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  1. Who beat you the most times?

    Charlotte. She almost became a gamestopper for me. But the real issue, my most dreaded fight ever throughout the game, is the fight against Meteor, in cascade house/gym. Not being able to change lead pokemon, not being able to alter pokemon/items between the fights and especially one of them, in which you fend off against... TWELVE enemy pokemon, all at once! This cuts it, right there.
  2. Wait, what? Don't you enjoy beating Fern in seconds, then enjoying his crying rant?
  3. Inquiring about A.I.

    Hmmm, will episode 18 finalize all the remaining planned renovations concerning A.I. behavior? Or, like episode 17, only a large part of it?
  4. Viridian Gym under Giovanni, especially in Pokemon Stadium!
  5. How to check IV/EV?

    Sorry, i don't cut it to be the likable fella, i guess... My pokemon approach and mentality, is almost identical to Giovanni's. Ever since gen 1, i had been box-training their stats to perfection. I use Alpha stuff only. And to be honest, it actually irritates me, when i get wind, that this specific feature wasn't implemented, just because the dev team wanted you to "love/accept/use any pokemon" and stuff like that. For me, they are merely cool sprites... And i want my cool sprite as strong and durable as possible. Apologies.
  6. How to check IV/EV?

    Sigh... Well then, i might just as well, wait for Rejuvenation and Reborn updates. I can't put up with being suckered into using trashmon, especially throughout an entire game.
  7. How to check IV/EV?

    Some fangames, haven't implemented the feature of viewing those values... And that, seriously upsets me. I found a couple of games that i would very much like to play, but this fact repels me off hard... I read somewhere that there is a way, in canon games, to "see" (or "calculate"), those values. Is there any such method, for fangames, too? Or any other trick/shortcut/workaround?
  8. In Episode 17's sprite pack, we were treated to shiny sprites, as well... This time round, though, this wasn't the case. I might be wrong, but i think i remember reading something vague, about shiny sprites from Reborn, being used without permission, in another project, last time... Is that the case, indeed? Is that the reason, behind the fact that we don't get shiny artwork, now?
  9. Paws-itivity

    I lost mine, it was a little bigger than yours, they are almost identical...
  10. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Nooooo! Do you want us to never get episode 18? Hide all budews away, quick!
  11. Thank you all! I decided ultimately, to watch LOTR first, Hobbit second! Will take some time, but until Rejuvenation/Reborn new episodes are out, i have more than enough time to do that!
  12. A friend of mine lent me the super collection with all of them, their extended editions, full, complete with deleted scenes. I always wanted to sit and watch through all of them, now is my chance! Say, which ones should i start from? Should i go with the releases' chronological order, Lord of the Rings first, then Hobbit? Or should i go with the lore's chronological order, ergo, in reverse? Anybody who watched them and can comment?