

    Okay, i will be here later on, too. I need your worst, most useless trashmons, in return!
  13. Anyone have 5ivs Ditto? Xd

    Thanks for mentioning me. Okay then, as a token of appreciation, i can trade ANY of those, males, with all 6 perfect IV, to thread OP. Since people appreciate what i do, keeping all that to myself would be pointless! None of them are edited and are the outcome of long breeding chains.
  14. Rain under the bridge? Pansear is supposed to appear in rain under the bridge (where Lower Peridot Ward becomes Opal). Magby is found much later in the game, in town where Charlotte the fire Leader can be challenged. You trade a magmarizer to get it (and later find another magmarizer in Chrysolia springs).
  15. Darkness is Love

    This is more like Amethyst and less like Luna... :/ Luna has a round face and "chibi-like" features, as well as bigger eyes and that worrying expression... Awww never mind.