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  1. New fan games.

    There is also Uranium (fakemon with a healthy mix of canon ones).
  2. If you were a Gym Leader...

    I liked the new fire types (of new gens) pretty, very much! Some of them bear for second type, my all time favorite ones... Psychic, Dark, Dragon... Seriously, i would have a hard time choosing even from this one type, 6 members! Some of them have average and low speed, so i wouldn't be able to utilize them well, unless i had a Delphox with Trick Room or something. Fire for the win! Besides, for me, hardest gym leader in Reborn (at least up to now), is Charlotte. I couldn't pick any other (type)!
  3. Pokemon Insurgence Discussion Thread

    At last this thing's out! If only Reborn would get its final, completed version released as well, sigh... Well, now i can start playing for good until i beat the thing. But i feel curious... I know gen 7 mons won't ever be in-game, but what about the rest gen 7 mechanisms, such as level up moves roster, egg moves, breeding mechanisms, etc? How are TMs handled? In a canon fashion and if yes, which gen's? And all pokemon can be caught (up to and 6th gen)?
  4. Will eggmons in new episode, be able to inherit any parent's pokeball, just like in gen 7 canon?
  5. Pokemon that aren't worth your time.

    1 word. Stunfisk.-
  6. Rant, getting sick of this game

    Did you try using Earthquake? I think it destroys her field. Next to Shade's gym, in that cave, there are many Phanpys and if you are very lucky (very slim chance), a wild Donphan of very high level with earthquake already learnt, appears! Train that thing and there you go!
  7. Reborn City aftermath (Spoilers)

    I miss the messy old dump site... The renovation idea was great, both as a concept and as execution, but classic Reborn is what i could call home myself, in-game.
  8. What're YOU listening to~?

    </3 I was foolish enough to try my local anime community for establishing a new relationship. The hell did i know, the past wasn't engraved as a lesson of life to me. I was crushed again, they are monsters. Cute outside but heartless devils inside. Not Dana, but A... Whoops, never mind... BAKEMONO!!! :'(
  9. A Little start of newcomers

    Pokemon Reborn is the best pokemon fangame. Pokemon Rejuvenation is the second best pokemon fangame. Pokemon Insurgence is the third best pokemon fangame.
  10. Reborn-like fangames from other franchises?

    Why didn't you say earlier? There are lots of Zelda fangames, but most got ceased. I never were a Zelda player/fan, so i didn't go through them, but the "Ocarina of Time 2d" fangame, really caught my eye! Metroid? Best fangame on it, is "Another Metroid 2 Remake". It was even nominated for "Best fan Creation of 2016", in an official contest! Got ceased, but fortunately, you can still locate its download easily! 1.1 is the latest version, get this one and start playing, it is GREAT! 2 hours or less you beat the game, there is a "surprise" for you, too (he he he)! Best mario fangame i have played myself, is "Super Mario Bros X". Has crossover features from the best, most classic Mario games ever... The old Bros titles and the World, from SNES! They even create random episodes (something like mods/expansions), so this is the thing! It even has Link from Zelda as a playable character, you HAVE TO try it! You are forgetting Castlevania, though... Not a Nintendo exclusive series, but still... Best fangames on it are, in order of quality: "Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2" and "Castlevania the Lecarde Chronicles". 2 is after the style of "Symphony of the Night", the best in the series and one of the best games ever made of all time, with Konami allowing the developer to make this game (one of the very few "legal" fangames i have ever come across), a voice actor from the official games doing some work on this one's character(s) and other good stuff. 1 is more like the classic games of old and way more difficult, obviously... Best fangame and widely known too, but not of Nintendo, is "Streets of Rage Remake version 5.1", of Sega. This is a masterpiece and not a paragraph, not a page, can even describe it well enough. Old arcade players and beat em up fans, merely sink in and lose their gamer's life, with this one. It also gets regular modifications and crossovers with other classic arcades of old, or custom made scenarios, so there is always something new to do with it. Seriously, get this gem right now!
  11. ARGH...

    Could be worse... Like your old man have children with other woman... Or big heritage and disputes over it being inside the picture... Paid people to sabotage your life... Relatives turning hostile against you and reveal themselves as hating you from birth instead of loving you, as you always thought... Human is a beast, after all, brains or no brains, evolution or no evolution... Brace up and hang in there. Don't do anything rush. Sit down, think and relax. Avoid falling prey to nasty habits as an aftereffect of such shocks (like drinking) and most of all, avoid EXCUSES. "The Captain shines in the storm", or so they say. Think of life as a ship and yourself as the Captain. Only you can lead it to a port, or on the rocks. And the wheel has room for only one person, not two, not more. Best advice i can give you... Always do things that you are certain you won't regret later. And use other people's behavior as example; bad examples and good examples, both exist and can be seen. Best of luck to you.
  12. Is this thing on?

    After Rejuvenation/Reborn, you might want to check up Insurgence, a bit. Bit lighter than those two, but still with a peculiar taste (cults etc). Desolation seems promising, as well, storywise.
  13. Stereotypes in Reborn?

    Yeah, this is the outcome of mixing SJW Trubbish with games. At least, Reborn characters and events are well written though, so even people who are actively repelled by such things, can get to ignore them, or even almost like some. Well, at least, it isn't so bold, noticeable and bad as in other games, where characters have even been reduced to walking memes and all those "novelties" are hamfisted and shoehorned, upon the player... As long as there is balance and nothing is "aggressive" or "enforced", then you can let that go. It could be much, much worse, believe me, especially if that was done inside a commercial game!
  14. What level should I play this game on?

    Normal difficulty is way too easy. If you are familiar with Reborn already, just go full Intense mode! Leaders are more like leaders and less like losers, this way!
  15. Mega Evolution in reborn

    Enemies have megas, the last 2 leaders (flying and fairy). Team Meteor has megas, well, something like megas, the Pulse things. Better this way (at least for the time being). Megas restrict your team formation and playstyle. Putting 2 or more pokemon that all of them have megas in the same team, is rarely a bright thing to do...