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  1. (Spoilers) Truth and Ideals

    Old man Shade was clear: "Dying souls offer you the keys to your gain" and that other stuff for "not letting them inside poison" or something. This one can also be read in a sign, at Byxbysion Wasteland, near where Spiritomb can be summoned. Those "sacrifices" are so going to have some great impact/effect.
  2. I am getting the expansion for Grim Dawn, these holidays. Will start a run as a necromancer and probably, nightblade or occultist for second mastery. I can't wait to play this shiny, new gem! I already play as Shaman/Occultist full summons!
  3. EP17 Pokemon obtainability method pushed back?

    Strange as it might sound, i collected metagross and locked it inside pc. Still, i didn't fancy much it being pushed back... Even though i have never used the damn thing for anything else, other than as a dex filler. Probably because Ditto is useless in this game for breeding and stats (and i don't want to cheat a good one in with PR mod). Generally, i avoid using genderless pokemon, even if they can breed. But i feel for the people who want them. Besides, it is weak; low speed and steel type nerf, isn't exactly some of the best features a mon can have. Good thing i decided to keep ep16 for good backed up and as a starting point. From now on, i will be doing everything in ep16 and whenever finished, progress forth (in newer episodes). This brings back memories of Magikarp/Gastly and episode 9... History goes full circle!
  4. Devs already announced that episode 17 is going to stick with sun/moon features (since ultras came when the episode was already midway preparation). They also said that in most probability, episode 18 is going to bring the Ultra Sun/Moon parts.
  5. If Rejuvenation continues sticking with sun/moon mechanisms, no. If it gets updated with Ultra Sun/Moon mechanisms, then yes. It's a matter of when, not if, just like Reborn (or at least i hope so). For Reborn though, ep17 = sun/moon, next episode (18) = ultra sun/moon.
  6. Ditto question!

    I am constantly trying new things, so i decided to utilize an Impostor Ditto! I read some things at smogon and bulbapedia, but i couldn't fully understand the full detail... I need only 31 HP IV and 252 EVs to it, right? I mean, it doesn't need other perfect IVs (other than HP) and if i am putting EVs elsewhere, those are going to be a waste, correct? (so i shouldn't bother with it EV training fully?) People say its ability copies enemy's stats exactly as they are (buffs included), so even if the IV of the ditto doesn't change on stats screen to match the enemy's, it still gets the exact same potential however, correct?
  7. EP17 Pokemon obtainability method pushed back?

    About Beldum, sorry i don't know (since i loaded my old save anyway)... About Ralts, people say the scientist in custom balls shop appears after restoration of Reborn in there and a dataminer even reported it for a bug before, since it was in ep17 coding programmed to not appear.
  8. EP17 Pokemon obtainability method pushed back?

    Probably the same thing that "changed" with ralts and it was also pushed back for neo-reborn, too. Some people "nagging": A. This is so overpowering a pokemon hurr durr B. You shouldn't get this strong pokemon so early
  9. EP17 Pokemon obtainability method pushed back?

    Reborn city after beating episode 15 content.
  10. What If Reborn Became An Anime

    Probably X-rated and heavily censored overseas. Especially if they showed Bennett's fantasies with Luna or something... Or Gossip Gardevoir's more personal moments and stuff. Pokemon has limitless potential, due to its "fertile ground" to assume liberties with it, have fruitful imagination, be creative with the thing overall. I myself sure love the stuff that real life cosplaying (or drawing) people create, they transcend the most ecchi of the ecchi stuff in existence, for example (one among many)! It would also certainly offer quite the space for gore (i would love to see Arboks cut in half like the manga, fatalities like Magmortar's on Medicham, etc). Lots of wasted potential, thanks to the series being designed for kids exclusively. They could have made one of the best animes ever existing out there, had that not been the case (or main principle)...
  11. Can't load E16

    Just continue your ep17 save file normally (by running it from the unzipped ep17 folder). You can also ask for a trade! Alas i cannot service you myself, since i tried ep17 only a little bit and then deleted (to wait for full release and to prepare an ep16 playthrough) Also, people cannot trade from ep16, they still need the ep17 community release to do so
  12. Can't load E16

    Already confirmed before. You can't "downgrade" your ep17 save to 16, due to serious changes in the code (gameplay, items, gen7). Only upgrade from 16 -> 17. The guy there appears in restored reborn. Ame pushed back the event, because Ralts was deemed too powerful for that point.
  13. Why I can not get to Online Play

    Community version of episode 17 is out, that is why. Even if the new episode is not yet fully released (public version), it still needs the latest version to work online. If you need to trade that badly, use Waynolt's mod (weather and shared pc box).
  14. 2017 Reborn Winter Party!

    Good thing with Reborn's community, is that literally no one would ever feel unwanted! You people are awesome!