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  1. GS BALL

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    @ShadeStrider Think again! Ame said some time ago, ep18 is going to be story heavy. Don't rush to celebrate, yet, cause you will be disappointed... She still has "a ton of small things" to take care of and most importantly, is currently stuck at "AI troubleshoot". The last one is going to be very time consuming, once again, like last time... Plus, the few bars that near completion (like Sidequests), wont go up anytime soon, unless the whole AI sector is probably finalized.
  2. GS BALL

    Battle items axed? Magnemite axed?

    I like Alola Raichu. In my new ep18 fresh run, i am going to main one. It is pretty decent, although nothing spectacular. Can learn Nasty Plot as a Pichu and early Thunderbolt/Psychic, through move relearner. I like that mouse!
  3. Jynx (Psychic, Blizzard, Perish Song, Nasty Plot -comes with it already learnt- ) Raichu Alola (move relearner teaches for lvl1 Thunderbolt, Psychic, also Nasty Plot as Pichu level up move) Golem!!! (Explosion, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, good rock moves) Cacturne (Energy ball, Spike Shield, Sucker Punch, etc) Blaziken (doesn't need explanation)
  4. GS BALL

    Battle items axed? Magnemite axed?

    No, everything you already got inside a present save-file, are kept intact. Changes are in availability at which point in the game and for new game runs. Or simply, Magnemite encounter will be pushed back later in the game, for fresh starters of episode 18. I got scared, because in previous episodes, the term "axed", meant removing a pokemon completely for 1 or more episodes, then re-introducing it inside a later one (like gastly and magikarp, for example).
  5. GS BALL

    Battle items axed? Magnemite axed?

    Phewww... Thanks guys, i almost got a heart attack on this one; damn! Held battle items is what i hunt, from as early as right after getting my starter, in this game; i was afraid, those were going to be delayed or axed! If it is to make fights more difficult, i am all for it! Besides, never did i use a single X-item, throughout my entire Reborn experience! Magnemite, though, is useful for magnet pull... Well, Nosepass will have to do or else, Geodude Alola.
  6. Shivers... What battle items got axed? And is magnemite unobtainable, until episode 19???
  7. GS BALL

    DJ Arclight Jigglypuff

    Just hatch an Igglybuff at 7th street location (where the caged pokemon were) and evolve it to Jigglypuff. The owner of the pokemon should accept it.
  8. GS BALL

    Complete lists on nerfs?

    I searched a bit, but i cannot find any definitive compilations, around this theme... I would very much need for study and quick reference, list entries of: 1. All pokemon that were nerfed, throughout the generations 2. All pokemon held items that were nerfed, throughout the generations 3. All pokemon moves and abilities that were nerfed, throughout the generations If anybody has a link to something like that, it would be much appreciated!
  9. GS BALL

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    From an RP perspective, not many "normal Trainers" are worthy, or able enough, to proceed up until the point the main character (and friends) is...
  10. GS BALL

    Tips and Tricks for Reborn

    Use "bad" pokemon that learn strong moves (ex Earthquake Donphan). Always use a Poison type, or even better, a Poison/Dark one! In double battles, use pokemon with moves that hit all opponents and have decent Att/Sp.Att stat (ex Discharge Manectric); ideally with an ally that can evade them (protect, ability, type, etc). In NPC group double battles, always kill first the enemy pokemon types that are super-effective to them. Always keep a quick-claw equipped, perish song or destiny bond user, around. Event ghost pokemon can have Destiny Bond as a random bonus move right from the start, if you are lucky. THE solution, for Pluse and overlevelled bosses. I haven't tried it until very recently, but do keep a full HP IV/EV Ditto, around. It can foil and counter many threats, in a pinch... In extremely difficult encounters, don't be afraid to use your focus sashes. They are very rare, but when we reach the last floor of Obsidia store, we can buy from unlimited stock. Item-hunt early for nice stuff; Bright Powder, Quick Claw, Black Sludge, are very near the beginning of the game! You can get a nasty edge, over key fights.
  11. GS BALL

    Favourite generation graphics?

    Gen 4 and Gen 2, in that order! Although, Gen 1 should be separate from Gen 2, even though the latter, was a mere upgrade from 1.
  12. GS BALL

    E3 2018 Favourite Games & Conferences

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! Cyberpunk 2077!
  13. I don't like people criticizing romance options. We anime fans, are open-minded and pro-liberty; especially in (fan)art. Or at least, i hope so... My favorite anime couple, had always been Wendy x Mest/Doranbalt from Fairy Tail. That being said, i would like Luna, Shelly, Charlotte to be romance-able, in that order of preference. But Elite 8? Wasn't that a thing for Rejuvenation? I though Reborn had the good old Elite 4 pattern?
  14. GS BALL

    Good First Fangame

    Reborn and Rejuvenation are very similar and the latter, draws inspiration from Reborn. Rejuvenation has some more complex things, like harder difficulty and organized side-quests, but i myself prefer Reborn more... First, i like playing by the book and want only canon content, in a fangame; which means, no fakemon, no custom moves, no moves or abilities on your pokemon that can't be, in main series. Rejuvenation is good, but cured shadow pokemon can have non legit moves (even though weak) and gym leaders there, award you custom moves. Then, its areas seem to be more well design/drawn, exploration and puzzle solving feels more rewarding and wild pokemon locations, appear to contain much more varied and numerous residents, than Rejuvenation. Last but not least, Reborn has online features, Rejuvenation doesn't (it is being said it had too, some time ago and that in the future, it might get some again). All in all, Reborn's the main game, here; although Rejuvenation is very well made and even has some interesting mini-episodes (1 for now), too. Play both and you cannot go wrong, main Reborn and you 're okay.
  15. GS BALL

    [REJUVENATION] Shared Box

    Crashing? Sorry, i have no idea what might have gone wrong... Yes, probably you should ask somebody who knows more, about help! I made it work, though and Reborn's pokemon, showed "being caught" locations from Rejuvenation, while others had it glitched. But i never encountered errors, crashes, anything of sorts. I guarantee you though, it works, if done right.